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Cell Phones in the Classroom PowerPoint Presentation
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Cell Phones in the Classroom

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Cell Phones in the Classroom - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cell Phones in the Classroom. I’m on my Cell Phone. Cell Phones as “Clickers.

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Cell Phones in the Classroom

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    1. Cell Phones in the Classroom

    2. I’m on my Cell Phone

    3. Cell Phones as “Clickers • Using Poll Anywhere (www.pollanywhere.com), teachers can quiz students and determine their mastery of concepts during teaching, students can conduct “surveys” on research topics, administrators can get feedback from staff. • Feedback is instant, no account sign up required

    4. Cell Phones as Cameras • Students can create the following using their cell phones for still or video images: • Documentaries • Digital Image Storybooks • Claymation • Interviews • Skits or Dramatic Readings • News Broadcasts • All of these support writing across the curriculum, as students can be required to submit a written (or typed) storyboard or narrative for their project. Another idea is to enhance a blog with photos or video. • Pictures and videos can be easily uploaded to Blogger, Photobucket, Flickr or Youtube for teacher/class review.

    5. Brainstorming Sessions • Using Wiffiti (http://wiffiti.com), students can text ideas to a live online screen that has continuous updates. • Teachers have controls, including “approving” posts and filtering inappropriate words.

    6. Note Taking and Organization • Remember the Milk (http://rememberthemilk.com) online planner that will send assignment reminders to your phone via text. Teachers can create groups of students or parents, and then send out reminders for the entire class. • Braincast (http://braincast.viatalk.com) allows students to record audio with their cell phone and retrieve it later.

    7. Use what you’ve got! • Cell phones come with tools kids can use! • Memopad – for taking notes or writing reminders. • Task lists – use instead of paper planners. • Calculators • Audio recorders – to record assignments, lectures, audio reminders or messages to share with parents • “To Go” apps like Word, Excel and Powerpoint • GPS/Maps for geocaching activities • Alarm clocks to remind students when to move from one activity to another • Internet for research and accessing information

    8. What about lower grades? • Give “homework” assignments that get parents involved: • Taking pictures of content related plants or animals they encounter in their environment, or others they visit. • Taking pictures of meals and submitting to “My Food Phone” (www.myfoodphone.com) • Use teacher’s cell phone for whole class or group activities • Field Trips • Geocaching or Photomapping • Photo identification of plant, animal or insect species or types of rocks found at school • Creating video or photo projects for presentation to class or parents

    9. Online Resources and Ideas • http://k12cellphoneprojects.wikispaces.com/ • http://roxannnys.pbworks.com/w/page/6883461/SmartPhones-in-the-Classroom • http://blogs.emich.edu/edmt/

    10. So…. Do This, Not This