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Rosa Parks. By Kayla Mizo. Introduction.

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rosa parks

Rosa Parks

By Kayla Mizo



I wanted to learn more about Rosa Parks. To find out what she did to help America. There are three reasons why I chose Rosa Parks. One of them is, she stood up for African American in many different ways. By, she refusing to get out of her seat in the white section of the bus. She believed that blacks and whites should sit anywhere they want.

Rosa Parks struggled growing up as a black person. First, Rosa couldn’t go to the same schools as whites because blacks were disciplined far higher rates than whites. They also couldn’t use the same restroom or drink from the same water fountain. They couldn’t eat at an all “whites” restaurant, and they had to ride the bus in different sections. Listen in now because the story has just begun!



Rosa Parks was born on February 4, 1913 in Tuskegee, Alabama. She was born to James and Leona McCauley. Her father was a carpenter and her mother was a teacher. During the time when Rosa was two, her father moved away. The rest of her family moved in with Rosa’s maternal grandparents.

Education is good for you, but for Rosa Parks it was a bit of a struggle. Most southern rural schools for blacks, was over crowed and poorly equipped. Rosa’s school didn’t run the full eight to nine months, instead it lets out after six or seven months. She took courses in cooking, serving, basketry, and embroidery and attended lectures on cleanliness and discipline. Also in 1927, Rosa school closed down, when Rosa was in 7th grade. She continued education at Booker T. Washington Junior High School. But before graduation, Rosa had to drop out of school to help the family. Especially to nurse her ailing mother and grandmother. Church became backbone of Rosa Life.

special accomplishment

Special Accomplishment

Everyone has a special accomplishment, even Rosa Parks. First, thing Rosa Parks accomplished was casting her fist ballot. The ballot is for voting, but it took a long time because the law said that blacks couldn’t vote. Second, Rosa accomplished getting her diploma in 1933, soon after she married. Finally, Rosa won the spring ram Medal of the NACCP. She also won the Eleanor Roosevelt Women of Courage Award, for having courage to d what she did at the bus. That’s the special accomplishments Rosa did. Rosa believed to not let anyone say you can’t do it, not even your family and friends. To follow through in what you are doing.



This report is to learn more about a person you chose and how he/she helped America. Also to learn different web sites you can use to find information on your person or something else. One web site you could use is Destiny, where it helps you to find different books on different things.

In summary, Rosa Parks did something for the blacks to stop segregation and when she stopped segregation, blacks got to have equal rights with the white.

Rosa Park’s personality was to never give up, to keep going. My connection to that is the same because in sports, I keep trying and following through. If Rosa gave up she wouldn’t have succeed in what she did. If I gave up I wouldn’t have learned how to do things correctly or succeed in what I do.



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