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Cell Phones

Cell Phones

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Cell Phones

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  1. Cell Phones By: Caralyn Trom

  2. Menu Introduction Martin Cooper How it is used today Interesting Facts Bibliography

  3. Introduction • There are two names you might hear when talking about the cell phone. The two names are cell phone and cellular phone. The term cell phone is used more than cellular phone. The cell phone is a phone that people can take with them everywhere they go. It is a cordless phone that people can communicate with to anyone whenever they want.

  4. Martin Cooper • Martin Cooper invented the cell phone in 1947. He thought of making the cell phone when he wondered how people made the car phone. He then wanted to make a phone that would be able to go with people wherever they go. He then studied how they made the car phone. The car phones were phones in some cars that worked only when they were a certain distance away from the service area.

  5. How it is used today • This invention is helping our lives today because if something would happen to you or a family member, you would have no way to tell other people until they got home. Today a lot of kids have cell phones because when they are at school and they need a ride home after a sport. They can use their phone, and not pay to use a pay phone. They would still need to pay for the phone bill, but if they are in the service area they wont need to pay.

  6. Interesting Facts • Some interesting facts about cell phones are that the first cell phone cost about 3,500 dollars. There are more than one million people that have cell phones in the United States. When you call a person on a cell phone, the service goes from cell phone tower to cell phone tower. The first cell phone was invented in Chicago. The first cell phone weighed about 30 pounds. The cell phone was invented in 1947.

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