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Telephone Personality & Phone Ettiquette - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Telephone Personality & Phone Ettiquette. Always be your best!. Phone Ettiquette . There are 4 parts to a proper greeting: Proper greeting of the hour… Company name Your name How may I help you? Good Morning, Academic Advising, This is Tracey, How may I help you?. Building Rapport .

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Telephone personality phone ettiquette l.jpg

Telephone Personality & Phone Ettiquette

Phone ettiquette l.jpg
Phone Ettiquette

There are 4 parts to a proper greeting:

  • Proper greeting of the hour…

  • Company name

  • Your name

  • How may I help you?

    Good Morning, Academic Advising, This is Tracey, How may I help you?

Building rapport l.jpg
Building Rapport

  • Take notes regarding calls

  • Write down the callers name

  • Let them know if you can’t hear them

  • Include their name when talking to them

  • Always repeat the message

  • Wear your smile!

Wearing a smile l.jpg
Wearing a SMILE!

  • Wearing a smile makes you feel happier and will also brighten up the whole room.

  • Smiling will also make you feel more positive and have a feeling of well being.

On hold techniques l.jpg
On Hold Techniques

  • Ask them if they could please hold and wait for their answer.

  • Give them an option….Hold or leave a message.

  • If holding, check back with them every 30 – 60 seconds. Don’t leave them wondering.

  • Don’t forget to include their name when thanking them for holding.

Call transferring l.jpg
Call Transferring

  • 2 Types of Transferring

  • Guided Transfer – Let the caller know who they are being transferred to.

  • Description Transfer – Announcing the call to inform your staff the reason they are calling and their name.

Speaking clearly l.jpg
Speaking clearly

  • 1. Speak slowly and clearly

  • 2. Enunciate your words and stay away from sounding monotone.

  • 3. Don’t have a lazy tongue.

  • 4. Try some tongue twisters to get you moving in the morning.

  • Sally sells seashells by the seashore

  • Rubber baby buggy bumpers

  • Peter Piper picked a pack of pickled peppers

Positive speech l.jpg
Positive Speech

  • He’s currently out of the office, May I take a message?

  • I’ll be happy to…..

  • I’ll transfer you now….

  • Thank you for holding Ms. Birr…..

  • One moment please….

  • Not a problem at all, thank you…..

Effective listening l.jpg
Effective Listening

  • Prepare yourself to listen

  • Concentrate on what is being said

  • Visualize the speaker

  • Hold your tongue, don’t interrupt

  • Take notes

  • Use summarizing statements

  • Use conversation cues if the caller is getting long winded

  • Listen between the lines

  • Be open minded

  • Practice positive listening habits

1 rule l.jpg

#1 Rule

The ultimate respect you can give someone, is to listen to them.

2 rule l.jpg

#2 Rule


Smile l.jpg

  • S – Smile increases the receptiveness of those around you.

  • M – Make the guest feel comfortable

  • I – Information gathering

  • L – Learn the other person’s name

  • E – Eye contact establishes credibility and confidence.

Front desk ettiquette l.jpg
Front Desk Ettiquette

  • Stay organized

  • Keep message for each other in one location

  • Let your co-workers know what needs to be done or where you left off

  • Smile

  • Not a place to be grooming yourself

  • Come to work prepared.