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Ronald Raevsky

Ronald Raevsky

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Ronald Raevsky

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  1. Ron Raevksy | Ronald Raevsky

  2. Ronald Raevsky is a painter who studied at New York University School of Art. His most famous work is the painting entitled “The Awakening” which fetched $15,000 at an auction in New York City. While he has tried his hand at many other styles and subjects, he remains first and foremost a landscape painter. He has an extraordinary ability of being able to take an insightful look into nature and translate it onto a canvas with amazing perfection.

  3. As a child, Ronald Raevsky was an ardent admirer and his sister used to be amazed at his attention to detail. When he began painting, his mother entered his painting into a contest for young children , which he subsequently won. He acknowledges that living in a joint household with his grandparents provided a very fulfilling and nurturing environment for his mind to develop. All day long he would make paintings and seek the approval of his family members . Each person added their own bit to his learning experience. Till date he has made about 500 paintings.

  4. His wife Angela who is from Spain also moved with him , along with their two children. Angela set up a pumpkin farm which they open for pumpkin pickers at Halloween time. This farm has turned out a great success and they have customers coming from far away towns. In addition, Ronnie Raevsky also gives horse riding lessons to children on a regular basis. For Halloween 2013, they have also set up a “Haunted Barn” and hope it will be a big success among children and adults alike. During these festivities, Ronnie also sells his landscape art, which is a also a hot favorite among their customers.

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