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LOTF: Chapters 7-8

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LOTF: Chapters 7-8 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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LOTF: Chapters 7-8. Objective : To observe differences in the characters as causes for their conflicts and to observe how and why characters have changed such that they contrast each other so greatly. Homework:.

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lotf chapters 7 8

LOTF: Chapters 7-8

Objective: To observe differences in the characters as causes for their conflicts and to observe how and why characters have changed such that they contrast each other so greatly.

  • 1-page essay: Suppose a group of Pacific Islanders landed on the island and give Ralph and Jack a choice: they will agree to ferry the boys off the island, but in payment they demand that one of the “littleuns” be given to them to be sacrificed. Contrast the decisions Ralph and Jack would make in this situation and explain why each would act in the way that he did.
  • Read Chapter 9.
  • Complete Study guide questions.
literary terms
Literary Terms
  • “Contrast” simply refers to the differences audiences observe between/among characters, settings, objects, beliefs/ideas, etc. in literature. Authors primarily set up differences between different elements of their stories in order to provide a basis or bases for the story’s conflict.
  • Character Evolution: An observation of the changes in a character’s physical appearance, actions, and beliefs & values. An author may have his or her characters evolve for any number of reasons (to make them more realistic or engaging, to allow the audience to better identify with them, etc.). However, in cases where characters evolve or change to become more distinct from one another, the author is usually setting up a basis for the story’s conflict.
essential question 1
Essential Question # 1
  • Explain all the ways in which Ralph and Jack have evolved as characters since the beginning of the story (as observed in chapters 7-8 of the novel). Write down your observations in your notebooks. When detailing these characters’ evolution, be sure to mention how they have changed in terms of their physical appearances, actions, and beliefs/values, especially in light of the contrast between their former lives in civilized society and their current existence.
essential question 2
Essential Question # 2
  • Using your explanations of Ralph’s and Jack’s character evolutions, compare and contrast their characters in terms of their physical appearances, actions, and beliefs/values. Important: you must explain how these differences serve as a basis for the literal and symbolic conflicts in the story. Groups will report their findings after completing each activity. Possible contrasts:
    • o Order vs. Chaos
    • o Superego vs. Id
    • o Civilization vs. Savagery
    • o Protection of the Weak vs. Dominance of the Strong
    • o Rationality vs. Superstition
    • o Leadership vs. Cowardice (and the “pack mentality”)
other discussion questions
Other Discussion Questions:
  • P. 114: The boys play at killing a pig by poking spears at one of the boys while chanting “Kill the pig! Cut his throat!” etc. What does this say about their characters and their view towards taking a life?
  • P. 118: At one point, Ralph directly challenges Jack with the question “Why do you hate me?” Why does Jack hate Ralph? Why might they not be able to mutually coexist on the island at all?
  • P. 125: After seeing “the beast” (the dead pilot), Simon exclaims that it “squats by the fire as though it didn’t want us to be rescued—” Of what is the Beast symbolic in this case and how does it serve as a metaphor for human nature. Hint: compare the Beast to Jack in this case.
discussion questions con t
Discussion Questions (con’t)
  • P. 135: The author describes in graphic detail the slaughtering of a female pig by Jack and the members of his new tribe. What does the way in which they attack and kill her symbolize? What does this event represent for their characters’ development and growth? Pay particular attention to the ways in which the characters use their spears on the pig, their physical positions in relation to the pig, and their use of the pigs blood and feces as body paint after the kill.
discussion questions con t1
Discussion Questions (con’t)
  • Pp. 137-138, 143-144: The author creates the character of the “Lord of the Flies” when he has Jack mount the pig’s severed head on a spear – as if Jack was presenting the Beast with an offering in order to keep the Beast away. The Lord of the Flies then has an imaginary conversation with Simon in which it seems to tell Simon to abandon all thoughts of order and self-preservation and to succumb to the helplessness of their situation:
    • o For what is the Lord of the Flies a symbol in this case?
    • o What does Simon symbolize in this case? What do he and his “sanctuary” represent?
    • o What might Simon’s conversation with the Lord of the Flies foreshadow for the rest of the boys on the island?