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Performance Measures

Performance Measures. Selecting Grant Characteristics. Enter Performance Measures Module. PM Home Page. Select a Focus Area and Objective. Select Intervention. Primary Focus Area and Intervention. Assign MSY to Focus Areas. Table 4. Maximum Living Allowance, Service Term/MSY

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Performance Measures

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  1. Performance Measures

  2. Selecting Grant Characteristics

  3. Enter Performance Measures Module

  4. PM Home Page

  5. Select a Focus Area and Objective

  6. Select Intervention

  7. Primary Focus Area and Intervention

  8. Assign MSY to Focus Areas

  9. Table 4. Maximum Living Allowance, Service Term/MSY Term # Hours MSY Min. Allowance Max Allow Full-time 1700 1.000 $12,100 $24,200 One-year Half-time 900 0.500 tbd $12,800 Reduced Half-time 675 0.381 tbd $9,600 Quarter-time 450 0.265 tbd $6,400 Minimum-time 300 0.212 tbd $4,260

  10. Create Aligned Performance Measures

  11. Select the output

  12. Select or Add an Outcome and MSY for that outcome

  13. Data Collection Output

  14. Data Collection Outcome

  15. Validate summarized PM’s

  16. CNCS Detailed PM PowerPoint • CNCS has prepared a PowerPoint that will take you through this in much more detail. • OVCS will be working with selected applicants to strengthen Performance Measures

  17. Documents section Evaluation only applicable to re-competes. Re-competes select “sent” Select sent or not applicable (see pg. 14 of application instructions to determine applicability)

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