fort sumter bull run april july 21 1861
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Fort Sumter-Bull Run (April-July 21, 1861)

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Fort Sumter-Bull Run (April-July 21, 1861) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fort Sumter-Bull Run (April-July 21, 1861). J.A.SACCO. Results of Fort Sumter. Lincoln calls up 75,000 volunteers for 90 days After Sumter, Upper South secedes. VA, AK, NC, TE. Border states of MD, DE, KY, and MO have not yet seceded.

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results of fort sumter
Results of Fort Sumter
  • Lincoln calls up 75,000 volunteers for 90 days
  • After Sumter, Upper South secedes.

VA, AK, NC, TE. Border states of MD, DE, KY, and MO have not yet seceded.

  • Robert E. Lee offered command of all Union forces-DECLINES!
  • Capital of the Confederacy is moved from Montgomery, AL to Richmond, VA.


border states delaware and maryland
Border States- Delaware and Maryland
  • Delaware- seemed safe. Even though had slavery acted more as a Northern state.
  • Maryland- Why was it important to keep Maryland from seceding?
  • When pro-Confederate mobs

attack advancing federal troops,

Lincoln put MD under martial law.

border states kentucky
Border States-Kentucky
  • KY important because of the strategic value of the Ohio R.
  • KY declares itself neutral until Sept 1861 when Confederate forces occupied a small SW corner of the state. This forced Union forces to move into KY.
  • Confederate invasion angered the KY legislature who now voted to go to war against the Confederacy.
  • This decision led other Kentuckians, who supported the Confederacy, to establish a rival government and secede.

Lincoln- “I hope to have God on my side, but I must have Kentucky.”

showdown in missouri
Showdown in Missouri!
  • Battle to gain Missouri just like Kentucky.
  • Union commander Nathaniel Lyon drives Confederate militia, governor, and pro-slave legislature into Arkansas. Confederate forces from Arkansas reinforce Missouri forces and invade Missouri.
  • Battle of Wilson’s Creek (Aug.10,1861)- Lyon is killed and Confederate forces move north where they met additional Union forces. Confederate forces are driven back into Arkansas.
showdown in missouri1
Showdown in Missouri!
  • Until the end of the war Union forces held Missouri but plagued by Confederate “bushwackers”.
  • Missouri Confederates like Kentucky established a government in exile.

Jesse James

Frank James

William Quintrill

Try this Civil War fans- Why are there thirteen stars on the Confederate flag?

North vs. South in 1861

Balance Sheet of War

Slave/Free States Population, 1861

North- 22.5 million.

South- 9 million total/3.7 million slaves.

the battle of first bull run july 21 1861
The Battle of First Bull Run (July 21, 1861)
  • Why were these advantages not that important at the start of the war?
  • Lincoln orders Gen. Irwin McDowell and 35,000 men into Virginia to take Manassas Junction which was 29 miles SW of Washington. Objective is to take the railroads Manassas Gap and the Orange/Alexandria RR’s and destroy the Confederate Army.
  • McDowell feels the Union is not ready, men poorly trained.
  • Lincoln’s reply- “You are green it is true, but they are green also”
the battle of first bull run july 21 18612
The Battle of First Bull Run (July 21, 1861)

“There stands Jackson like a “stonewall”, rally around the Virginians”- Gen. Bernard Bee

results of first bull run
Results of First Bull Run

Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard (CSA)

Gen. Irwin McDowell (USA)

Gen. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson (CSA)

the anaconda plan1
The Anaconda Plan
  • Army of the Potomac created to protect Wash. D.C. and destroy the Southern army. Gen. George B. McClellan to train the new army.
  • Blockade the South.
  • Army/Navy to take control of Mississippi R. to split the South in half.
  • Create another army (Army of the Tennessee) to keep pressure in East Tennessee.


southern strategy to win
Southern Strategy to Win?

V-P Alexander Stevens

President Jefferson Davis