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~Talent 21 project~

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~Talent 21 project~ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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~Talent 21 project~. By: Caitlin Juliano #13 Grade 6 th. How can we reduce our ecological footprint, in our local environment?. Ecological issue: Timbering. We can all fix this problem. What did I learn from this project?.

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~Talent 21 project~

By: Caitlin Juliano #13 Grade 6th


How can we reduce our ecological footprint, in our local environment?

Ecological issue: Timbering. We can all fix this problem.


What did I learn from this project?

I have learned that we should all show more respect and care to our earth. And I’ve realized that we have such and important job to do and our world is in our hands. I’ve also realized that there is so many bad reasons to timbering. Like, we will be lacking oxygen.

Lets stop timbering!


So, have you ever wondered why we don’t have a lot of big trees?

We don’t have much big trees because we have an ecological issue. Timbering (deforestation).

We all can come up with ways to fix this.

Day by day we could be doing something. Maybe recycling a few pieces of old paper that you don’t need.


Solutions to this problem

  • Stop chopping down trees
  • Maybe do something like an experiment to fix this problem and do something like …1 whole week see how much paper your recycling.
  • Save things like :
  • *Paper, because paper is made of mostly pine trees.
  • So also we can’t chop down a lot of trees…example the pine trees. Because we would not have any more paper or other necessities in life.

We can all fix this problem

  • If we don’t take care of our world that would not be very good.
  • We all need to take care of the earth.
  • We all have a job to do…keep or earth clean & go green!
  • The pictures in this PowerPoint are examples on how bad this problem is.
  • Lets also stop timbering!

My Hypothesis:

If we keep saving things like paper we can all make a big change, as in having more trees.


My Experiment:

  • What will you do each day?...
  • ~Day 1 & 2-Just mark tallies on you table and when you mark the tallies mark how much paper your recycling.
  • ~Day 3 & 4-Look and see if you have any old papers and recycle them. Then mark tallies in your chart.
  • ~Day 5-repeat the steps from day 1 and 2 .
  • ~Day 6- This is the day of you final conclusion. You will do :
  • Gather all you data from the 5 days.
  • Find out(total)how many pieces of paper you have recycled in the 5 days.
  • Then make a bar graph on how much paper you have recycled.
  • Then make a fraction on how much trees you’ve saved.
  • (Follow each step as listed.)
  • *Note-The experiment was called "Saving the Pine Trees!”

My data from the experiment…

*Monday-Wednesday tallies are equal to five.


This is my final conclusion day…day 6.

  • Day 6(Thursday) -My final conclusion is…: In these five days I have recycled/saved 33 sheets of paper.
  • I didn’t save any trees, but I did save some paper. Because I researched it and it said that 1 tree can make around 80,000 sheets of paper. According to a website about trees and recycling.