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“No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship” James Comer PowerPoint Presentation
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“No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship” James Comer

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“No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship” James Comer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship” James Comer
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  1. “No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship” James Comer Gangs in Your Schools Hector J. Molina (Woodland Joint Unified) & Maria Hwang de Bravo (LACOE)

  2. Gang Achievement

  3. Gangs vs. School/Family

  4. Initiation Beat or Jumped in: Endure a beating by fists, kicks, stomps, or even bats or clubsArmed Robbery: Rob and shoot victim for no reasonDrive-by shooting: Shooting victim(s) from a vehicleAssault: On an innocent victimRape: An innocent victimBlessed in: Family member or reputation vouch for worthiness and loyaltySexed in: Female have intercourse with multiple member who are sometimes HIV positiveMurder: Required to kill an innocent victim, rival gang member, or even a police officer

  5. Turf Areas (wings) Lunch Tagging in restrooms, desks, and chairs Clothing ( 49ers, LA, Sacramento, Southpole) Belts Hair style Music/CD Cliques(Clika) Shoe laces Gloves (cloth) Eye brows ( / ) ( /// ) Baseball caps Student notebooks Student writing Family members Backpacks. Photos School/Community Identifiers

  6. KLC (Knights Landing Cabrones/Crew)

  7. My Space

  8. K-SWISS- Kill Scraps When ISee Scraps Recent Clothing Trends FUBU-Fuck Up Blood Up REEBOK-Respect Each Every Blood o k MECCA- Murdering Every Crip Child Alive NIKE- Niggas/Norte Insane Killing Everyone

  9. Northern Mexican/Nuestra Familia(Norte or Norteno) • Use Number 14, XIV, X4 • Typically wear red clothing (belts, hats, etc.) and jerseys associated with specific sports teams (i.e. Nebraska, San Francisco 49ers, Sacramento Kings, Nike, and Others) SCRAP KILLER “SK” • Typically tattooed with dots/numbers, huelga bird, Northern Star, Etc. • Enemies call them -Busters or Chapete

  10. Nortenos Updates • Green and Purple Colors • Have GREEN Light on all Surenos • Infighting because Nuestra Familia has imposed higher taxes (Sets are fighting to gain NF respect • Losing gang/drug territory to Hispanic gangs • Willing to work with Black Gangs in community and schools(same as prison)

  11. Southern Mexicans (SUR) • Foot Soldiers for Mexican Mafia (EME) • Use number 13, XIII, X3 • Typically wear blue or brown clothing (belts, hats, etc.) and jerseys associated with specific sports teams (i.e. Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Dodgers and others) • Typically tattooed with dots/numbers • Enemies call them – Scraps • Black cloth gloves (Throw down)

  12. North Pole Mayan Numbering South Pole Recent trend in grades 7-12th(Why???) Mayan

  13. SURENO Update • Pittsburgh Steelers colors • Bald head, black t-shirts (less blue) • Grooming a must • Rosary Beads (modified) • Whistling (48900 K ) • Identify Neighborhood • Alert (someone is coming) • Profanity/Insult one’s mother • Join Us(fight in progress or will be taking place

  14. Border Brothers “Paisas” • Mexican Nationals • Sinaloa/DF/TJ/AZ • Prison Gangs • Brown or Black • Neutral but will side with Surenos/EME • BB, 22, XXII, BB 22 • Drugs • Aztec Sun God

  15. Crips • Originated in Los Angeles in the late 60s • Migrated throughout the United States • Generally align with Folk Nation sets • Extremely violent • Multiracial • Identifiers/symbols: • the color blue • blue bandannas and rags • use the letter "c" in place of "b" in writing in disrespect for Bloods • calling each other "Cuzz" • calling themselves "Blood Killas" (BK) • wearing British Knight (BK) tennis shoes

  16. Bloods • Originated in Southern California to defend against the Crips • Generally align with People Nation sets • Identifiers/symbols: • the color red • red bandannas or rags • the word "Piru" (the original Blood gang) • crossed out "C" in words as disrespect for Crips • other disrespectful anti-Crip graffiti

  17. Parents & Community

  18. Little Connection to Home/Family • Unsupervised youths • use alcohol, drugs, and tobacco • receive poor grades and skip or drop out of school • engage in risky sexual activity • carry and use weapons • get arrested • Sexually active (Adults)

  19. Impact of After-School Programs • Decrease juvenile crime • Decrease the likelihood that teens will be victims of violent crime • Decrease teen participation in risky behaviors, such as drug, alcohol, sex and tobacco use • Lead teens to develop new skills and interests • Improve teens' grades and academic achievement • Encourage teens to reach higher in planning their futures • Increase teens' self-confidence and social skills.

  20. Interventions • Lunch/PM Intramural games • Lunch/PM Tutoring • Open Computer Lab • Lunch/PM school clubs • Lunch/PM Peer Tutoring • Lunch/PM Art Room • Lunch/PM Auto/Bike Repair Club • Lunch Discussion Groups (Gangs, Drugs, Family)

  21. Funding Sources • ASB • Athletic Department • Central Office • ADA (Saturday School) • Mandated Costs • Community • Fundraiser(dinner, BB game raffle, etc.)

  22. Parent • Home visits (School, law enforcement) • Parent conference • Parenting Classes • Parent Project (Reno) • Cara y Corazon (Los Angeles-Latino/Latinas) • Mental Health Services • Job Trainings (student also) • Social Services Contact • Parents On Campus • Middle and HS Orientations

  23. Student • Staff Relationships • Transition from 6-7 and 8-9 • Tutoring (A.M., Lunch and PM) • Natural Mentors (HS, College, Community) • Alternative Programs • Continuation High School, Ind. Learning, etc. • County Office Programs • (Probation and Court) • High School Proficiency Programs • (CHSPE) • GED (Those we know since 8th grade will not graduate

  24. Central Office • Staff training (k-12) • School • (no gang areas, dress code, SARB, enforce rules) • Frequent communication with parents • SSC/ELAC/PTA • Newsletter • Orientations (6-7) and (8-9) • Work with parents/probation/police • After-school programs • Clubs • Sports • College mentors

  25. x

  26. Hector 681-0279(Web Resources)