kindergarten unit five being a good american n.
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Kindergarten Unit Five: Being a Good American PowerPoint Presentation
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Kindergarten Unit Five: Being a Good American

Kindergarten Unit Five: Being a Good American

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Kindergarten Unit Five: Being a Good American

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  1. Kindergarten Unit Five: Being a Good American Sarah Blascovich Brown Teacher on Assignment

  2. Unit Five Highlights

  3. Unit Five Highlights

  4. Martin’s Big Words by Doreen Rappaport • Available as a video presentation, with archival footage of Dr. King’s I Have a Dream speech, at – enter “martin’s big words” in the search bar. • Discuss the events in the story that help us remember Dr. King today. • Discuss why we celebrate Dr. King’s birthday as a national holiday. • Students can create collages of symbols/objects representing Dr. King’s legacy or life. • Teachers can help students create a class book about Dr. King’s legacy. • Students can share their work with second grade students, who are also learning Dr. King, and the second graders could share in return.

  5. Website Resources • Kid-Friendly MLK Biography from the Library of Congress: • Slide Show from later in MLK’s life at Scholastic: • Lesson Plans from the MLK National Historic Site in Atlanta: • Timeline of Dr. King’s life by a class in Oregon (great model for a similar activity): • Corporation for National & Community Service’s Kids Ideas for MLK Day – some could be adapted for classroom use: • 2009 MLK Day Home Page:

  6. Literacy Resources: I Have a DreamM. L. King, Jr. Martin Luther King, Jr. DayMargaret McNamara My Brother MartinChristine K. Ferris My Drem of Martin Luther KingFaith Ringgold Happy Birthday, Martin Luther KingJean Marzollo Martin Luther King, Jr.Wil Mara

  7. The Coin Counting Book by Rozanne Williams • Ideas from Math and Nonfiction, by Jamee Peterson • Great book for integrating math & social studies • Help students match presidents, coins, & values. • Have students figure out what combinations of coins would equal a quarter, using an object with a value of a quarter. • Help students see that with a given amount of money, they will have to choose what to buy. • Discuss ways that people earn money (examples in standard KE1). • Discuss ways that people spend money, and that most people work to earn an income to buy the things that they need – this could also be part of a token economy or class store!

  8. Website Resources • Interdisciplinary Washington, Lincoln, & President’s Day activities: • Multiple resources for President’s Day, including list of interactive websites & webquests: • List of President’s Day sites compiled by a Kindergarten teacher in California: • President’s Day information from the White House: • Another teacher site, including a virtual museum, literature list, and bibliography:

  9. Literacy Resources: Abe Lincoln: The Boy Who Loved Books Kay Winters President's Day David Marx Abe Lincoln’s Hat Martha Brenner President's Day Anne Rockwell George Washington & the General’s Dog Frank Murphy Abraham Lincoln Wil Mara George Washington Wil Mara

  10. Teaching Unit Five: • Individuals, Groups, & Institutions • Need for rules/laws. • Importance of Dr. King, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, & current president • Role of Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, & White House • Identify good citizenship • Importance of being a good citizen • Why we celebrate some citizens

  11. Teaching Unit Five: • Scarcity • Compare different choices in different settings • Review money as currency, how people earn money, and how people spend money • Discuss choices of Dr. King, Lincoln, Washington • Discuss “choosing” good citizenship, & the consequences of that choice