ronald raevsky modern landscape painter n.
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Ronald Raevsky

Ronald Raevsky

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Ronald Raevsky

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  1. Ronald Raevsky – Modern Landscape Painter

  2. Ronald Raevsky is a painter who studied at New York University School of Art. His most famous work is the painting entitled “The Awakening” which fetched $15,000 at an auction in New York City. While he has tried his hand at many other styles and subjects, he remains first and foremost a landscape painter.

  3. He has an extraordinary ability of being able to take an insightful look into nature and translate it onto a canvas with amazing perfection. Although much of his work is inspired from existing landscapes, he also has a host of paintings that are devoted to a utopian landscape theme.

  4. He was born in the town of Maysel, West Virginia, and lived on his small family estate. He lived with his mother, father, two sisters, grandfather, and grandmother. Since he was the youngest in the family, and a quiet child in general, he received the love and attention of everybody in the household.

  5. When it was discovered that he was a gifted painter, his family became his support system and he relied on them for motivation and critique. He was particularly close to his second eldest sister, and he used to spend a lot of time with her venturing off into the woods by their house.

  6. Living at their family estate, Ronnie Raevsky and his sister spent a great deal of time discovering the outdoors by their house. His sister who is an amateur painter herself would take her younger brother to exhibitions and seminars hours away from their house to nourish the creative painter in him. Ronnie Raevsky believes that it was his sister who really recognized that talent and potential within him.

  7. Ronnie currently lives on his family estate in Maysel with his wife Angela and their two children. Aside from continuing his painting, he also runs a horse riding stable where he gives lessons.

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