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Morristown Alumnae 2012-2013 Retreat June 8, 2013

Morristown Alumnae 2012-2013 Retreat June 8, 2013 . Charging into a new Century.. Armored with a new bond of Sisterhood!. Agenda – To be updated . Welcome 2012 – 2013 Updates Mission, Vision, Year in Review & Introduction of Officers SOP Review – Communication and T&E

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Morristown Alumnae 2012-2013 Retreat June 8, 2013

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  1. Morristown Alumnae2012-2013 Retreat June 8, 2013 Charging into a new Century.. Armored with a new bond of Sisterhood!

  2. Agenda – To be updated • Welcome • 2012 – 2013 Updates • Mission, Vision, Year in Review & Introduction of Officers • SOP Review – Communication and T&E • Review Strategic Plan 2013-2014 • MAC Committees • Information and Communication • Break 10 Mins • 2013-2014 Programs • Program Sign-Up • MIT 2013 Vote • Announcements • Questions

  3. MAC – June • Financial Report – Treasurer and Financial Secretary

  4. Treasurer’s Report Operations Account

  5. Treasurer’s Report Programs Account

  6. Announcements/Actions from the Program Chairs

  7. Financial Secretary Report

  8. Monthly Mail Report

  9. Project 13 • March of Dimes • Fight for Preemies bracelets distributed –April meeting • picture holding the bracelets. •  March for Babies 2013 Walk - Sunday, April 28, 2013, FDU • Collected: $720 • 9 Sorors participated in the walk.   • Article announcing our focus on infant mortality will be submitted for the chapter newsletter   • A minimum of fifty wallet cards (9 things to do before getting pregnant or “signs of preterm labor” has been distributed to the community). • Sisters Network, Inc. • “Stop the Silence Walk” April 13, 2013, Houston, TX • Names of a breast cancer survivor submitted for inclusion on The Centennial Survivor/In Memoriam Tribute List • Eastern Region is the lead region for the St. Jude and the National Council of Negro Women, Inc. (NCNW) initiatives. •  Sorors are asked to join NCNW no later than June 10, 2013. • The NAACP membership drive, “13 in 13”, continues as well.   • All participating chapters are requested to report their Project 13 activities by June 10, 2013. Our submission is currently in review by our internal review committee.

  10. Name of Program/Project:Spring Art Auction • Location of Program/Project: County College of Morris; • #chapter sorors: __28___ # non-chapter sorors: _0_ # committee members: __9___ # program participants: _46____ # • Method/s of Publicity: Flyers, email blasts, Facebook, MAC website; BlackNJ.com, word of mouth, • Supplies Utilized: • Permit - $150 ; •Table Cloths/Balloons/Silent Auction Supplies - $189; Catering $1500 • Giveaway/s:  Yes No (If Yes, please name type/s of giveaways) Piece of art as door prize •  46 tickets sold. Final monetary gains TBD, however event is estimated to have generated ~$1400+ • Program/Project recommendations or suggestions: If event is held again next year, suggestion is to not schedule near a holiday. Also- additional chapter support is needed to generate both ticket sales and auction attendees that are willing to purchase art.

  11. EMBODI • April 20, 2013 - 11:00 am to 2:00 pm • 7 male participants present • Curriculum Covered • Module 2 – College and Career Pathways (Second Session) • Second Session • Robert Ballat - Massage Therapist • Shawn Yett - Business Owner, Ice Hockey Official • Arik Cotton – High School Coach, Teacher Assistant • Erik Boykin - Mechanical Engineer

  12. GEMS • THEME: Campus Squeeze & Don’t Be School Daze • - Delta GEMS Group Session:“Campus Squeeze & Don’t Be School Daze” April 2013 21st - 2:30pm - 5:30pm •  College Application Process, Essays, Test(s), and Funding • Collages (1-3 participants) •  THEME: No More Drama, No More Victims • - Delta GEMS Group Session:“No More Drama, No More Victims Part I” May 2013 19th-- 2:30pm - 5:30pm • Date Rape (STD, importance of annual/self-exams, etc.), Safe Dating, Battered Women, & Peer Pressure •  THEME: Girls Just Want To Have Fun & End of Year Celebration • - End of Year Outing: “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” June 2013 9th Short Hills Mall • 2:30pm - 5:30pm Dress for Success Show & Tell • Etiquette Practice during Dinner Outing

  13. Academy • Delta Academy Educational Development Manahan Village Resident Center Delta Academy Meeting Transformation of Me and Developing Me Component - Self Image Girls talked about how to improve their self image for their upcoming school year. • They talked about the clubs they would like to become a part of. They each worked on public speaking and standing up talking in front of a crowd. • HadiaKimborough, Nylah Steele, Amber Carrington, Alexis Carrington, Deionne Miller Tasha Roe Boykin, Vanessa Davis, Melviena Miller, Adrienne Richardson

  14. Morristown Alumnae Chapter Vision • To positively impact the lives of its members and those of the community in which it serves and to be recognized as an exemplary chapter representative of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and its mission.

  15. Morristown Alumnae Chapter Mission • Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. is an organization of college educated women committed to the constructive development of its members and to public service with a primary focus on the black community.

  16. 2012-2013 MAC Year in Review MAC Membership reached 71 all time high; Interim Officers take over…. • Continued Successes: • Community health fair and walk, socializing with seniors, Eric Johnson House and walk (top team again) • GEMS and Academy and both submitted entries for the Presidents Awards program – • Congratulations to Dee for being selected as a Presidential Academy Representative • MAC was at the Rose Bowl Parade and lighting the torch in Tokyo • On the Today Show and Good Morning America kicking off Founders Day and we celebrated Founders Day in DC and Morristown • Launched EMBODI, Supported Project 13 • Hosted our 1st Tricky Tray and Art Auction • Distributed $11,000 in Scholarship • Centennial Celebration

  17. Morristown(NJ) Alumnae Chapter Morristown Worshiping Together

  18. Morristown(NJ) Alumnae Chapter Morristown Community Health Fair Red Carpet “42” Movie Launched EMBODI

  19. 2013 MAC Anniversaries • 50 Years – Jackie Chapman, RubyeHickerson • 45 Years • 40 Years • 35 Years • 30 Years • 25 Years – Kendra Williams • 20 Years • 15 Years – Cindy Flowers • 10 Years – Davon Gorman • 5 Years – Ashley Scruggs • 1 Year - Neos

  20. Elected Officers 2013 - 2015 • President Soror Stacey Harris • Vice President Soror Marian Sykes Johnson • Recording Secretary Soror Tina Allen • Corresponding Sec. Soror S. Desiree Harper-Register • Financial Secretary Soror Regina Ashford • Asst. Financial Sec. Soror Mitzi Sherrell • Treasurer Soror Ernestine Cash

  21. Appointed Officers 2013 - 2015 • Chaplain Soror Tracy Yett • Parliamentarian Soror Rosalind Cox-Larrieux • Sergeant at Arms Soror Abena Nelson • Historian Soror Matthette Williams Elected Committees: • Internal Audit: Janet Jones, Rhonda Tombling, Faith Alcantara • Nominating: Kimberly Monroe, Tiffany Rice, Alexis Gardner

  22. Review of MAC SOP’s • Communication – • Info and communication

  23. Chapter Wide Communication • The Goal is to only send out announcements and or reminders 1-2 x’s a week • Exceptions are: Illness/Death/Emergency Notifications • Communication should be sent to the Corresponding Secretary’s email address: MACDST.Announcements@gmail.com with a copy to the presidentmacdst@gmail.com • Weekly Postings will be: Wednesday & Sundays (as needed) this will include reminders (from the calendar – events, committee meetings, etc.). • If you have a calendar change please let the CS/PP Chair with a cc to Pres. ASAP • For Wednesday information must be received by EOD on Monday • For Sunday information must be received by EOD on Friday • All E-Board and Chapter Meeting reports are to be uploaded to the Members Only Portal by Info and Communication team. Note: • It is the responsible of the Corresponding Secretary or her designee to send out all Chapter wide communication (note Pres/VP may have exceptions)

  24. Meeting and Committee Reports Ongoing Communication Schedule • 1st Wednesday E-Board Meeting (or as scheduled) • Issue E-Board Notes and Actions within 7 days • 2nd Saturday Chapter Meeting • Issue Chapter Meeting Notes and Actions with in 7 days • When communicating to your committee you do not have to send it through this process.

  25. Meeting and Committee Reports Committee Reports – Send to Information and Communication • All Reports are due 7 days prior to E-Board • If not submitted for E-Board then there is not report for the chapter as E-board must review prior to the chapter meeting • E-Board Agenda and Reports posted to the Members ONLY Portal by EOD Monday before E-Board and the Thursday before Chapter Meeting • Agendas will be focused on Proposals/Actions • Reports on Financials and other key reports • Chapter Agenda and Committee Reports (with revisions if required) must be sent to information and Communications the Sunday before Chapter Meeting • Chapter Meeting Agenda and Committee Reports must be sent to the Corresponding Sec. by the Wednesday before Chapter meeting

  26. E-Mail Request/Questions/Issues • To help manage the volume of questions/comments that are addressed to the Executive Committee (Pres, VP, Tres, Fin Sec, Assit Fin Sec and Rec Sec) • Email request/questions: will be answered within 48 hours • Phone Calls: (please be mindful): will be answered within 24 hours (or immediately) • Text msgs: will be answered within 24 hours (or immediately) • When responding to emails: Do not use the reply to all. Only address the Reply to the relevant people • Please respect the Sorors time and Non-Delta commitments and use e-mail unless a faster response is required.

  27. Review of MAC SOP’s • Travel Reimbursement • Chapter Communication

  28. Strategic Plan Fiscal Year 2013 – 2014 • Goal: To be a value-added resource to the chapter membership and to the community in which we serve. • Question: What communities do we serve? • We serve: Morris County

  29. Strategic Plan Fiscal Year 2013 – 2014 Objective 1: • In accordance with National Guidelines, administer at least 2 programs and or activities that support the Five Point Program Thrust of the Sorority and the community service priorities of the chapter:

  30. Strategic Plan Fiscal Year 2013 – 2014 Who can name the Sororities Five Point Program Thrust? Economic Development, Educational Development International Awareness and Involvement Physical and Mental Health Political Awareness and Involvement

  31. Strategic Plan Fiscal Year 2013 – 2014 • Economic Development: • Participate in Habitat for Humanity building project • Implement the Money Smart Adult Education Program • Adopt a black business • Educational Development: • Delta Academy Program • Delta GEMS Program • Delta EMBODI • Chapter Scholarship Program • Sponsor a Black History Month Program • International Awareness and Involvement • Support the Mary Help of the sick Mission Hospital in Kenya • Support AIDS International Day of Awareness

  32. Strategic Plan Fiscal Year 2013 – 2014 • Physical and Mental Health • Annual Community Health Fair • International IMPACT Day of Service • Eric Johnson House Meals programs and walk • Socializing with Seniors Program • Homeless Solutions Christmas Party • Political Awareness and Involvement • Delta Days at the Nation’s Capital • Delta Days at the State Capitol • Delta Days at the UN • Voter’s Rights/Registration • MLK Birthday Celebration

  33. Strategic Plan Fiscal Year 2013 – 2014 • Physical and Mental Health • Community Health Fair • Eric Johnson House Meals and walk • Socializing with Seniors Program • Homeless Solutions Christmas Party • Political Awareness and Involvement • Delta Days at the Nation’s Capital • Delta Days at the UN Capitol • Voter’s Rights/Registration • MLK Birthday Celebration We have chosen to support the following Program Thrusts of the Sorority: • Economic Development: • Participate in Habitat for Humanity building project • Educational Development: • Delta Academy Program • Delta GEMS Program • Delta EMBODI • Chapter Scholarship

  34. Strategic Plan Fiscal Year 2013 – 2014 Objective 2: • Institute at least three new initiatives to promote the economic, personal, and professional development of chapter members and the growth of the chapter • Survey the members and their participation in chapter activities • Present Delta Internal Development Programs • Sponsor For Delta Only social activities • Assess the demand for MIT

  35. Strategic Plan Fiscal Year 2013 – 2014 Objective 3: • Generate sufficient funds to support the programs, priorities and initiatives established by the chapter • Explore Fundraising grants • Sponsor one fund-raising in the Fall and one in the Spring • Fall Event – TBC • Spring Event – Tricky Tray

  36. LET’S CELEBRATE!! Congratulations to Sorors: Nadirah “Dee Dee” Keith, Masters Educational Leadership & Sheronica Taylor, MBA

  37. MAC Role & Responsibility Review • Matching Exercise

  38. MAC Committees • Standing Committees • Arts and Letters, Finance, Heritage and Archives, Information and Communications, Internal Audit, Membership Services, Nominating, Program Planning and Development, Policies and Procedures, Risk Management, Scholarship, Social Action and Ways and Means

  39. MAC Standing Committees • Reports: All committee chairpersons must submit, within 30 days after a committee activity, a written report of the activity and an itemized financial report to the President and Recording Secretary. An itemized financial report must also be submitted to the Financial Secretary and Treasurer. • Budgets: Each chairperson shall submit a budget for the year and for major activities to the Finance Committee. • Meetings: The committee meetings of the chapter shall be held monthly, in person, via email or teleconference with a written report being submitted to the President, Executive Board and Chapter.

  40. Standing Committee Responsibilities • Arts and Letters: • to plan and implement chapter activities in accordance with the policies of the National Arts and Letters Commission. • Heritage and Archives: • to provide an organized method of research, analyzation and categorization of the historical data of the Sorority.

  41. Standing Committee Responsibilities • Finance Committee: • prepare a budget projecting the income and expenses for the ensuing year; • present the budget to the chapter for review and recommendations and adoption; • include input from all members of the Programs Committee; • submit supplement and make adjustments as necessary during the fiscal year; • assist the Financial Secretary and Treasurer with financial reports as appropriate; • monitor the ongoing expenditures to maintain budget compliance.

  42. Standing Committee Responsibilities • Internal Audit Committee • ensure that the chapter is in compliance with all audit rules, regulations, and reporting requirements of the National office; • audit (or have audited) the books of the Treasurer and Financial Secretary • immediately following the close of the Sorority business year in June; • present the results of the audit to the chapter within 15 days of the close of the Sorority year.

  43. Standing Committee Responsibilities • Information and Communications: • serve as editorial committee for the Morristown Alumnae Chapter publications; • coordinate public affairs activities, keeping mass media, the membership and national office informed of current newsworthy issues; • implement techniques and strategies for developing and maintaining a positive public awareness of the Sorority's focus and programs; • advise the President and chapter on matters pertinent to strengthening cooperative and other public relations.

  44. Standing Committee Responsibilities • Membership Services Committee • plan and implement member reclamation procedures; • maintain current member profiles; • be responsible for special amenities to individual members of the Sorority; • celebrate special events within the organization as outlined by the following rules: • appropriate memento or gifts, as the occasion warrants, shall be given to Sorors, or memorial gifts for family members; • appropriate memento, as the occasion may warrant, shall be sent to Sorors other than Morristown Alumnae Chapter members, • This is to be done at the discretion of the chairperson with the approval of the President in consultation with the chapter; • appropriate memento shall be given to outgoing officers as approved by the chapter.

  45. Standing Committee Responsibilities • Nominating Committee • receive recommendations from chapter members for positions of officers; • verify eligibility and ascertain willingness of all nominees to serve in nominated positions; • select candidates for consideration; • present a slate with names of candidates at the regular April meeting of an election year; • prepare ballots for distribution to the chapter members, as provided in Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised; • receive candidates nominated from the floor eligibility credentials at the time of nomination; any other information relevant to the nominees’ leadership roles may be presented. 

  46. Standing Committee Responsibilities • Program Planning and Development Committee • survey community needs, reflecting Grand Chapter focus, and make recommendations to the chapter of specific programs to be undertaken commensurate with the aims, purposes, and resources of the chapter; • provide coordination and oversight in the administration of current and future chapter programs, such as: • Delta Academy, Delta GEMS, EMBODI • Family Outreach, Health Affairs, Senior Citizens • Any other programs developed in support of Five Point Program Thrust; • develop tentative chapter activity schedule for the year. This schedule must be presented at the October meeting to the chapter membership; develop and present to the Finance Committee: a budget for each proposed activity, and a composite budget reflecting all program activities; • prepare Program Calendar to be presented to the Regional Director annually

  47. Standing Committee Chairs / Co-Chairs 2013 - 2015 • Arts & Letters: Sorors Melviena Miller & Jeannie Holman • Finance: Soror Ernestine Cash • Membership Services: Soror Marian Sykes Johnson • Heritage & Archives: Soror Matthette Williams • Information/Communications: Sorors Gianni Spradley & Tiffany Rice • Scholarship: Soror Janet Jones & Faith Alcantara • Program Plan & Develop.: Sorors Davon Gorman & Hope Summerset-Neely • Internal Audit: Soror Janet Jones • Nominating: Soror Kimberly Monroe • Policies & Procedures: Soror Terry Ann Smith & Michelle Dabney • Risk Management: Soror Alexis Gardner & Tasha Boykin • Ways and Means: Soror Mica McGhee-Bey & Carolyn Lamb

  48. Information, Communications and PR Gianni Spradley, Chair Tiffany Rice, Co-Chair

  49. Debut of the “Members Only Portal”

  50. Update on the “MAC Brochure”

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