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  1. Google An interpretation of the book “The Lemonade War” by Jacqueline Davies

  2. “OK class, we’re going to start on our “Mini-Scociety” project today,” the teacher said. “AWWW!” The class replied. “Yay!” shouted Jessie!

  3. They decided to make a “Lemonade Stand” website. This was going to be their Mini-Society project.

  4. Google They looked up on the internet for ideas on how to make a website.

  5. Location: Damon Road Recipe: Ice, lemons, sugar, a little salt, and water. By the winners of the Labor Day contest. (Evan and Jessie) Evan and Jessie put as much information on the website as they could. They put their location, recipe of the lemonade, and who they were.

  6. When they sold the lemonade at their stand so many people came to buy it. Jessie and Evan sold it for a reasonable price.

  7. Many people came to buy their “sweet” lemonade.

  8. Lemonade Only 50 Cents By midday, they started to run out of lemonade.

  9. They decided to call their friends.

  10. They were waiting in the hot sun and Jessie saw their friends at a distance. They came just in time.

  11. Jessie woke up. Oh my gosh, everything vanished. It was just a dream. She had an idea and shouted out to Evan what her idea was.

  12. Jessie told Evan that their idea was to make a website. Jessie told Evan her idea. It was to make a lemonade website.

  13. Made by: Braden, Cade, and Cody Music by Apple Freeplay volume 2