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www.slovakia.travel. Slovakia. www.slovakia.travel. Main Players in the Tourist Industry. SATA is available online on http://www.sacka.eu/. www.slovakia.travel. S ATA - Slovak Association of Travel Agents.

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Main Players in the Tourist Industry

SATA is available online on http://www.sacka.eu/


SATA-Slovak Association of Travel Agents

is the only self-regulation body in this industry based in 1991. With some 150 members and 90-95 percent of the industry turnover covered, the Association is one of the most influential non-government bodies in the tourism sector.The SATA is a voluntarily organization incorporated in a legal form of Civic Association.

Mission and activities :

SATA's activities cover all Slovak territory. Main task of the Association is to promote tourism development in Slovakia. Increasing professional standards of the members and promotion and protection of its members' interests is a major professional duty SATA. These interests must be in accordance in accordance with SATA's major task - tourism promotion and increasing professional prestige.


SATA – major tasks and activities

The Association has several major tasks and activities:

◦to promote business interests of the SATA members

◦to lobby for the members' interests with the State authorities and other relevant bodies

◦to co-operate with the State authorities in field of elaboration of travel and tourism related laws and regulations

◦to develop business and policy contacts with travel and tourism bodies in Slovakia and abroad

◦to promote fair competition on the travel and tourism market

◦to disseminate relevant information on travel tourism business

◦to watch fair execution of Conduct of Business Rules and Business Ethics

◦to advise customers and public on relevant travel and tourism topics

◦to promote fair handling with the customer comments and complaints

◦to represent Slovak travel agents with similar travel and tourism associations abroad


SATA - activities

  • As to implement the above-mentioned goal SATA:

  • Represents and lobbies for its members' interests within the public sector. It proposes, initiates and co-operates in creation of law and economic regulations, which impact tourism industry.

  • Promotes good reputation and professional standard of the Slovak tourism industry in Slovakia and abroad. In accordance with law regulations, SATA combats market manipulation and applies following measures: •elaboration, implementation and pursuing general rules for tourism service provision by all themembers.

  • Represents members' interests towards domestic and foreign business partners, clients and another persons, including professional associations (in transport, hotel sector, tourist guides, etc.).

  • Represents its members in international non-governmental tourism organizations

  • Provides for joint tourism promotion and public relations on major international events, according to the members' needs and instruments available

  • Initiates and co-operates in arrangement of tourism promotion activities, tourist fairs, conferences and seminars in particular.

  • Promotes increasing standards for tourism professionals in education and non-education sectors, co-operates with professional education facilities and initiates and/or organizes professional seminars, courses and study stays for travel agents.


Slovak Tourist Board


Slovak Tourist Board

is an organization receiving contributions from the State Budget specialized on marketing and state promotion of tourism in the Slovak Republic. It was established in 1995 by the Ministry of Economy. It markets tourism at the national level, provides information on travel opportunities in Slovakia, promotes Slovakia as a travel destination, contributes to creation of a positive image of Slovakia abroad and supports the sale of travel products of the Slovak Republic. SACR has been authorized to officially represent the country abroad and establish detached offices both at home and abroad.

SACR is actively cooperating with V4 countries from CEE region on remote third markets. Main target of this united effort is to gain competitive advantage on these markets. V4 countries are organizing common marketing and promotional activities on the overseas markets of USA, Japan, China and asian part of Russian Federation since 2003. We have identified 6 target product groups: capitals, historical cities, UNESCO sites, jewish sites, spas and MICE.

We are organizing common participation on the tourist fairs and exhibitions, info trips for press and media, trips for tourist operators, publishing of common promotional brochures and maps, internet presentations and exchange of statistical data. Detailed information is available at: www.european-quartet.com

Union of Hotels and Restaurants region on remote third markets

Competition and Cooperation Possibilities on the Tourism Market

  • Both our countries are offering on tourist market similar products like

  • Summer mountain holidays (hiking, caves, rafting, adrenaline sports)

  • Spa tourism

  • Ski holidays

  • Congress tourism

  • Danube river tours

  • Wine routes

  • Folk and modern music festivals

  • History of Slavic culture and writing sites

  • Bulgaria could offer additional products

  • Seaside holidays

  • Thracian and Roman historic sites and museums

  • Orthodox monasteries

  • Added value of Slovakia is in

  • - Medieval history with many castles and churches


According to last official data of Statistical Office nearly 81 500 Slovaks visited Bulgaria in 2013 out of them 66 000 during the summer tourist season. In 2012 it was more than 90 000 Slovak citizens.

To help these tourists to cope with emergency situations we have opened the Honorary consulate in Varna which since last year can also issue emergency travel documents for Slovak citizens (13 out of total 17 last year).

Slovak Embassy has 24/7 diplomatic duty to help our citizens in emergency.

Main problems we faced during the summer tourist season were bancrupcies of Slovak travel agencies (A-Tour in 2013), bus and car accidents, small robberies of valuables and documents, death (8 cases in 2013) and injuries.

All Slovak travel agents are obligatory insured against bancrupcy.

In majority of the cases were Bulgarian authorities very supportive. Problem was lack of translators at the police stations

www.slovakia.travel Market

Number of Tourist in SK from BG

www.slovakia.travel Market

Tourists from the World in Slovakia

www.slovakia.travel Market

Tourists in SK - BG vs World

Bulgaria – 3rd most popular destination of Slovaks in 2012 Market

Organized tourism by Slovak Statistical Office






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SlovakRepublic in Europe

Capital city:Bratislava

/465.327 citizens/

Memberships:EU, NATO,OECD, UN,WTO

Population:5.404.322 /31.03. 2012/

Area:49.035 km2

Borders:Hungary /654,8 km/

Poland /541,1 km/

Czech Republic /251,8 km/ Austria /107,1 km/

Ukraine /97,8 km/

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How to get to Slovakia


  • Bratislava (BTS)

  • Košice (KSC)

  • Tatry – Poprad (TAT)

  • Sliač (SLD)

  • Austria – Vienna (VIE)


internationalconnections and rivercruises and trips

Networkofinternational and domestictrains


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Bratislava - City on theDanube


  • Area: 367,9 km2, Population: 432.801 inhabitants

  • The unique series of 6 tapestries in Primate’s Palace

  • The oldest renaissance Roland fountain from 1572

  • The highest statue - The statue of Victory on the memorial Slavin

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Bratislava - City on theDanube

The village of Market Vlkolínec

Old mining town ofBanskáŠtiavnica

Attractive gothic town ofBardejov

The Spiš castle - the largest medievalcastle complex in Central Europe



Caves of theSlovak Karst

Bukovské forests

Fujara – folk musical instrument


UNESCO sights

www.slovakia.travel Market

UNESCO sights