fort sumter april 12 1861 n.
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Fort Sumter April 12, 1861

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Fort Sumter April 12, 1861 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fort Sumter April 12, 1861. The Presidents. Pres. Jefferson Davis. Pres. Abraham Lincoln. Type of Battles Fought: North vs. South. North fighting largely offensive war South fighting largely defensive war.

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The Presidents

Pres. Jefferson Davis

Pres. Abraham Lincoln

type of battles fought north vs south
Type of Battles Fought: North vs. South

North fighting largely offensive war

South fighting largely defensivewar

Northern Strategies: A. Blockade the Southern Coast and B. Split the Confederacy by seizing the Mississippi River (Anaconda Plan)


North’s navy allowed it form a blockade

The North captured or destroyed ~1500 Confederate ships

South’s cotton exports decreased 95% during the war

The North could implement the Anaconda Plan and divide the South in half at the Mississippi


However, the South’s long coastline, from the Gulf of Mexico up the Atlantic, made it difficult to implement the blockade

South built many small, light, and fast “Blockade Runners”

Early in the war, up to 95% of blockade running was successful

blockade runner

navy north vs south
The North retained the entire Navy

Most Naval officers stayed loyal to the North

Lincoln commissioned over 500 naval ships

The North commissioned the first ironclad warship, the USS Monitor

The USS Monitor v. CSS Merrimac was the first battle of ironclad ships. It was a draw.

Navy: North vs. South

The Battle of the Ironclads,March, 1862

The Monitor vs.the Merrimac

lincoln s re election campaign w as greatly helped by the events in atlanta and georgia
Lincoln’s re-election campaign w as greatly helped by the events in Atlanta and Georgia.
  • Read Lincoln’s second inaugural address.
“He has lost his left arm, but I have lost my right” – Robert E. Lee referring to the loss of Stonewall Jackson at Chancellorsville
The Gettysburg Address: “…government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from the earth”