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  1. By: Morgan Tallman Google Larry Page Sergey Brin

  2. Larry Page • He followed in his mother and father’s footsteps as both were Computer Science professors at Michigan State. • He grew up learning all about computers. • His older brother also taught him to take things apart and before long he was taking "everything in his house apart to see how it worked". He said that "from a very early age, I also realized I wanted to invent things. So I became really interested in technology and business. Probably from when I was 12, I knew I was going to start a company eventually

  3. Larry Page • Once he went to Stanford for his master’s Page started looking at the web as just a big graph. • Nicknamed the project "BackRub", he was soon joined by Sergey Brin

  4. Page’s Personal Life • It is secretive but he married Lucinda Southworth in 2007 and they have one child.

  5. Page’s Personality • He “doesn’t play the game” • He also “spends too much on generous pay raises and donating money to anything from alternate energy to Google television. • He has a low need for status, and just trys to help others out, snubbing those in it for the money like the people on Wall Street.

  6. Page and Brin • Page had reasoned that the "entire Web was loosely based on the premise of citation – after all, what is a link but a citation? If he could devise a method to count and qualify each backlink on the Web, as Page puts it 'the Web would become a more valuable place‘ • To convert the backlink data gathered by BackRub's web crawler into a measure of importance for a given web page, Brin and Page developed the PageRank algorithm, and realized that it could be used to build a search engine far superior to existing ones.

  7. Sergey Brin • He is a Soviet-born American who moved to America at the age of 6. • He got an Undergrad at the University of Maryland and went to Stanford for his Ph. D. in Computer Science. • His mother is a Math Professor and his father was a researcher at NASA.

  8. Sergey Brin • referred to as "Enlightenment Man", and someone who believes that "knowledge is always good, and certainly always better than ignorance", a philosophy that is summed up by Google’s motto of making all the world’s information "universally accessible and useful"and "Don't be evil".

  9. Brin’s Personal Life • In 2007 he married Anne Wojcicki. • They are trying to find ways to improve health information. • Brin’s mother has Parkinson’s disease and he has a 20-80% chance of developing the disease.

  10. More info. • he and Page are trying to help solve the world’s energy and climate problems at Google’s philanthropic arm, which invests in the alternative industry to find wider sources of renewable energy. The company acknowledges that its founders want "to solve really big problems using technology

  11. Sergey’s Personality • He expresses himself. • He is a family person. • Frugal and respects a dollar.

  12. Google • It began in January 1996 with the idea of putting all backlinks under one search. • Since 1999, Google has grown to a multi-billion dollar organization. • They use keyword advertisements to make their money even though neither Page or Brin wanted that at the start. • Google now owns many companies; like And they invented many products like GoogleEarth, Google Energy, and more.

  13. Google does many campaigns and projects to help the people. • They just started the Legalize Love campaign, they help with medical research, and research for the planet as well as donating money to the IMO.

  14. Workers • Workers are told to spend 20% of their time working on their own projects. • Google also actively listens to the feedback they receive.