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Performance Measures

Performance Measures. 1. Basic Skills Achievement 2. Post-exit 1 st Quarter Retention Verified Employment Enrollment in School 3. Post-exit 3 rd Quarter industry recognized certification. Life Skills Projects. Optional Projects. 7 habits of highly effective people

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Performance Measures

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  1. Performance Measures 1. Basic Skills Achievement 2. Post-exit 1st Quarter Retention • Verified Employment • Enrollment in School 3. Post-exit 3rd Quarter industry recognized certification

  2. Life Skills Projects

  3. Optional Projects • 7 habits of highly effective people • Becoming an extraordinary student • Building your own board of directors • Buying a car • Driver’s License • Certificate for entry-level jobs • Employer evaluation • Healthy Lifestyles • Job search • Making decisions • Managing your finances • office skills • Promotable employee • Public speaking • Relationships and communication • Renting an apartment • Report card – educational progress • Time management • Leadership development

  4. College or Vocational Training College or Vocational Training

  5. College or Vocational Training • Objective • Enroll in a Technical or occupational program to include ROP, Associates Degree, Technical school or Industry designation.

  6. Portfolio Portfolio

  7. Portfolio • Objectives • Career planning • Job search • Identify values, skills, ideas, dreams, set goals for the future • Outcomes • Be able to present a current resume to a potential employer, complete job applications, write cover letters, and prepare for interviews

  8. Career Research Career Research

  9. Research • Objectives • Learn how to conduct a self-directed search, complete test, and calculate your 3 letter Holland code. • Identify professional associations • Identify present and future labor market demand • Obtain first hand information • Become familiar with Eureka Occupations Guide software • Analyze information you have gathered and describe conclusion • Outcomes • Effective information gathering on career field or job of interest, which will assist the participant in the career planning process.

  10. Computer skills

  11. Computer Skills • Objectives • Learn E-mail account setup • Learn Word Processing • Learn Keyboarding Skills • Learn to create a business letter • Outcomes • effectively use and navigation of email • Create a business letter • Increase WPM (words per minute)

  12. Customer Service

  13. Customer Service • Objectives • Identify and learn about customer service • Learn the advantage of positive attitude • Learn proper phone etiquette • Learn about communication challenges and solutions • Outcomes • Effective communication and the demonstration of quality customer service skills

  14. Job Search • Objectives • Learn job search skills • Learn the Eureka Software Program • Prepare a summary business letter • Learn how to register with job banks • Learn about temp agencies • Learn the art and power of cold calling and networking while job searching • Prepare and learn about the Work Experience Program • Outcomes • Gain job search knowledge and secure employment

  15. Managing your Finances

  16. Managing your finances • Objectives • Learn how to set up a budget • Identify % for monthly expenses • Learn how to open a savings and checking account • Learn about credit • Identify and effectively use financial websites • Outcomes • Effectively learn develop money management skills

  17. Healthy Lifestyles

  18. Healthy Lifestyles • Objectives • Learn about health and how to make it better • Learn about good nutrition • Learn about exercise • Identify stress factors that affect health • Learn about good sleep habits • Learn about family health history • Outcomes • Develop a healthy way of living for life.

  19. Time Management Time Management

  20. Time Management • Objectives • Learn about ways to become a better time manager • Learn ways to set goals and do the “important things” in your life • Learn the role time management plays in being successful • Identify ways to organize the “stuff” in your life • Outcomes • Increase effectiveness of personal and professional time management

  21. Be Proactive Begin with the end in mind Put first things first Think Win/Win Seek first to understand Synergize Sharpen the saw

  22. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People • Objectives • Improve self esteem • Build friendships • Resist peer pressure • Achieve goals • Get along with family members and others • Outcomes • Effectively implement the seven habits in daily life, resulting in greater personal and work satisfaction and production.

  23. Public Speaking

  24. Public Speaking • Objectives • Learn how to research a subject to speak about • Learn how to create a speech • Learn the basics of giving a speech • Practice giving a speech • Outcomes • Become effective in the skills of research, creation, and execution in the art of speaking to a group of people.

  25. Buying a Car

  26. BUYING A CAR • Objectives • visit a dealership and evaluate the information presented • Understand how vehicle financing works • Learn what to look for when buying a used car • Learn which car is best for your needs • Learn about insurance, registration, fuel costs, and maintenance • Outcomes • At the completion the participant will be able to implement all the steps necessary to purchasing, owning, and maintaining a vehicle.

  27. Renting an apartment

  28. Renting an apartment • Objectives • Learn how to search online and newspaper listings • Learn how to read a lease agreement • Learn how to build a moving budget • Learn about setting up utilities for your apartment • Learn about apartment safety and ettiquette • Outcomes • At the completion of the project, the participant will have all of the knowledge and skills to effectively search, locate, and secure a residential living space.

  29. Obtaining a Drivers License

  30. Obtaining a Driver’s License • Objectives • Become familiar with the Driver Handbook • Complete the Driving knowledge Tutorial • Make an appointment • Gather required documents • Learn how to prepare for and Pass the vision exam, and written exam • Learn how to drive a vehicle • Outcomes • Obtain a valid state issued driver’s license

  31. Becoming an Extraordinary Student

  32. Becoming an extraordinary student • Objectives • Understand the 1st steps • Apply for admission • Apply for financial aid • Complete assessment, orientation and counseling • Purchase textbooks • Register for classes • Decide on a certificate program • Pay enrollment fees • Attend class • Outcomes • Learn and implement the concepts relating to being an extraordinary student

  33. Making Decisions Making Decisions ? GOOD BAD

  34. Making Decisions • Objectives • Examine past decisions • Learn how to describe and explore personal decision making • Understand the components of a good decision and how it is made • Identify examples of good and bad decisions • Outcomes -be able to make excellent, well informed decisions

  35. Relationships and Communication

  36. Relationships and communication • Objectives • Learn how to examine relationships and how they apply to attitudes, values, skills, interests and biases. • Outcomes • Execute effective communication lines in personal and professional relationships

  37. Additional Projects • Office skills • Learn to write a memorandum • Learn how to correspond in a business setting • Learn how to transcribe a telephone message • Learn how to prepare a fax cover sheet • Learn how to prepare a business envelope • Learn how to file documents • Learn how to operate a copy machine • Learn how to complete a time sheet • Promotable employee • Learn to perform a job well and love it through the completion of the Promotable Employee Packet • Report card • Leadership development • Develop effective leadership skills via informational interview, volunteer work, completing an action plan, and submitting a business letter • Building your own board of directors • Personal development topic worksheets • Action plan • Business letter • Certificate for entry level jobs • GED Project • Enroll, prepare and test for High School Diploma or GED • Employer evaluation • Participate in employer evaluation, participate in an employer evaluation, review your personnel file, understand how to do a salary survey, learn promotional and compensational aspects in the company

  38. In cooperation with your assigned career mentor, you will choose the life skills projects that fit your needs. To review this presentation, please visit: www.CInow.org Click on the “Life Skills” link

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