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PERFORMANCE MEASURES. What are our goals for this AmeriCorps Program? How can we meet these goals?. Performance Measure #1. 300 Adult Learners are tutored during a 12-month period.

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  1. PERFORMANCE MEASURES • What are our goals for this AmeriCorps Program? • How can we meet these goals?

  2. Performance Measure #1 300 Adult Learners are tutored during a 12-month period This Performance Measure focuses on people enrolled in ESL And Computer Classes. The ESL database and Computer Monthly Reports give us these totals. Were we successful? YES Last Program Year, We used the total number of people enrolled in ESL classes for this performance measure. All together, there were 426 ESL students enrolled from September 1st, 2007 – August 31st, 2008. Goals for this year are still set at 300 and we will include ESL and Computer Basics Training.

  3. Performance Measure #2 • Adult Learners will demonstrate success, (Employment ---50% will report they are better prepared to gain employment) during a 12-month period • How do we measure this? • Job Readiness Evaluations Were we successful last year? Yes and No Yes= 72% of those surveyed reported they were better prepared to gain employment BUT not everyone was surveyed How Can we improve this?

  4. Performance Measure #3 • Adult Learners will demonstrate success, (ESL---50% improve 1 or more levels in performance) during a 12-month period • How do we measure this? • ESL pre and post tests • Were we successful last year? NO

  5. There were three class sections that all received post-tests. In the West New York, NJ class, 31% of adult learner improved one or more levels. Two classes were tested in Bayonne and improvement was 42% and 61% for the two classes. The average of these three sections is 45% of students improved one or more levels which does not meet the target of 50%.One of the biggest challenges this year for the ESL department has been completing the Best Plus post-tests required by the department of Labor. It is difficult to get students to come to the Jersey City location and complete this test. We have discussed incentivizing the post-tests. We would require a small registration fee for the class that would be refunded once the post-test is completed. This would increase the number of students returning for the post-tests. We have already implemented this for the Interpreter trainings and have seen a sharp increase in the amount of students in attendance that registered. This is still being discussed with the department and changes will be implemented before the next enrollment at the end of 2008. One of the improvements this program year that actually increased the number of off –site post-tests completed was the purchase of a laptop computer. We were able to bring the tests to the students at their learning site. The above percentages represent the off-site classes where 100% of students were post-tested.

  6. Performance Measure #4 • AmeriCorps members act as liaisons to clients in need of legal, employment and support services during a 12-month period • How do we measure this? • Your Monthly Report direct Service hours • Were we successful? Yes – we measure this by number of hours and there is no direct goal

  7. Performance Measure #5 • 75% of Clients report needs met as a result of services received during a 12-month period • How do we measure this? • Client Needs Satisfaction Surveys • Were we successful? Yes and No • Yes because clients that receive services have positive reports BUT not enough clients filled out surveys • How can we fix this?

  8. Performance Measure #6 • Of 1200 Clients supported by AmeriCorps members, 750 clients access needed support services, 100 clients obtain jobs, and 350 clients access legal assistance, during a 12-month period. • How do we measure this? • Monthly Reports • New Clients, quarterly reports excel sheet on the O drive • Were we Successful = YES 1399 clients served. • 905 Clients Accessed Needed Support Services/ 115 Were Employed/ 379 Clients Accessed Legal Services for a total of 1399 clients served.

  9. Performance Measure #7 • During the 12-month program year members will receive 3 training classes to enable them to plan community projects. • Citizenship Training • How do we Measure this? • Reflection Session Map We were successful? YES

  10. Performance Measure #8 • Trained members will support the development and completion of 7 community projects during the 12-month program year • How do we measure this? • Citizenship proposals and reports • Were We successful? YES • 11 projects last year

  11. Members completed the following community projects during program year 07-08 • 1. Yelena DavyDova helped organized a concert for senior citizens in the Russian Community. • 2. MJ Sansait completed a Community Food Drive Benefit Show • 3. Jisandrina Santos and Hawa Macauley collected toiletries for the Catholic Community Services Homeless Shelter as part of MLK day. They spent over a month contacting local stores and friends/family. They collaborated with Teach For America AmeriCorps members and brought over 300 items to the Shelter on January 21, 2008. They also received a $50 gift card donation from CVS Corporate to purchase goods for the shelter. • Inji Gayed held a potluck lunch/dinner at two locations for the homeless that frequent St. Joseph’s Church in Jersey City as well as the clients of IINJ. This event was an “International” potluck where staff members contributed food from their home countries and was a great success. There were 108+ beneficiaries for this project. • Katherine Duran put together a comprehensive resource guide that organizes local social service agencies into categories based on client needs. This guide is a resource for both Staff and clients. She is currently working with an intern from Hudson County Community College to create an electronic version of the resource guide and a binder that is user friendly.

  12. Katherine Duran organized a Red Cross CPR/First Aid Certification seminar at IINJ. Six staff members and 3 AmeriCorps members attended the training and were certified in CPR/First Aid (Emergency Response). • Venus Figueroa and Samantha Delgado organized a computer drive in order to obtain better computers for their Computer Basics Training Course, which 61 people have completed so far this program year. They collected over 20 computers with complete operating systems and have donated 3 systems to clients that completed the course and cannot afford to purchase their own systems. They also have several companies that have pledged an addition 60+ computers to the program over the next few Major from Montclair University, began teaching French months. • Benjy Pierrecin, a native Creole speaker and French language classes to staff members in May, 2008. He has taught over 8 staff members beginner French, which helps them to better provide services to our French-speaking clients. • Enrique Gonzalez organized a “Soiree Night of Community Resources” with 5 other AmeriCorps members. A total of 21 clients attended the event, which was sponsored by Hudson County Community College. Clients were provided the opportunity to talk about the process of transferring their international university/college credits, financial aid questions and were able to take the HCCC placement test. Nine of those clients that took the test are now enrolled at HCCC.

  13. Deborah Borders put together a library for IINJ clients with books that were donated by Seton Hall University Students and IINJ staff. She was given bookshelves as donations and the summer Dickinson High School Students that volunteered with her department created a formal shelving system. The library contains textbooks on a variety of subjects as well as how-to books and fiction. • Jason Marker, Benjy Pierrecin and Atteib Mahamat organized a soccer tournament in July. There were 17 volunteers that participated in the event and 26 beneficiaries (clients) that attended. It was a great opportunity to bring clients and volunteers together in the park for a day of fun and exercise. Members provided refreshments

  14. Performance Measure #9. • Communities need volunteers to provide service during a 12-month period and 50 community volunteers will provide service during a 12-month period. • How do we measure this? • Monthly Reports • The volunteer and resource Coordinator Reports • Citizenship Project Reports • Were we successful? YES 198 Volunteers

  15. Performance Measure #10 • 75% of volunteers will express satisfaction with their experience during a 12-month period. • How do we measure this? • Volunteer Exit Satisfaction Surveys • Were we successful • Yes and No

  16. Performance Measure #11 • AmeriCorps members receive training sessions to have the proper skills for their year of service and to enter the job market during a 12-month period and 10 training classes will be completed during a 12-month period • How do we measure this? • Reflection Session Map • Agendas you submit with your monthly reports • Why are these so important? • They have a value • Were We Successful? • Yes

  17. Performance Measure #12 • 75% of Members who attend the trainings will report that they feel better qualified to enter the job market during a 12-month period • How do we Measure This? • SurveyMonkey.com • Were We successful? • Yes

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