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Slovakia. Slovakia. Official name: The Slovak Republic Date of the republic's establishment: 1 st January 1993 State organisation: republic Political system: parliamentary democracy In the picture: The High Tatras – our pride. Constitutional System :.

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  • Official name: The Slovak Republic
  • Date of the republic's establishment:

1stJanuary 1993

  • State organisation: republic
  • Political system:parliamentarydemocracy

In the picture: The High Tatras – our pride

constitutional system
  • constitutional and legislative power (National Council of the SR)
  • executive power
  • (the president of the SR and the government of the SR)
  • judiciary power (constitutional court and courts)
geographical facts
  • Regional capitals: Bratislava, Trnava, Nitra, Trenčín, Žilina, Banská Bystrica, Prešov, Košice
  • Official language: Slovak
  • Capital city: Bratislava
  • Neighbouring countries: Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria
  • Area: 49 035 km2
  • Population: 5 379 455 (51.4% women)
  • Population density:109/km2
  • Ethnicityof the population: Slovak (85.8%), Hungarian (9.7%), Romany (1.7%), Czech (0.8%), Rusyn, Ukrainian, Russian, German, Polish and others (2%)
  • Populationby religion: believers (84.1%) of which:Roman Catholic (68.9%), Evangelical (6.9%), Greek Catholic (4.1%), Reform Christian (2%), undetermined (2.2%), atheist (13.7%)
region of ari
Region of Šariš
  • Šariš is situated in the northern part of eastern Slovakia. In the west and north-west it borders on the region of Spiš, in the west it stretches as far as the northern parts of region of Zemplín. Šariš ismoderatelymountainous and the depressions regularly alternate with mountain ranges. The southern part of its territory is occupied by the Košická kotlina basin .
folk historical and geological tr easures
Folk, Historical and GeologicalTreasures
  • By the way, the locals speak their typical colourful dialect with charm and naturalness, which contributes to the overall impression of freshness and novelty of this area.
  • Apart from being the trademark of popular beer, Šariš is also a historical region replenished with tourist destinations. Historical towns of Prešov, Bardejov (Unesco), and Sabinov and unique technical monuments such as the salt mines in Solivar or the mines of Dubník, which yielded unusually beautiful opals, are its pride.
spi castle
Spiš Castle in eastern Slovakia forms one of the largest castle sites in Central Europe. It was included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 1993. This castle was built in the 12th century in romanesque, gothic and renaissance styles with area 41 426 m².Spiš Castle
  • Historicalsquare and openairmuseum


Stará Ľubovňa castle

pre ov

DearGuests and Šariš Region Visitors!

You have just entered the gates of the king's town of Prešov and your steps have led you into the heart of Šariš. Welcome! Consume yourself with a breath of a famous history, rich traditions, charm, beauty of avenues and silent quarters. The town on the Torysa river. History is hardly nostalgic. It connects with actual life in the present. In the shadow of stone witnesses of the past you will enjoy hospitality of our citizens and smiles of youngsters. Culture and education are the attributes of our town, the town that is called Athens above the Torysa river. Our citizens wish you feel the warmth of their hearts. We hope you find knowledge and friendly visits to our town and region.

Presov belongs to the leading centres of the Slovak Republic. At present it is the third biggest town in Slovakia, following Bratislava and Kosice.
  • In the past the city was predestined by its geographical position to become an important crossroad of a clerical and a secular life.
  • Thefirst written record about Prešov, a document issued by king Bela IV, dates back to the year 1247.
  • In the year 2012weshall celebratethe 765th anniversary of the Prešov establishment.
the river torysa
The River Torysa
  • Prešov is a significant economic and administrative centre of eastern Slovakia. After the town got its town rights, the leading activities were concentrated in the centre. They had an impact only on the surround towns but later it was spreaded on the whole region. The position of the town islocated on the former important trade routes.
  • Visitors of Prešov are attracted to gofor a walkalongtheriver Torysa. ThetownisoftennicknamedAthensupon Torysa.


calvary over pre ov
Calvary over Prešov
  • Prešov isoneofthelargestregions in Slovakia.
  • Prešov consists of four administrative land territories: Prešov, Solivar, Šalgovík and Nižná Šebastová.
  • Calvaryissituated on a highhill.. Itconsists14 chapels of the Way of the cross. It is considered to be the second most beautiful calvary in our country.
pr e ov at night
  • Presov is the key crossroad of the business journeys in the past.Todayitisa calm centre of the northern – eastern Slovakia. You can admire historical sights as well as make trips to its close surroundings – from the easiest walks to extreme experiences. There are plenty of good quality restaurants, cafes and pubs in the centre. You´ll get brilliant rest in Presov.
  • Discover the undiscovered town. It´s easy to be found, lieing straight on the 49th parallel. English Queen wears an opal from the world´s famous Presov opal mines on her crown. Signature on the 10 dollars note belongs to Michal Bosak, originaly from Presov. What´s more, one of the only 4 copies in the whole world of the Turin shroud is placed in the Presov Greek Catholic church.
The historic centre of town is a national cultural landmark.
  • Geographically Prešov is settled on the 49th parallel and the exact position is 49° of north latitude and 21°15' of east longitude. The altitude of the historic centre of the town is approximatly 255 m above the sea level.
the system of education in slovakia
TheSystemofEducation in Slovakia
  • Kindergartens (ISCED 0)
  • BasicSchools (ISCED 1, 2)
  • Colleges (ISCED 3)

- GrammarSchools

- SpecialColleges

  • Universities (ISCED 5)
school attendance

Compulsoryschoolattendancelasts 10 years (from 6 to16 )



B.S. IInd level

5 – 9 class


B.S. Ist.level

1 – 4 class



compulsory school attendance


  • Schools:
  • state
  • private
  • church
Secondary Forestry School is situated in the eastern part of Slovakia in the town Prešov

( about 100 000 inhabitants)

  • In the school year our school celebrates the 48th anniversary of its establishment.
  • The study lasts for four years and nowadays there are more than 270 students.
The school is a boarding onewithitsown school canteen.
  • Students are educated in variousschool subjects e.g. Slovak, English, Russian, German Languages, History, Computer Studies, PE, RE, Maths


  • Specialforestry subjects: Hunting,



Forest Engineering

Forest Harvesting

Forest Protection, etc...

Within the study here our students can obtain a driving licence, the licence for working with a chain saw, a hunting and shooting licence