the use of cell phones in education l.
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The Use Of Cell Phones In Education

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The Use Of Cell Phones In Education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Use Of Cell Phones In Education. By Marisa Hilton, Yendu-sonu Sambiani, and Brock Armour. Cell Phones In The Classroom.

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the use of cell phones in education

The Use Of Cell Phones In Education


Marisa Hilton, Yendu-sonu Sambiani, and Brock Armour

cell phones in the classroom
Cell Phones In The Classroom
  • Cell Phones in the classroom are both a positive and a negative. More and More students today are using their cell phones during class periods. Teachers around the world are trying to fight back against the on going power struggle between the student and their phones.
cell phone tools
Cell Phone Tools
  • Calculators
  • Date Books
  • Internet
  • Games
  • Text Messaging
  • Music
  • GPA tracking devices
good vs evil
Good Vs. Evil
  • To every situation there is two sides of the story. With the issue of cell phones, we can see through the media that there is definitely a story developing rapidly.
cheating with cell phones
Cheating With Cell Phones
  • A growing problem for teachers and administrator.
  • Very little way for teachers to filter the use of phones during class periods. One reason being the fact that students can use the Silent Mode on their phones.
how one cheats
How One Cheats
  • Usage of text messages to send and retrieve answers from one another.
  • Use the internet to look up information (students have been caught surfing the internet for answers)
  • And with most newer phones one can receive and send IM’s (Instant Messaging)
  • Camera phones- one can take a picture of a math equation and look at it during a test.
  • At the University of Maryland twelve students were taking a test, during this test they were sending all the questions through text to a group of their friends in a dorm room. The friends then researched the information and send it to each of the students taking the test.
they were caught
They Were Caught
  • Unfortunately for these students they were caught. Their teacher believed some of his students had been cheating on previous test. And with this certain teacher he would post the answers to his own test while his class was taking it. On his website the students could see how they did afterwards. But him being extremely clever he put bogus answers on the website and therefore the students received the wrong answers from their friends. And he could easily could pick out those who had the correct wrong answers. “Go Terps”
advantages of cell phones in education
Advantages of cell phones in education
  • Emergency purposes
  • Helpful tasks
  • Communication
nuisances about not having a cell phone
Nuisances about not having a cell phone
  • Insecurity

. During an emergency there is no phone to call or to be reached

. Even with public phones two people can’t use it at a time

  • More objects

.Carrying a lot of staff along you( like calculators,laptops,watch,ipod,etc..)

. Save money

  • Statistics

.11 million cell phone users ages 10 to 24,

.One-third of high school students in the U.S. own a cell phone and 84% of students aged 13 to 18 have used a cell phone.

.Emergencies (47%)

.To contact significant others (44%)

.To keep in touch with family members (58%)

.To coordinate social activities (32%)

video on cheating
Video On Cheating