Epal project by savannah j and chidima o
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Epal Project By: Savannah J and Chidima O . Amelie. She is Savannah’s Epal. She lives in Paris with her mom, dad, little sister, and brother. She also has grandparents and an uncle that lives in Paris . . Loukiana. She is Chichi’s epal .

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Epal project by savannah j and chidima o

Epal Project

By: Savannah J and Chidima O


  • She is Savannah’s Epal.

  • She lives in Paris with her mom, dad, little sister, and brother.

  • She also has grandparents and an uncle that lives in Paris.


  • She is Chichi’s epal.

  • She lives in a small village in France called Bonneuil-en-Valois with her little sister, parents, and little brother.

  • She also has grandparents that live in Switzerland.


Both of our epals live in France. Amelie lives in the big city of Paris. While, Loukiana lives in a small village in northern France called Bonneuil-en-Valois.

Bonneuil en valois



  • The government of the France is a semi-presidential system.

  • The legislature consists of a 318-member Senate elected indirectly by an electoral college

  • The president of France is Nicolas Sarkozy

Nicolas Sarkozy


  • Loukiana is in 3ème or 8th grade.

  • She attends school from 8:15 in the morning till 5:00 in the evening.

  • She studies English, French, Spanish, Mathematics, Musical Education, Physical Education, History and Geography, Technology, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Arts. All of her classes are mandatory.


  • Amelie is also in 3ème /8th grade.

  • Her favorite subjects are french and history. However she hates chemistry.

  • Her favorite years of school were 6ème and 4ème.


  • Loukiana has a family of 5. Which includes her mother, father, little sister and brother.

  • Her little brother’s name is Floyd, just like our school.

  • Her grandparents on her mother’s side lives in Switzerland and her grandparents on her father’s side lives 2 miles away from her.


  • Amelie lives with her father, mother, brother and sister.

  • Her father’s name is Frederick and he works for the company Air France. Her mother’s name is Sabine and she is a French teacher at the school she attends. Her brother’s name is Aurelien, he is 18 and her sister’s name is Ombeline, she is 9.


  • Loukiana and her family travel to Switzerland every year to spend Christmas with her grandparents. They do not celebrate Thanksgiving.


  • Amelie visits the store Galleries Lafayette every Christmas.

  • She spends Christmas Eve with her uncle and grandparents.


Galeries Lafayette the store that Amelie visits during Christmas

Loukiana s poems
Loukiana’s Poems

The Stars The stars in the sky shine as thousands of lights They are watching us and protect us from their height and will never stop As the moon, romantic goddess, they're sending us love without disguise My love for you is young and fresh as could be a flower of May I am burning inside as my desire to see you is strong But I content myself just dreaming of your appearance Your eyes are reflecting like crystal mirror the shadow of our love covered with a veil Because no mirrors neither diamonds can express what we feel When our both soul mates joined as magnets Hugging each other, watching the shining stars

Loukiana s poem
Loukiana’s Poem

The love As Soon As I Saw You Everything I Knew That I Lived Was Nothing Compared With what I'm going to live At your side, get drunk Of happiness of Being With You For eternity and beyond Even Death Can Separate us Because Our Love Will Conquer All the troubles of life As They Are, Be Overcome And we'll be together forever, for life

Amelie s christmas card
Amelie’s Christmas Card

Amelie s excerpt
Amelie’s Excerpt

  • I will first describe myself physically so that you can try to imagine the person who is at the other end of the world, writing you this message . I am not fat but not lean either and I'm tall. I have long curly light brown hair. I have got blue eyes. I have got a very white skin.

Current events
Current Events

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