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  1. Google ByCiara, Salina, Nicole,Puneet

  2. Search • Google search is the most useful and most used web browser in the world. • When searching up something, the highest rated page for information will show up first. • Google search was developed in 1997. • On June 2011 Google introduced Google voice search. • The search button “I'm feeling lucky” is a fast search engine which will take you directly to the site you want. • Google search has a lot of features all linked together for example: • Weather , sports, and stocks are connected to the news. • Everything on Google search is connected together, which means information will never be scarce.

  3. Images • Google images: basic information • Google images has easy access to finding images of anything. • Created on July of 2001 • Over the years Google images got shut down for some signs of plagiarism, such as in 2007. • The people of Google later found a way through it and re-opened in 2010. • Google announced the “new member of the family ” called Nik. • Nik is practically Instagram, Nik has all the same photos you upload and has the same filters, as well the same settings. • After Google bought ‘Nik’ they had access to every photo people uploaded, so now every time you upload a photo Google automatically owns it.

  4. Images Owning Instagram • After plagiarism and such Facebook had bought Instagram for just under $1,000,000,000,000 • Then right away Google wanted Instagram’s photos. • Now if you search up someone's name that has Instagram just like Nicole has, this can come up.

  5. Maps Google maps is a web mapping service provided by Google. On Google maps you can search up street names, cities, houses, transit routes, and provinces. On Google maps you can choose on foot, car, bike, or city transit. Google maps provides a route planner so if you are a tourist you can plan your routes and know where you are. With Google maps you can choose your language, and your business. You can simply print out routes if you’re on the go and need directions. On Google maps you can search up weather, photos, terrain, etc. to see what the places look like.

  6. Maps Google maps don’t usually update the photos of their places so most of the time the images will be a few months or years old. Google has the right to do what they want with their applications so some areas are blurred out in case of a threat from people.

  7. Earth • Earth is a virtual experience to see any place in the world in 3D images. • Everything on Google earth is in 3D. • In 2006 Google made a mobile site for Google earth. • Then on November 28 2007 Google earth had made Google maps connect to a GPS so when you’re on maps you could simply switch to Google earth to search more direct in the world. • Then after running that for a while it allowed data services to work with it so people could use it whenever they wanted to. • December 15, 2008 Google earth was available on android, IOS, PlayStation, Blackberry, and Windows.

  8. Earth • Google Earth was originally called earthveiwer3D until it was acquired by Google in 2004. • Google Earth maps the earth for satellite images of the world. • When a satellite takes images it can take the most interesting images for Google earth.

  9. People do get bullied on YouTube so remember PAUSE before YOU POST! YouTube doesn’t remove content from the site but keeps it hidden; anything that is age restricted will not show up in the search bar. The safety mode is optional , you can get safety mode on the bottom of your page. Anything you post on YouTube can’t be taken off when you comment, don’t spam, don’t post anything that can hurt your future life on YouTube. When you get a YouTube account make sure you read all the policies, you should know the copy right. You tube is also good because it gives people a way to communicate with people in different parts of the world, you can share ideas and videos created by normal people like us. Some people use YouTube as a way to become famous like Justin Bieber or Rebecca Black.

  10. Safety You tube has a safety mode that can give viewers the option to not be able to see mature content. YouTube you could be taken to court and it could result in bad things. It’s important to stay away from online pop up contests In some cases YouTube gives you 48 hours to take it off before it can be viewed by the whole world. There is a tool that you can report rude sexual racist behavior or harassment to care for your privacy you can make sure you don’t post anything that’s private or personal about your life. Just by posting something personal you can get all kinds of hate and people could find out where you live. In some cases YouTube gives you 48 hours to take it off before it can be viewed by the whole world.

  11. News • Google news was created on March 2002 on a beta program. • 4 years later on January 23 2006 different types of news for over 60 regions and 28 languages was made available. • Google news supports a searching Colum to look up any news in any date or year. • Users can request email alerts for the latest news. • On June 6 2006 Google news expanded adding a news archive searcher. • The news archive allows users to look at historical archives going back 200 years. • Early 2010 Google's cut off direct access to news archives so finding the archives made it much harder.

  12. Gmail started in 2004 • Gmail has special features such as a search bar, message groupings, and free storage. • These features have made Gmail top rated email provider. • Gmail is the third top rated email provider in the world with 87 million users worldwide. • Gmail provides email in 40 languages every message you send is virus scanned because Gmail is self-conscious. • On Gmail you can report spam’s so it will instantly go into your spam inbox.

  13. Drive Google drive is a place where you can do editing on different types of documents. You have full Access to Google drive everywhere with Wi-Fi, also access on mobile devices. Can easily share files, and folders between people. You can receive emails and edit them using Google drive. This is a good system to use at school and work. You can copy and paste documents you made on Microsoft onto Google drive. Google drive is now the new place of Google docs this is the best editing system for doing word documents.

  14. Calendar • Google calendar is a free time management application • On april13 2006 Google calendar became available • Later on that year they allowed people the ability to search up other users calendars. But on February 2009 they discontinued the ability to search up other users calendars. • July 2009 people were required to have an account • By having an account you could sync your calendars to your email and simply use the account on different computers.

  15. Translate • Google translate is a free multilingual machine translator. • On May 26, 2011 Google announced that the Google translate APT was going to be shut down due to extensive abuse. • In early December of 2011 Google was thinking whether to shut down or not, because some problems were fixable. • 7 months went by then Google decided to cancel plans to terminate the Google translate APT, because of public pressure. • After all the problems they got back on track they had made mobile versions for the translator. • The mobile versions were eventually made for every mobile device and computer. • And now it is the easiest way to translate languages world wide.

  16. Blogger Blogger is a person who writes a blog, or a weblog. The word Blog got its name from its original moniker - "weblog. Blogger was a way for people to socialize online and share what might have previously only been expressed in a locked dairy. This website can function as a blog, though most of the blogs have the similar traits and features. Usually blogs are displayed as a sequential posts sorted by date, the most recent on top.

  17. Videos Google videos is a free video sharing website that gives videos from YouTube. It allows videos to go from one website to another, it is very similar to YouTube. Google videos was launched on January 25, 2005 On October 9, 2006 Google bought YouTube. On June 13, 2007 it was announced that Google videos would have the same videos as YouTube. At one time you were able to upload videos to Google videos. In 2009 they discontinued the ability to post videos on Google videos. On august 20, 2012 Google videos was shut down, the remaining content was put onto YouTube.

  18. Chrome • Google Chrome is a free web browser , designed to make surfing the web simpler, faster and safer. • It has become one of the most popular internet browsers worldwide, more and more people are now using chrome for web applications. • Google Chrome has quickly become one the most world wide used internet browsers. • Speed: Chrome is designed to provide the fastest web experience possible and consistently outperforms other browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox in start-up and browsing times. • Chrome is a way faster type of Google.

  19. Chrome mobile devices • Chrome can also be used as a web browser on a mobile device. • There is a Chrome app that allows you to browse the web, open multiple tabs, conduct searches, and more. • You have the option to sign in to Chrome on your mobile device, allowing you to sync bookmarks, save passwords, browsing history, and settings across all your devices. • You can easily install Google chrome on your mobile devices by the App Store, Playstore, ect.

  20. Chrome Security • Chrome has a wide variety of tools to help keep you safe online Chrome will show you a warning whenever you visit a page that is potentially dangerous. • In addition to saving your Google Chrome settings, there are lots of great reasons to sign up for a Google account, such as Google Docs, Gmail, and Google Calendar. • If you have a Gmail address, you already have a Google Account, so you won't need to create an account—you can simply sign in to Chrome using your Gmail information.

  21. Talk • Initial release August 24, 2005 • Google talk is an instant messaging service that provides both text and voice communication. • Google talk will not let you provide the user with a menu for text formatting. Nevertheless Google talk does support some text formatting features like making text bold and italic. • It is a free and easy service and you can use to make voice calls and you can send instant messages. • Your Google mail contacts will be include into your Google talk friends list, so then you can call them and chat with them. • If you need to make calls, Google talk is on Google mail address, an internet connection, a microphone and a speaker. • You can talk to your friends anywhere in the world using Google talk.

  22. Plus • Before Google plus, it had many different names such as: • Orkut, Friendster, Google wave, Google buzz, Google circles, and emerald sea, eventually they changed the name to Google plus. • Google plus was created on June 28, 2011. • September 11, 2011 people had to be 18 or older to use the site. • On October 27, 2011 Google said they now support the Google apps. • Teenagers had started getting tired of not being allowed to have an account for Google plus, so they started faking their ages. • January 26, 2012 Google plus gave in and allowed teens ages 13 up to have a Google plus account. • Google plus is just another way to talk to people.

  23. Plus Features • If someone is harassing you, you are able to put them in a blocked circle. • If your using Google chrome to go onto Google plus it gives you additional options such as alerting you when you get a message or it will keep tabs on weather or stock prices. • It includes many features such as: • Ability to share someone else's status update. • Photo stream between groups. • A Group circle between friends. • Messager to talk to groups through texts.

  24. Mobile Google mobile is a searching system for mobile devices It’s a free download that lets you view maps, satellite imagery, it can also let you find local businesses, and find detections to any location all from you mobile phone. Google maps on your phone feels and looks just like Google maps on your I Pad or computer You can look where you are on the map or you can change it to satellite view to see pictures of your region. Google mobile is optional on Java, Windows Phones, Simbian, iPhone and Blackberry.

  25. Mobile: My Location Google maps for mobile, features a mobile technology called my location. When you use Google maps on your phone you don’t have to use your location. Just press a button and your phone automatically finds out where you are even if you don’t have a GPS. When searching for something for instance ‘pizza’ it can automatically find all the places closest to you that serves pizza. By clicking on one of the pins you can get all the information such as the address, phone numbers, hours , ext. you also have the option to get directions from you current location to the ‘pizza’ location. Clicking on a pin can also give you traffic opinions, so if one way is backed up with traffic, it would give you a second option.

  26. Groups • The service started in 1995 as a news Colum • But later Google bought it out on February of 2001 and named it Google groups. • From February 2001 to 2002 they had no profiles for Google groups. • That changed fast and allowed people to make their own user names for it. • 2006 came and they had started to figure it all out, so they had started allowing users to add as many people as they wanted, and to be able to give ratings. • Today Google groups is a way where you can create certain groups and invite certain people.

  27. Groups Security • You can post messages where certain people can see it. • You can make groups with people you know or people you don’t know. • You can star groups so they will come up when you log on. • Google groups is a good way to do school projects without having a whole bunch of phone numbers and email addresses. • You can search things on the Google groups homepage that interests you. • In the search box you can search things using their date range, language group or author. • You can subscribe to groups and get updates over email.

  28. Sketch Up • Google Sketch up is a free or paid version • with a open source software to design professional 3D and 2D models. • With Google sketch up you can learn how to how to operate the program to build models of your dream house • Google Sketch up is open source that means it is a platform • it is open for Rubyscript programmers to develop the plugins for this software. • With the open source comes an immense amount of plugins available for the software.

  29. Alerts • Google alerts are emails sent to you when Google finds new results such as web pages, newspaper articles, or blogs -- that match your search term. • It is a content change detection and notification sever ice, offered by the search engine company Google • Google alerts automatically notifies users when new content from news, web, blogs, video and/or discussion groups matches a set of search terms selected by the user and stored by the Google Alerts service.

  30. Created in 2002 by a company named Lifescape. Picasa was just another way of editing your photos online. By 2004 Google decided to try and buy Picasa to use for its own use. Picasa was partially named after a famous artist named Pablo Picasso. The Spanish phrase ‘mi sas’ which is Spanish for my house and his name were blended together to make up the name Picasa.) Picnic was as well another big picture editing site which Google bought over. Google combined Lifescape website and picnic together to create Picasa. In order for people to actually download the website they have to either have a MacBook from apple, Vista or windows 7.

  31. Cloud Storage • Everybody who owns an apple product should know about I cloud. • The place where you back up all your information and if you where to lose your phone or iPod you could just sign on to I cloud and be able to put all your information back on to your account. • Google kind of took that idea and made Google cloud platform, it was launched on May 20 2010. • Google cloud holds information such as contacts, all your emails, your basic information, your web history ext. • It is said that it can hold an 'unbelievable amount' of storage and it can be used any where in the world. • So practically Google cloud storage is just a safe place for all your information.

  32. FUNFACTS ABOUT Google was created by Larry Page, and Sergey Brin Did you know in order to get a job from Google you have to answer a math question that was posted on poster boards around the world. The answer to the question was a ten number answer, and that number was the number you had to call in order to get the job. About 2 billion times people press ‘search’ on the Google website per day (31.2 million people) About 12 hundred billion times is search pressed per year. Google wasn’t always called Google, it was called backrub at one point. Named by 2 university students. Google's storage was first made by the 2 university students that came up with the name backrub. They had made the storage out of materials the had in their room which was Lego.

  33. Bibliography