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Rosa Parks

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Rosa Parks

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  1. Rosa Parks By: Justyna Sikorska

  2. Rosa Parks Early Life Rosa Parks was born on February 4, 1913 Her Father was a Carpenter,and her mother was a teacher When her parents split she went to Montgomery Alabama She was home schooled until age eleven then attened public schools Rosas childhood was influenced by Jim Crow Laws of South which said black people must be segragted from white people

  3. Civil Rights Movement Rosa Parks got married to Raymond Parks He was a barber as well as a NAACP( National Association of the Advacment for Colored People) When Rosa Parks married him she became a NAACP Rosa Parks and her husband Raymond Parks

  4. Civil Rights Movement continue... Rosa Parks is called "The Mother of the Civil Rights Movment" She was a seamstress and rode the bus every day back home Black poeple were suppose to give there seat up for white people One day Rosa went on the bus, and would not give her seat up for a white man Rosa Parks got arrested because of that Rosa Parks and police officer taking her finger prints

  5. Boycott of buses Rosa Parks did not give up her seat to a white man on purpose when she got out of jail ( she was in jail for one day because someone bailed her out) she became more active then ever in the Civil Rights Movement she formed a group and 35,00 hand bills were taken out calling for a boycott of the buses That ment that no black person would ride the bus For more than 321 days they boycotted Either they walked, carpooled, or rode cabs black people boycotting for equal rights

  6. Supreme Court On November 13, 1956 the supreme court said that the segregation was unlawful It said that nobody could say where the white and black people sat on the bus The Supreme Court also said that black people should not have to give there seat up for white people That ment that they boycott was over Supreme Court Justices of 1956

  7. Awards Rosa Parks won many awards Among those awards were "The Rosa Parks Peace Prize in 1994" Also "The Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1996" And "The Congressinal Gold Medal in 1999" A library and museum were dedicated to her in Montgomary, Alabama Bill Clinton giving Rosa Parks The Presidential Medal of Freedom Award in 1996

  8. Death Rosa Parks died on October 24, 2005 She was buried in a casket and laid in the rotunda in the United States capital for two days She was 92 years old