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  1. Google+ • Session Objectives: • By the end of this session, participants will be able to: • Identify the basic features of Google+ • Implement Google+ Hangouts in your course(s) to improve communication and build rapport with student • Create learning materials that aid in student understanding of course content • Develop an atmosphere that promotes collaboration between students

  2. Google+HangoutBasics • Google+ Hangouts are face-to-face virtual meetings (think Skype) that allow for up to 10 people to be in one meeting session at a time. • • Additionally, participants can share their screens with others and also collectively work on shared documents. • To participate in a Hangout one must first establish a Gmail (Google Email) account.

  3. Teacher-Student • Online office hours • Individual students and/or groups can meet with faculty members to ask questions, voice concerns, give feedback, etc. • Valuable prior to exams – I’m guessing students might ask a question or two then??? • Can provide immediate feedback and avoid confusion that email can cause at times. • Can screen share lecture recordings, PowerPoint presentations, student notes, etc.

  4. Teacher-Student • Conduct a “Weekly Hangout” session with students • Review of the past week’s materials • Highlight/emphasize most important parts of lessons • Have students post/send/tweet questions and answer them in a Hangout • If more than 10 students would like to view the Hangout, the video from the session can be saved, made into a link, and posted and/or tweeted out to students

  5. Teacher-Student • Live question and answer sessions with students • Special interest groups in class – present more in-depth information on a specific topic

  6. Student-Student • Students can work on a shared document as a group • Take home quiz/test, case study, problem set • Professors can join these Hangouts – can jump from group to group at random • Students can also work independently from the professor • For grading purposes, students can score each other or save the Hangout video for the professor to review.

  7. Student-Student • Students can complete group work during class time in breakout rooms. Instead of having to travel to each room, the professor can then jump into a Hangout with each group • Thus, the professor can check in with each group without having to go to each room. • Students can also screen share what they’re working on to show their progress

  8. Teacher-Teacher • Meet with offsite personnel from your office • Need to meet with individuals from Stillwater, the hospital, and OSU-CHS? • Easily share a presentation or work on a common document during these meetings • Have a meeting contributor that doesn’t have a webcam or computer access? No problem – Google+ Hangouts can incorporate phone users…for free.

  9. StartingaHangout • Establish a Google account • Add people to your “circles” • Click “Hangouts” • Click “Start a Hangout” • If necessary, install the plug-in • Join the Hangout, then invite others to join! • Once they accept the invitation, you will be able to video chat with them.

  10. ExampleHangout • • Questions??

  11. Join us for our next faculty development session!!! Workshop: Utilizing Social Media as a Teaching Tool Tuesday, July 15, 2 pm, E202