ancient egypt
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Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egypt - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ancient Egypt. By Joshua, Lauren, Lottie and Will. Farming. Sickle Farmers use sickles to harvest their crops. The sickle was a wooden handle and flint. Papyrus plant

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ancient egypt

Ancient Egypt

By Joshua, Lauren, Lottie and Will



Farmers use sickles to harvest their crops.

The sickle was a wooden handle and flint.

Papyrus plant

The Papyrus plant is used to make all sorts of things. The most common use is to make Papyrus plant scrolls for scribes to write on, but it is also used to make woven goods like sandals and rope .


Egyptian farmers use Shadufs to get water from the river to dry land. The bucket is dipped into the river, and the weight on the other end of the “ see-saw” makes it easy to lift the water


Egyptians believed their pharaoh was a living god. It’s hard to decide if Akhenaton was a wise or foolish Pharaoh. For seventeen years in this time he bought many changes to the lives of his people.


The Egyptians transport grain, cattle and other goods up and down the river Nile in sturdy boats. They also sailed into the Mediterranean sea and traded with the peoples living around the shores. Through trade the Egyptians were able to acquire goods they needed. Although trade bought wealth, it also attracted invaders, hungry for Egypt’s riches.

Traded Goods

Egyptians traded by exchanging goods of equal value. They dealt with other kingdoms in Africa as well as in the middle east. Grain, papyrus and linen were the main exported. Nubia was a source of gold.

royal tombs
Royal Tombs

The most magnificent tombs of all belonged to the pharaohs. Some of the early pharaohs were buried deep inside stone pyramids. These mighty momentums could take up to 20 years to build.