ronald raevsky an artist painter and creative n.
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Ronald Raevsky

Ronald Raevsky

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Ronald Raevsky

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  1. Ronald Raevsky - An Artist, Painter And Creative Expressionist

  2. Ronald Raevsky is an artist, painter, and creative expressionist. He was born in the rural landscapes of Maysel, West Virginia. He grew up on his family’s small estate in the heart of West Virginia, and even as a child his family would venture out into nature engaging in activities like horse riding, trekking, and camping. The wonders of nature and it’s beauty held his attention from a very young age. He was about 8 years old when he painted his first landscape, and it took his family by surprise because they had no inclination that their son had this talent.

  3. They lived on their small family estate in Maysel. Ronnie Raevsky grew up in a tight knit community of friends and family. All of the townspeople knew each other, and he always received a lot of encouragement and support from those around him. This nurturing environment was the perfect setting for him to grow and develop himself into a budding artist. His paintings were featured in local newspapers and magazine publications. He won many prizes not only from schools but also from independent organizations.

  4. He was born in the town of Maysel, West Virginia, and lived on his small family estate. He lived with his mother, father, two sisters, grandfather, and grandmother. Since he was the youngest in the family, and a quiet child in general, he received the love and attention of everybody in the household. When it was discovered that he was a gifted painter, his family became his support system and he relied on them for motivation and critique. He was particularly close to his second eldest sister, and he used to spend a lot of time with her venturing off into the woods by their house.

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