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Performance Measures Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Performance Measures Project

Performance Measures Project

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Performance Measures Project

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  1. Performance Measures Project NGA Justice IT Integration Workshop Thursday, January 23, 2003 Washington, DC

  2. Who Are We? • Comprised of the chief information officers of the fifty states, six U.S. territories and the District of Columbia • Purpose is to serve as the primary source of information on issues, trends and legislation affecting state IT programs and policies • Mission is to shape national IT policy through collaborative partnerships, information sharing and knowledge transfer across jurisdictional and functional boundaries

  3. State CIO Reporting NH VT ME WA ND MT MA MN OR WI NY ID SD MI RI WY CT PA IA NJ OH NE IL NV IN CA WV DE VA UT CO MO KS KY MD NC TN OK AZ SC AR NM MS AL GA TX LA AK FL KEY: Source: NASCIO 2002 survey and staff research CIO reports to Governor (30) CIO reports to Executive Cabinet Head or IT Board (20) HI

  4. Committees/Task Forces • Awards • Corporate Leadership Council • Customer Relationship Management • Cybersecurity • Enterprise Architecture • Homeland Security • Partnerships • Privacy • Programs (Conferences) • Wireless Technology & Spectrum Management

  5. Partnerships • Federal partners: OMB, House/Senate IT committees, GSA, Federal CIO Council, Homeland Security, Justice, Health and Human Services • State partners: National Governors’ Association (NGA), National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) • Local partners: Natl. Assoc. of Counties (NACo) • Others: SEARCH, NIPC, CIAO

  6. Project Overview • Since 1998, NASCIO has led an effort to promote enterprise-wide information architecture that integrates and shares data between federal, state and local governments • NASCIO Enterprise Architecture program began with a focus on justice information systems • Performance measures project represents a continuation of NASCIO’s development of justice-focused tools adaptableto the entire enterprise

  7. Project Activities • Survey of state CIO offices to identify existing performance measures used for tracking the progress of enterprise information technology initiatives (not solely CJIS-related activities) • Interviews with individuals and industry-related associations/organizations knowledgeable about criminal justice integration issues • Summary report of current status of state IT deployment efforts and existing performance measures and best practices

  8. Project Timetable • State Survey: January – February 2003 • Interviews with Justice Integration Experts: February – March 2003 • Summary Report Completed: April 2003

  9. State Survey • Program Overview – analysis of metrics and benefits • Organization – program administration, staff and sponsorship • IT Initiatives - timing and scope of measurements in existing and new initiatives • Metric Data – availability of data required for accurate reporting • Reporting – reports and tools required for performance measure metrics • Metric Data Use – review and use of information • Program Summary – results and overall effectiveness of programs

  10. Project Outcomes • Identify existing performance measures used in tracking the progress of state IT initiatives that can be adapted to justice information integration efforts • Recommend a framework or model for CJIS performance measures development and applying it against existing CJIS implementations • Assist NGA in recommending performance measures for tracking progress made toward criminal justice integration and incorporating measures into justice agencies’ strategic plans

  11. Information Jack Gallt NASCIO Performance Measures Project Coordinator (859) 514-9187