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Slovakia. Lahučký Lukáš 6.A. Content. ∘Slovakia-Slovak Republic ∘The longest river ∘Big cities ∘The biggest national park ∘Bratislava ∘The biggest wooden altar in the world

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Lahučký Lukáš



∘Slovakia-Slovak Republic∘The longest river

∘Big cities ∘The biggest national park

∘Bratislava ∘The biggest wooden altar in the world

∘Bratislava castle ∘Artificial lake Liptovska Mara

∘Most Lafranconi ∘Plesnivec

∘Cyklomost slobody ∘Mountain goat

∘The most beautiful castles ∘Marmot

∘Bratislavský hrad ∘Traditional costumes

∘hrad Krásna Hôrka ∘National meals

∘Trenčiansky hrad ∘The anthem of Slovakia

∘The best of Slovakia ∘Slovakia map

∘Kmet’ov vodopád ∘Thank you for your attection

∘Gerlachovský štít

∘Observatory lomnický štít

Slovakia the slovak republic
Slovakia- The Slovak Republic

I am writing about Slovakia-The Slovak Republic. It is not a kingdom but a republic. We have got a president but not a king or a queen. We have got a lot of monuments. The Slovak Republic is a small country but very beautiful.

Big cities
Big cities

A capital of the Slovak Republic is Bratislava. Bratislava is the biggest city in Slovakia, too. Bratislava has about 417 500 people and has about 368 00 km². The second one is Košice and the third one is Prešov. Trnava is the most beautiful city. There are many churches. We call it “a small Rome”, too.


Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia. In Bratislava there is the Bratislava castle and there are 6 bridges. They are: Most Lafranconi, Nový most, Starý most, Most Apollo, Prístavný most and Cyklomost slobody.

Bratislava castle
Bratislava castle

Bratislava castle is castle in Bratislava. It was madein a big hill in Bratislava. Bratislava castle was burned but it was restored.

Most lafranconi
Most Lafranconi

Most Lafranconi is a bridge over the river Danube. It was

made in 1985-


Cyklomost slobody
Cyklomost slobody

Cyklomost slobody is a bridge over the river Morava. It connects Slovakia with Austria. It was made in 2012.

The most beautiful castles
The most beautiful castles

In Slovakia there are a lot of castles. The most beautiful castles are: Smolenický zámok, hrad Krásna hôrka, Trenčiansky hrad etc.

Smolenick z mok
Smolenický zámok

This is Smolenický

zámok. It is very

beautiful. I go on

my holidays there.

Hrad kr sna h rka
Hrad Krásna Hôrka

This is hrad

Krásna Hôrka. It

is in a town


podhradie. It was

burnt in 2012.

Tren iansky hrad
Trenčiansky hrad

This is hrad

Trenčín. It is in

the city called

Trenčín. It is a very

beautiful castle


The best of slovakia
The best of Slovakia

This is the best of Slovakia. They are some tips what to do in Slovakia.

Kme ov vodop d
Kmeťov vodopád

This is Kmeťov vodopád. It is the

highest waterfall in Slovakia. It is

80 meters high. We can find it in

Kôprova dolina.

Gerlachovsk t t
Gerlachovský štít

This is Gerlachovský štít.

It is the highest peak in

Slovakia. It is 6 600

meters high. We can find

it in High Tatras.

Observatory lomnick t t
Observatory Lomnický štít

Observatory Lomnický štít is the highest situated workplace

in Slovakia. It is over the

lake Skalnaté pleso in the

peak called Lomnický


The longest river
The longest river

The longest river in Slovakia is Váh. Váh consists of two rivers: White Váh and Black Váh.White Váh stems in High Tatras under the peak Kriváň. Black Váh stems under the mountain



The biggest national park
The biggest national park

The biggest national park is Low Tatras National Park (NAPANT).

It is 81 000 ha big.

The biggest wooden altar in the world
The biggest wooden altar in the world

The biggest wooden altar is the wooden altar in Levoča in St. Jacob church.

It was made by master

Paul of Levoča. It was made

in the 16th century.

Artificial lake liptovska mara
Artificial lake Liptovska Mara

The artificial lake Liptovska Mara is the biggest lake in Slovakia. It is made on the

longest river Váh.

It was made in



Plesnivec is the longest protected plant in Slovakia. It is a symbol of High

Tatras. It looks as it is moldy.

Mountain goat
Mountain goat

Mountain goatis a typical animal in Slovakia. It is a

symbol of TANAP too.


Marmot is a typical animal in Slovakia too. Marmot is a small animal. It is very beautiful.

Traditional costumes
Traditional costumes

These areourtraditional costumes. These are from Bratislava. Boys have some hat, shirt, some vest, trousers and

boots. Girls have some blouse,

skirt and boots.

National meals
National meals

Our national food is Bryndzové halušky. Bryndzové halušky are dumplings with “bryndza”. Bryndza is some sheepcheese. Sometimes, there is a bacon on the top of this meal.

The anthem of slovakia
The anthem of Slovakia

Our anthem wrote Janko Matuška in 1844.

Slovakia map
Slovakia- map

This is a map of Slovakia.