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Rosa Parks

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Rosa Parks. By: Madi. NAACP.

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rosa parks

Rosa Parks

By: Madi


Rosa married Raymond Parks in 1932. Shortly after her marriage, she joined the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, or the NAACP. This association worked to make life easier for African Americans. Parks later became the leader of the NAACP branch in Montgomery.

the bus ride
The Bus Ride

On December 1st, Rosa was riding a segregated bus, sitting in a section where whites had the first pick of seats. When an American man came up and requested her seat, she did an extremely courageous thing; she stayed put. She was soon charged money and arrested.


After all the commotion with the bus ride, the African Americans of Montgomery decided to start up a boycott. It was led by Martin Luther King Junior, who back then was just starting to work as a civil rights leader.

This boycott only lasted until 1956,when the U.S. Supreme Court finallydecided that the United States Constitution stated that there would be no segregation on buses. This brought hope to everyone who wanted racial segregation gone.

my opinion
My Opinion

Rosa Parkswas a very courageous, inspirational person. She made a very big difference in history. She’s outstandingly brave for standing up for her race in a situation where she could have gotten beat or even killed. Also, being part of the NAACP and the boycott shows that she believed that they could make a difference and make life more fair. That’s just what happened, too.


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