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Fort Sumter April 11-13, 1861 PowerPoint Presentation
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Fort Sumter April 11-13, 1861

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Fort Sumter April 11-13, 1861 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fort Sumter April 11-13, 1861.

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Fort Sumter April 11-13, 1861

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Fort Sumter April 11-13, 1861

  • Food supplies went low and Lincoln promised not to send troops or weapons. The Confederacy couldn’t leave because the fort was in Union hands. On April 11, 1861, the Confederacy asked for Fort Sumter’s surrender. Major Robert Anderson refused. The confederate guns opened fire. Anderson ran out of ammunition and then surrendered the fort on April 13, 1861.
  • The Confederacy won because Anderson ran out of ammunition and had to surrender the fort.

The Battle of Bull Run

  • First actual battle of the Civil War!
  • The battle took place in July of 1861.
  • The people of Washington came out with picnic baskets to watch the battle because they thought the Union was going to win with no problem.
  • The Confederates started to win and the Union got scared and ran.
  • The Confederates were inspired by the example of General Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson, they held there ground “like a stone wall”.
  • The Confederates did not pursue the fleeing Union Army.
  • If they would have, they might have captured Washington D.C. and ended the war before it even started!

Stonewall Jackson

Brittany Welch


The Capture of New Orleans

On April 18th the Union Navy opened fire on Fort Jackson and Fort St Philips the bombardment went on for 6 days over 16,800 shells were fired then at 2:00 AM the fleet moved forward the next day on April 25th 1862. The next day the soldiers in the two forts bellow the city mutinied and the forts surrendered. This was a good turning point for the union because they have separated the southern confederacy


The Battle of Shiloh

On April 6, 1812 grant was able to

Win his victory and beat back the confederates. The Americans, Mexicans, and Ulysses S. Grant.

The effect on the event of the civil war was that the union navy moved to gain control of the Mississippi River.


Battle Of Antietam

  • Two Union soldiers found Lee’s battle plans. More than 23,000 people were killed and wounded.
  • The battle was September 17, 1862.
  • General Lee and General McClellan were involved in this event.
  • Northern moral increased after they had won the battle.

Emancipation Proclamation

  • Date:January 1,1863
  • Given by:Abraham Lincoln
  • Purpose:to free the slaves in any state in rebellion with the union.
  • Slaves in the Boarder states would not be freed.
  • Problem:the southern states don’t OBEY Lincoln because Jefferson Davis (confederate President)Did not follow Lincoln’s orders.
  • Result:NO slaves actually got their freedom but the Union’s goal for the war changed! It was now about freeing the slaves!

Battle of Fredericksburg

  • Six times Burnside ordered his men to charge and six times the rebels drove them back.
  • General Ambrose Burnside and General Robert E. Lee
  • One of the unions worst defeats.
  • December, 1862
battle of gettysburg
Battle of Gettysburg
  • North took strong positions on cemetery ridge over looking the town.
  • The Battle of Gettysburg was on June 30, 1863.
  • The Union and Confederate armies were involved
  • It was a northern victory. More people died in the first two hours of the Battle of Gettysburg than in any other American war.

Gettysburg Address

  • Lincoln gives a short speech at a ceremony for a Gettysburg cemetery
  • The address said it was a test to see if a democratic nation could survive
  • The date was November 19,1863
  • The northerners were involved including Abraham Lincoln
  • The address showed people what the Civil War was about


  • William Plummer Benton
  • Ulysses S. Grant
  • July 4 1863 the Confederates
  • surrendered Vicksburg
  • The North wanted Vicksburg to cut off communication from the rest of the confederates. The Union wanted Vicksburg because they had control of the Mississippi River but they could not use it because with the confederates controlling Vicksburg it would have been to dangerous.

Battle of Vicksburg


Battle Of The Wilderness

  • Grant & other Union Generals began to wage total war
  • They marched into Shenandoah Valley & destroyed everything
  • 1864
  • Generals Ulysses Grant & Philip Sheridan
  • North won the battle

damaged trees from the battle


Sherman’s March To The Sea of 1864

  • Sherman marched to the Atlantic coast
  • He captured Atlanta on the way
  • His troops burned houses, trees, destroyed livestock, and ripped up railroad tracks
  • This was called “Total War”
  • This destroyed the South’s supplies which made them weaker

Capture of Richmond

Grant and his troops tried to capture Richmond the capital of the confederates . They did capture them after9 months of waiting for a fresh supply of troops

  • April 2,1865
  • General Grant and Robert E. Lee
  • The confederates surrender and the war was over.
surrender of lee at appomattox courthouse
Surrender of Lee At Appomattox Courthouse
  • Lee surrendered to General Grant on April 9, 1865 at Appomattox Courthouse a town near Richmond. Lee had been dug in at Petersburg for Nine months under siege by Grant. With reinforcements Grant took Petersburg on April 12, 1865. Which was the same day that Richmond fell. Lee than withdrew to Appomattox courthouse. Lee knew that his men would be slaughtered if they kept fighting. Grant offered generous terms of surrender. Soldiers could keep their horses and officers could keep their pistols. This battle ended the war. Lee’s army was defeated.