let s get social n.
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Let’s Get Social……

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Let’s Get Social…… - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Let’s Get Social……. Getting to Know your “Pathway /Cluster Activity Using “Social Networking” Format . http://youtu.be/4cAg3vyddNE. Social Networking for your “Cluster / Pathway” .

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let s get social
Let’s Get Social……

Getting to Know your “Pathway /Cluster Activity

Using “Social Networking” Format


social networking for your cluster pathway
Social Networking for your “Cluster / Pathway”
  • Let’s market our “Cluster / Pathway” so all the students at Permenter have the latest “DATA” and “Information” about career pathways and clusters.
  • What is “DATA”??? Why is having the latest information important?????


  • Advance knowledge of the latest data and information about careers of interest.
  • Planning for the future… HELP students know the right courses to add to their high school course plan.
  • Help develop conversations…. What are the classes needed in the future….
social format facebook page career pathway cluster
Social Format~ “Facebook” Page Career Pathway/ Cluster

I will model each section…Follow the page as I show you examples:

1 expectations for your facebook career pathway cluster page
# 1 Expectations for your “Facebook” “Career Pathway/ Cluster” Page……..
  • Name of your “Pathway/ Cluster”

Example: Business and Management

  • 3-5 Facts about your “Pathway/ Cluster” Career

Example: Facts about the Cluster

1. Many, but not all business jobs require a college degree.

2. You will need to be able to write and speak well in the

business world.

3. Business careers offer exciting challenges, great pay and

solid future.

2 expectations for your facebook page
#2 Expectations for your “Facebook” Page

Growth % ~ This is a projection of 10 fast-growing careers in Texas from the year 2006 to 2016

  • Number of new jobs created in each occupation.
  • Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics


Fastest Growing Careers Growth %

1. Benefit’s Specialist 30.2%

2. Receptionist & information 27.9%

3. Training Specialist 27.0%

3 expectations for your facebook page
#3 Expectations for your “Facebook” Page


Top $$ Paying Careers Average Wage Per Hour

1. Chief Executive $79.81

2. Engineering Manager $ 63.26

3. Marketing Manager $ 58.90

4 expectations for your facebook page
# 4 Expectations for your “Facebook” Page

COOL Careers to Think About…..ExcitingNew Careers in your Path

Pathway/ Cluster!

1. Sport Marketer

2. Venture Capitalist

3. Business Valuator

5 expectations for your facebook page
#5 Expectations for your “Facebook” Page

Jobs in your Pathway/ Cluster …… Complete the chart using

Use “Achieve Texas Magazine” or website: www.achievetexas.org

* Use the “Programs of Study” and follow the icon for your magazine.

  • Jobs in the Cluster!!!
  • Name of
  • Career Wages Education
  • Accountant $56,005 Bachelor’s Degree
  • Sales Manager $97,260 Bachelor’s Degree+ EXP.
  • You will choose 6 Career’s to place their “DATA” on your Chart!
6 expectations for your facebook page
# 6 Expectations for your “Facebook” Page

CREATE a list of Classes:

Place 3 Classes available at Cedar Hill High school in your Pathway/ Cluster

  • Go to “Career Cruising” to gain the information….. (go to your “Launchmate”)


  • Classes Available @ CHISD:

1. Dollars and Sense

2. Accounting I/II

3. Entreurpuership

expectations for your facebook page
Expectations for your “Facebook” Page

Day #1~ Monday

  • Time Management~ DUE TODAY!

At least 50% “DATA” must be placed on your page by end of class…

Homework~ Find pictures/images to “Post” on your “Facebook” Page….

Day # 2~ Wednesday~ Complete your page with remaining data/information/ pictures/images….

**********5 is the minimum!!!!!!

**Make your page reflect a “Facebook” page…..You may draw the facebook images….



→BE NEAT~ PRINT your information……

→Facts must be complete sentences…..

→These “FACEBOOK” pages will be displayed

our Hallway.