women s lacrosse retreat n.
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Women’s Lacrosse Retreat

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Women’s Lacrosse Retreat - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Women’s Lacrosse Retreat. Reba Neumann Pratte Heather Hermanowski Madeline Dombi. Agenda. 2:00-2:05 -> Introduction 2:05-2:10 -> Name Whip 2:10-2:20 -> Name Roulette 2:20- 2:45 -> That Ain’t me Babe! 2:45 -3:00 -> Cinnamon Bun 3:00- 3:30 -> Telephone Pictionary 3:30-3:45 -> Debrief

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women s lacrosse retreat

Women’s LacrosseRetreat

Reba Neumann Pratte

Heather Hermanowski

Madeline Dombi

  • 2:00-2:05 -> Introduction
  • 2:05-2:10 -> Name Whip
  • 2:10-2:20 -> Name Roulette
  • 2:20- 2:45 -> That Ain’t me Babe!
  • 2:45 -3:00 -> Cinnamon Bun
  • 3:00- 3:30 -> Telephone Pictionary
  • 3:30-3:45 -> Debrief
  • 3:45- 4:00 -> Lap Sit

o Teamwork o

o Sportsmanship o

o Community o

evaluation forms
Evaluation Forms
  • Most of the participants were general members, and had only been on the team for less than one semester. A few had been on for more than two semesters.
  • There were wide expectations for the event ranging from team work/team bonding, trust building, goal setting, conflict resolution and improved communication
  • Nine girls were “extremely satisfied” while 12 girls were “very satisfied”. One was “neutral” and one was “not very satisfied.”
  • Some of the girls said the most enjoyable parts of the retreat were, “Walmart game, Name game, working together, getting to know each other”.
  • They said the most valuable part of the retreat was, “learning how to better communicate, nonding, and debriefing”.
evaluation forms cont
Evaluation Forms Cont.
  • Seven girls thought SOLC was “extremely effective” in meeting their needs while thirteen were “very effective”. One thought we were only “somewhat effective”.
  • Thirteen girls “strongly agreed” that the SOLC retreat helped their team develop into a stronger team. Eight girls only “agreed” while one girl “disagreed”.
  • All of the group members either “strongly agreed” or “agreed” with the statement, I know my group members better due to the SOLC retreat.
  • Thirteen girls “agreed” that their group has a better understanding of their goals while six girls “strongly greed” but only three girls felt “neutral”.
  • The only problems that occurred during this retreat were that there was too much time given to an activity on the agenda and the members of the group were too talkative.
  • To resolve the timing issue, we talked among the facilitators and decided that we should add some activities to fill the time gaps. Therefore, we chose to add the “Human Knott” game and the “Walmart” game.
  • To resolve the issue of talkative members, we had to remind them many time to stop talking and listen to the facilitator speaking. We also used techniques like clapping to get their attention.
  • Overall, Reba did a great job planning and executing the retreat. This retreat proved to be successful because the Women’s Lacrosse team worked together and used sportsmanship to win their game the day after the retreat. The members of the team also seemed to enjoy the day.