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Orienteering. The only sport where the weaker can beat the stronger. “Orienteering” comes from the Swedish word “orientering” meaning, to orient yourself and adapt to the terrain.

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The only sport where the weaker can beat the stronger


“Orienteering” comes from the Swedish word “orientering”meaning, to orient yourself and adapt to the terrain.


Orienteering was originally part of military training.In the early 1900’s civillians in Scandinavia started this as a sport.Now it is a widely practiced sport all over the world.

orienteering requires building an effective strategy and making rapid decisions

Orienteering requires building an effective strategy and making rapid decisions.

Physical fitness is not the only element: You need to use your brain!


Orienteering usually takes place in the open terrain.

There is no age limit to this sport.


The only aid allowed to help find your way is a compass.

The orienteer finds his/her way using the compass and reading the details marked on the map.


The map contains a series of “control points”. The competitor must visit these control points in the given order, racing against time.


At each control point, there is the orange and white “control flag” showing that you came to the correct point.

You “punch” at the control point to show you came here.


In the course PE205 Orienteering you will learn:

  • The rules of the sport
  • How to use a compass, how to read a map
  • How to link features on the terrain to symbols on the map
  • In short, everything about orienteering!

If you enjoy outdoor sports

  • If you enjoy solving puzzles
  • If you don’t mind getting a bit muddy and wet at times
  • If you enjoy fair play and being part of a team
  • PE205 Orienteering is the right course for you!