duties of asp ip rms n.
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Duties of ASP/IP (RMS)

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Duties of ASP/IP (RMS) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Duties of ASP/IP (RMS) . TRADITIONAL DUTIES OF ASRM/IRM:. The Asstt Superintendent (RMS) in the past set up was required to perform duties assigned to him vide Rule 320 to Rule 335/1 of Postal manual Volume VIII. . TRADITIONAL DUTIES . General supervision of Mail Office,

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traditional duties of asrm irm

The Asstt Superintendent (RMS) in the past set up was required to perform duties assigned to him vide Rule 320 to Rule 335/1 of Postal manual Volume VIII.



  • General supervision of Mail Office,
  • Carry out investigations/inquiries of loss, fraud and complaint cases,
  • Periodical inspections of mail offices,
  • To conduct sorting test for sorters for increment purpose,
  • Review of Mail arrangement and posting of Test Letters,
  • Visit to Post Offices,
  • Check the OTA expenditure and expenditure on outside labour,
  • Liaison with IAC and Railways,
  • Checking of quality of sorting by checking bags,
  • To check the Deposit Register,
  • Compilation of statistics,
  • To attend court in connection with court cases,
duties of asrms in divisional office
Duties of ASRMs in Divisional Office:

In the Divisional Office, the ASRM/IRM assists the Divisional Head in respect of the following items:-

  • Monitoring of operations MNOP/R net
  • Monitoring of BD activities
  • Departmental Examinations.
  • Recruitment
  • Departmental Promotion Committee
  • Processing of Union Items
  • Disciplinary cases
  • Settlement of Staff Grievances
  • Rotational transfers from MOs to Sections/Vice versa.
  • Review of requirements of stationery & forms in the MOs/Sections/Record offices
placement of asrms for other duties
Placement of ASRMs for other Duties:
  • Posted as incharge of revenue earning areas like Mass Mailing Centres/Bulk Mailing Centre/ Speed Post Centre etc.
  • To conduct surprise checks to plug leakage of revenue.
  • Investigation of loss/fraud cases
  • Suggestions for improvement of efficiency and higher output
  • To monitor the operations & processes
duties and responsibilities of the asrm in charge of the mail management unit
Duties and responsibilities of the ASRM in charge of the Mail Management Unit:
  • To implement & monitor MNOP /R net
  • To check the routing pattern and sorting pattern of mails and determine the relative advantages of alternate routes.
  • To ascertain the causes for detention and hold up of mails.
  • Review of Due Mail Lists and Sorting Lists of all MOs/ Sections/TMOs concerned.
  • In case of dislocation of mails at any TMO/Mail Office or Section, the ASRM/IRM concerned should attend promptly and ensure immediate disposal of mail by exploring alternative means.
  • To visit RO/SRO/HRO, check their functioning and also visit bag offices in connection with maintenance of bag account.

To Visit Mail Offices regularly and ensure punctuality in attendance speedy and accurate sorting, proper out-turn and full and judicious utilization of the man power to optimise the output of the set.

  • Examine whether the deployment of staff is done as per hourly work-load.
  • Check the timely processing and movement of mails.
  • Check the transfer of mails from set to set and analyse the reasons therefore and send a written report to SRM/SSRM as the case may be suggesting ways to overcome the problem of transfer of mails.
  • Check the OTA expenditure/equal and rational distribution in the staff.

Checking of bags/contents/quality of sorting/productivity/preparation of LBs/ RBs

  • Checking of the proper handling of special postings.
  • Upkeep of Letter Boxes and punctuality of clearance.
  • Occasional test check of the weight of articles to arrest leakage of revenue.
  •  Carrying out sorting test.
  • Updating of orders and instruction.

Conduct investigations and enquiries.

  • Occasionally test check staff arrangement made by RO/SRO/HRO.
  • Complaints relating to Mail Arrangements.
  • Review of establishment of the Mail Offices
  • To ensure proper periodic inflow of mails to the mail office and to connect the maximum mails to the various available modes of despatches.
  • To visit post offices in their area to check the quality of sorting by the mail offices attached to them and whether mails were fully sorted in post offices and sent out for delivery without delay on the same day.

Duties with regard to Transit Sections:

  • The ASRMs/IRMs should pay surprise visits to the Transit Sections to check the proper exchange of bags.
  • On his visit to the section, ASRM/IRM should also look for instances of over carrying, dumping and misrouting of bags and should offer solutions for the same and ensure proper routing of mail bags.
exercise no 1 1b

Fifteen minutes to be given to the class by the trainer to think over & list the role of ASP/IP(RMS) –


One group of 4-5 trainees to present before the faculty & other trainees . All to note the gist in their note books.