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Performance Measures

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Performance Measures. Legislative Mandate. Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA), Public Law 103-62, (of 1993) requires that:

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Performance Measures

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legislative mandate
Legislative Mandate
  • Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA), Public Law 103-62, (of 1993) requires that:
  • “…each Federal program establish performance measures that can be reported as part of the budgetary process, thus linking funding decisions with performance and reviewing related outcome measures to see if there were improved outcomes for the target population.”
block discretionary measures
Block & Discretionary Measures
  • In 1997 MCHB developed a series of 18 performance measures to be used by all Title V grantees. Revised and approved in 2000, and again in 2003.
    • Capacity for State specific performance measures always part of the process
  • In 2001 MCHB developed 37 performance measures for discretionary grants, modeled after Block Grant.
    • Each grantee gets appropriate measures
    • Programs chose measures for grantees to report
    • Capacity for program specific performance measures always part of the process
web based application
Web Based Application
  • Electronic web based application and reporting system
    • Requires more data be provided
    • However, reduces burden by capturing data and using it as needed
    • Integrates with HRSA’s electronic handbook (GEMS)
  • More about this later in this meeting
application reporting
Application & Reporting
  • Performance measure targets (and financial forms) must be completed for application
  • Subsequent years MUST include performance measure reports as a condition of the grant
  • Provides program performance information for
    • Management decisions
    • Policy development
  • Feeds into budgeting process
    • 2006 Federal budget integrates GPRA measures into budget process
budgets measures
Budgets & Measures
  • Performance budgeting is here and quickly becoming more sophisticated
  • Data required by DHHS, OMB and the Congress
    • Preferably outcome data, not process data
  • If programs are to survive, they must prove effectiveness
    • Did they do what they were supposed to do?
    • How do we know?
      • Performance measures
      • Evaluations
  • Only the provision of data can make the case for program continuance.
  • No data = No program