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Staff Augmentation: A Perfect Model To Scale Your Team PowerPoint Presentation
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Staff Augmentation: A Perfect Model To Scale Your Team

Staff Augmentation: A Perfect Model To Scale Your Team

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Staff Augmentation: A Perfect Model To Scale Your Team

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  1.  All Blog Staff Augmentation: A Perfect Model To Scale Your Team Wolfmatrix Marketing October 13, 2020 - 6 min read Staff augmentation is quickly becoming a trend in the IT job market, attracting more businesses to hire remotely throughout the world. It is a powerful model for any organization arsenal, but not many understand staff augmentation and choose the right model. This is the perfect place to get started. Staff augmentation is quite similar to an outsourcing strategy used to staff a project to fulfill business objectives. A model consists of evaluating the existing staff and then determining which additional skills are required. 

  2. What's Inside? How Does Staff Augmentation Works? Types of Staff Augmentation Staff Augmentation & Other Models Managed Services Benefits of Staff Augmentation Are there any drawbacks of Staff Augmentation? How to determine staff augmentation as the right model for you? Why choose Wolf Matrix to augment your team? Final Thought   How Does Staff Augmentation Works? In a simple sense, Staff augmentation is the way of leveraging skillsets either for a short-term or a long- term basis to expand organizational capacity.  Why Staff Augmentation? To increase labor and fulfill demand in everyday work.  To build an organizational team using almost entirely flexible labor as a way to gain competitive advantage. There are many scenarios in which companies leverage staff augmentation.  Staff augmentation is a perfect way of using temporary workers or contractors to fill the skill gap for short-term or long term positioning.  It usually happens through an agency that keeps a record of such workers. For instance, you have a big project that requires several developers, but your in- house team lacks the required workforce. So in such a

  3. case, you can augment a team remotely and work on such projects.  Another scenario could be an organization that takes a particular project, and the deliverables timeline is approximately six months. But an organization lacks the skillset to work on those projects.    You could hire as a permanent employee, but there will be no work after completing the projects, and firing them could raise problems. An obvious solution is to augment trained and qualified workers who can work collaboratively and efficiently with your team until delivering the projects.  Types of Staff Augmentation There are generally two types of augmentation models, i.e., short-term and long-term services. Short-Term Services Types of service models that can be adopted during periods of increased demand for employees or when in- house teams are unavailable for a certain period.  Long-Term Services Types of service models that are more suitable for big projects filling a skill gap, cutting operational costs, or not preferred in-house hiring processes.

  4. We can further categorize staff augmentation into the following three types, namely: Commodity When you need reliable workers to perform tasks that don’t require a specific skillset—for instance, factory or warehouse work, manual labor, etc.  Skill Based  You require a specific skillset (typing, spreadsheet use, multi-lingual), but the relative skill level is not crucial.  Highly Skilled You require more advanced skills that are only attainable via significant training and experience, which is also crucial. Here specialist matters the most than the generalist.  Staff Augmentation & Other Models IT staff augmentation allows any organization to add employees to their teams based on the required skillsets to support their company work process and business objectives. The staff augmentation firm is responsible for managing the resources. With the IT staff augmentation model, you have the opportunity to choose the right candidates and manage them with the methods you desire. The augmentation firm takes overall organizational and administrative

  5. responsibility. At the same time, you get the opportunity to collab with your augmented team the same way you do with your in-house team. Managed Services Managed services allow a company to handle and execute entire projects using the resources of another company. In some cases, project-specific tasks is outsourced to another team. Then the outsourcing company staff and manage the team. The project outsourcing firm takes care of all those responsibilities throughout the development and the completion of the project. Their responsibilities include managing resources to structuring a team to carry on all processes on their side during the project.  Benefits of Staff Augmentation When you have a big project residing ahead, one of the most challenging parts you need is to worry about managing and hiring a team to work for the projects. Choosing the right staff augmentation services allows you to scale a team either for long term or a short term helping on-time project delivery, and makes it easy to focus on your streamlined business processes. Convenience, affordability, adaptability, and flexibility are just a few significant reasons businesses of all sizes rely on augmented staffing to get things done; here are

  6. some surprising advantages of switching to the IT Staff Augmentation Model: Staff Control When there is a need to manage and staff required resources, an augmented staffing model is ideal.  Seamless Team Integration Any organization treats added human resources as an existing team member. Organizations often find it smooth and useful to integrate contract resources for streamlined business processes.  Lower employee workload Staff augmentation reduces the burden on your existing team, which may reduce the level of stress and work pressure.   Meet aggressive project deadlines The staff augmentation model is the right option when an active project requires additional resources to be completed on time. For instance, a specific project requires several developers and a designer.  Scalability The scalability of your organization has become even more comfortable with the staff augmentation model. You can risk to take up projects of all nature and never say no to your customer requirements. With Staff

  7. augmentation, you expand your corporate team according to the on-demand services. Moreover, the augmented staff model helps diversify services and provide quality solutions with temporary worker’s expertise. Employee acceptance  An augmented staff model can make less threatening for internal employees than an outsourcing model. It means existing workforces have a little risk augmenting a few individuals than outsourcing entire projects. Cost-effective solutions Staff augmentation is a pay-as-you-need model where it helps IT firms to cut expenses at various levels. As we already mentioned, you can pay workers only for the period they work. You don’t have to spend on recruiting and training, employee benefits, taxes, and more as workers are selected based on their expertise in a specific domain.  Are there any drawbacks of Staff Augmentation? The staff augmentation model isn’t entirely risk-free. Here are some of the disadvantages associated with and what you need to know:

  8. Managerial burden Adding human resources through staff augmentation will increase management overhead due to the increased staff in the workplace. Training is still required There may still be training involved in managing resources to speed up the company processes, tools, and ethics. Moreover, training to a new professional could lead a management overhead.  Poor cultural fit According to a study, ” A distinct workplace culture is important to business success.” The term “culture fit” has a different meaning. Here, each employee set of values, mission, and goals align with the organization’s values, mission, and goals. There can be a compatibility issue on augmented staff with the existing culture and protocols of the organization. Higher costs An augmenting staff model has a potentially higher cost than other models, such as managed services/outsourcing models. How to determine staff augmentation as the right model for you? Staff augmentation term is more synonymous with the IT industries, but it can help any business that requires

  9. skilled human resources to deal with short or long-term services.  Let me make you clear with specific scenarios when and how staff augmentation can be the right model for you: Let’s say you already have software engineers working on one of a big project, but you want to scale your team to have several programmers to develops another module of the products. Now you need to hire a team of 5-15 tech professionals, but it’s impossible due to the shortage of your local talent in the organization. You realize that local recruitment will take way longer and not viable at the moment.  You are developing high-end products together with a team. But your company is still struggling to hire the right talent, perhaps hiring some people that did not work out. Now you intend to hire from other countries/locations. Augmenting a staff is a perfect solution for the given scenario! Unlike you collaborate with a project outsourcing company to develop products, but the model doesn’t fit you. The reason is; first, you want to communicate with your team regularly, and second, you wish to be well-connected with your remote team to make sure they feel like part of your organization. With the staff augmentation model, it

  10. is easier to integrate teams either locally or throughout the country.  Why choose Wolf Matrix to augment your team? Whether you want to hire a single developer or an entire cross-functional dedicated software development team, the Wolf Matrix partnership model is flexible enough to meet your unique business needs.  Custom Recruitment Based on your specific requirements, we select and provide you engineers from a pool of our existing resources or new recruitments. Predictable Monthly Cost You pay a monthly flat fee for the developers working on your team. No hidden costs. No extra charges. Higher Developer Commitment

  11. Wolfmatrix software developers are your full-time employees, and they are as dedicated to your success as your in-house team. Flexibility Change team size with only one month’s notice. Direct communication You, your tech lead, or your project manager can directly communicate with the dedicated development team. Final Thought  Staff augmentation is a perfect option if you need to quickly scale your team or add specific skillsets to your team. A significant advantage of the Staff Augmentation model is that it leverages existing resources and utilizes outsourced services and contract workers. Flexibility, transparency, and cost savings are some significant benefits of augmenting staff. Before choosing the outsourcing partner, make sure to conduct extensive market research to find the best- suited company. With many years of experience in staff augmentation, Wolf Matrix skilled teams are always ready to help you build a fantastic team for you. If you want to work with us, use the contact form to get in touch.

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