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Intro to Photography. What is Photography?. The use of light An extension of your eye. Angles. Wide: Establishes the shot Medium: Shows detail within the wide shot Tight: Shows detail within the medium shot. Rule of Thirds. The frame is split into thirds. Rule of Thirds. Composition.

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What is photography
What is Photography?

  • The use of light

  • An extension of your eye


  • Wide: Establishes the shot

  • Medium: Shows detail within the wide shot

  • Tight: Shows detail within the medium shot

Rule of thirds
Rule of Thirds

  • The frame is split into thirds


  • Think about where the people and the things in your photograph are placed.

  • Things to consider:

    • How many people or things do you want in your photograph?

    • Do you want the people or things

      close together or to have

      space between them?

The Steerage

Alfred Stieglitz (1864–1946)

Head room
Head Room

  • Properly framing your subject(s)


  • The amount of light exposed on your photograph

Background and subject
Background and Subject

  • The background is anything in the picture behind the subject.

  • The subject is the person, people, or things that are the main focus of your picture.

  • Make sure the background is how you want it to be before taking your picture and consider moving things around or changing your location…unless you plan to change this later while editing.

In this picture the person and his hand are the main subject and the desks, classroom, and other students are the background.

Face vs back
Face vs. Back

  • Faces tell stories; backs tell nothing

Feeling mood emotion
Feeling, Mood , Emotion

  • Think about what feeling, mood, or emotion you want to be shown in the photograph.

  • Do you want the items and people in your photograph to seem:

    • happy

    • serious or sad

    • casual/relaxed

    • formal/posed

Migrant Mother, Nipomo, California

Dorothea Lange(1895–1965)