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South Asia PowerPoint Presentation
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South Asia

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South Asia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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South Asia
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  1. South Asia Afghanistan Pakistan India Nepal Bhutan Bangladesh Sri Lanka

  2. Afghanistan Physical Geography: -Three regions: Mountains Valleys Deserts

  3. Khyber Pass

  4. A few facts…. • Two official languages: How could this cause a problem? • The groups in Afghanistan have conflicting views on the religion of Islam. • Taliban is located in Afghanistan. • What is the Taliban? • Who was their leader? • Al-Qaida told Muslims to kill Americans. • What happened September 11, 2001? Ethnic Diversity Terrorism and War

  5. Pakistan • Physical Geography: • Pakistan is made up of three different regions: • The Hindu Kush • Thar Desert • Baluchistan Plateau • Indus River Map

  6. A few facts… • Indus River brings life to Pakistan AND hydroelectric power. • What is hydroelectric power? • Tarbela Dam is an embankment dam. • What is an embankment dam? • Islam is the national religion. • Punjabi is the most spoken language. • For 50 years Pakistan and India have fought over the area of Kashmir. Irrigation and Electricity National Challenges

  7. Bangladesh • Bangladesh is a powerful delta formed by three powerful rivers. • Ganges • Brahmaputra • Meghna

  8. A few facts… • Bangladesh is a tropical wet climate. Lots of: • monsoons • Wind • Rainfall • Floods • Bangladesh is constantly trying to rebuild after floods. • 9th most populated country in the world. • 131 million people • What does overpopulation cause? • Malnutrition Challenging Climate Overpopulation

  9. Nepal and Bhutan • These two countries are located in the tallest places in the world HIMALAYAS, and the low places of the world.

  10. A few facts… • Nepal is 90% Hindu • Bhutan is 75% Buddhist

  11. Sri Lanka

  12. A Few facts… • Sri Lanka has a tropical climate • They grow coconuts, rubber, and tea • Sri Lanka grows 1/8th of the worlds tea. Deforestation has happen on Sri Lanka… What is deforestation? • Two group of people live in Sri Lanka… • Sinhalese • Tamils • They often fight over religion or the different languages they speak. • Sri Lanka gained it’s independence from Britain in 1948. Environmental Change Social Unrest

  13. India

  14. The Europeans influence: Why did they come? • To trade • Expand their empire • Spread Christianity

  15. The british rule India… • The British defeat France for India. • Why do they both want India? • Do you think the Indians in India like having foreigners in there country? Why?

  16. Britain controls India Good things Britain has done: -ended slavery -improved schools -build railroad network Bad things Britain has done: -Indians could not be in the government or army. -Indians had lower level positions in the government. -Indians lost their jobs.

  17. India’s independence “At the stroke of the midnight hour, while the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends, and when the soul of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance.” - Jawaharlal Nehru, first prime minister of India Independence came to India on August 15, 1947.

  18. Mohandas Gandhi -Indians gained a strong sense of Nationalism. -Many Indians traveled to England for a good education. -Gandhi studies to be lawyer.

  19. Mahatma (the great soul) • Nonviolent resistance • Peace and Love were more powerful weapons then violence. • Led a boycott against the British.

  20. Muslims vs. Hindus“The Partition of India” • To avoid civil war the British divided the colony into two parts: India and Pakistan. (known as the partition of India) • India was mostly Hindu • Pakistan was mostly Muslim People flee to the country where their religion was dominate….there was much violence. Gandhi was killed during this violent period

  21. What are some Factsof Hinduism? • 80% of Indians are Hindu • They believe in reincarnation • They practice the caste system • Meditation is commonly used. • Cows and the Ganges river are considered sacred. • The river is believed to purify the soul.

  22. The Caste system • Brahmins: • Teachers and judges • Kshatriyas: warriors • Vaisyas: • Farmers • Sudras: • Craft workers and laborers • Untouchables: • Do the “unclean” work.

  23. Holi is one of their holidays. It celebrates spring and the triumph of good over evil. India Culture: Festivals

  24. RATS! • Rat’s are considered sacred in India. • The rats are eating the grain supply of India. • Special parks have been constructed to house the rats. • There are millions and millions of rats!!