ronald raevsky painter with an amazing sense n.
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Ronald Raevsky

Ronald Raevsky

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Ronald Raevsky

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  1. Ronald Raevsky- Painter With An Amazing Sense Of Vision

  2. A painter from Maysel, West Virginia, Ronald Ravesky is acknowledged for his landscape paintings. His art work is a perfect blend of creative expressions, colors and fabulous ideas. The beauty of nature held his attention from a very young age and he was just 8 years old when he painted his first landscape painting. His ability to portray the beauty and grandeur of the scenic landscapes around him on the canvas was nothing short of a miracle.

  3. When his family members realized that Ronald is gifted with this talent, they became his support system ever since. His amazing sense of vision and ability to paint the world around him helped him to make some of the most wonderful creations.

  4. Ronald Raevsky became famous when he was made a lucrative proposition by a businessman, who offered to make a website that would sell his creations. This was a brilliant opportunity for Ronald as this would allow him to share his vision with rest of the world. As per the deal, he would make paintings and this gentleman would sell them. They decided to divide the profits equally. This did surprisingly well to Ronald and now he is well known for his landscape paintings. One of his masterpieces and a very famous painting was sold for $15,000 at an auction in NY, and it is called “The Awakening”.

  5. Currently, he lives in Maysel, at his family estate and is happily married with two lovely kids. His wife, Angela is a Spanish girl and they met when Ronald was studying in NY. She married him after his graduation and together they moved to Maysel, West Virginia. Having come from a metropolitan city, Angela accustomed to her new life as a pleasant change. She has set up a pumpkin farm, which has turned out to be a huge success. Apart from creating art and spending time amidst the scenic landscapes, Ronald Raevsky runs a horse riding staple where he gives horse riding lessons to children.

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