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The Indus Valley Civilizations

P. O. J. Y. R. E. D. A. The Indus Valley Civilizations.

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The Indus Valley Civilizations

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  1. P O J Y R E D A The Indus Valley Civilizations

  2. Directions: Divide the class into Team A and Team B. Then divide the teams into groups of 3-4 students. The first group on Team A chooses a category and an amount from slide 3. When the group agrees on an appropriate “question” to ask in response to the statement, one student asks the question. Other team members can whisperan answer to the group, but if the answer is heard by the teacher before the group is ready to give an answer, the team loses their turn and the play goes to Team B. Teams have 45 seconds to formulate a correct “question” to the statement. If correct, the team wins the dollar amount. If incorrect, they receive no “money.” Play then goes to Team B. Play continues until all category amounts have been chosen. The team with the most money wins.

  3. Aryans Row 3 Aryans Row 4 Aryans Row 2 Indus Valley Row 1 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500

  4. This is fine-grained, rich soil left on the riverbanks and nearby lands of rivers after they flood.

  5. What is silt? 100

  6. These are strong seasonal winds that blow across most of south Asia.

  7. What are monsoons? 200

  8. Much of the Indus River’s water comes from the melting snow that flows down these mountains.

  9. What are the Himalayas? 300

  10. The well-planned Indus Valley civilization’s buildings, streets and sewer systems are all evidences of this.

  11. What is evidence of a strong central government in the Indus Valley area? 400

  12. The Indus Valley people were the first to do this.

  13. Raising chickens was first done by what people? 500

  14. This is when the Aryans settled in the Indus River Valley area.

  15. 100 What happened in 1,500 B.C.?

  16. These are collections of sacred hymns and poems.

  17. 200 What were the Vedas?

  18. The Aryans originally came from the area around these two seas.

  19. 300 What are the Black and Caspian seas?

  20. The Aryans found a pass through these mountains in order to move into the Indus Valley area.

  21. What are the Himalayas? 400

  22. Many languages spoken in Europe have this language as their root language.

  23. What is Sanskrit? 500


  25. This is where we get most of our information about the Aryans.

  26. What are the Vedas? DD 200x2

  27. The Aryans made their houses in the Indus Valley out of these three things.

  28. 200 What are mud, wood and reeds?

  29. The Aryans learned how to grow these two things from the people they met in the Indus Valley.

  30. What are wheat and barley? 300

  31. When the Aryans migrated to India (the Indus Valley area) they first had these three social classes.

  32. What are:1) the ruler (raja) and his warriors, 2) priests and 3) commoners? 400

  33. At first, the Aryans who moved to the Indus Valley and 3 classes of people. Later, they added this 4th class.

  34. What are servants? 500

  35. These are the four class levels in the Aryan society.

  36. What are:1. Priests2. Raja (ruler) and warriors3. Merchants and peasants4. Servants 100

  37. This is what they called the way the four classes of the Aryan society related to one another.

  38. What are Varnas? 200


  40. These are sub-groups within the four classes of the Aryan society.

  41. What are castes? DD 100x2

  42. This was the name of the Aryans’ most powerful god.

  43. Who was Indra? 300

  44. This was the name of the Aryan’s god of war.

  45. Who was Indra? 400

  46. This is what would happen if the Aryan god, Indra, did not defeat the dragon of darkness every morning.

  47. According to Aryan myths, what would cause the sun not to shine? 500

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