The 3 Branches of Government are like a Candy Factory ! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

the 3 branches of government are like a candy factory n.
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The 3 Branches of Government are like a Candy Factory ! PowerPoint Presentation
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The 3 Branches of Government are like a Candy Factory !

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The 3 Branches of Government are like a Candy Factory !
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The 3 Branches of Government are like a Candy Factory !

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Presentation Transcript

  1. The 3 Branches of Government are like a Candy Factory! By: Karen Yang

  2. Constitution The recipe for candy is like the Constitution because just as the Constitution tell how things should work and are kept, the recipe tells how candy should be made. TOP SECRET RECIPE!!!

  3. The People Workers at the factory are like the people because just as workers run the factory, do the people run the government.

  4. Executive Branch The employees of the month are like the executive branch because just as the executive branch watches over the government, the employee of the month is usually in charge because of leadership or cooperation.

  5. Legislative Branch Secretaries are like the legislative branch because just as secretaries give advice to the manager, the legislative branch gives advice to the president.

  6. Judicial Branch The mechanics are like the judicial branch because just as the mechanics fix the machines, the judicial branch fixes problems that are caused by the government or people.

  7. ThePresident The CEO of the company is like the president because just as the CEO enforces or makes rules, the President enforces laws and makes the budgets.

  8. Congress Congress is like the vice CEO because just as Congress vote on rules, the vice CEO can decide whether that rule should be in the factory.

  9. The SupremeCourt The monthly inspectors are like the supreme court because just as the supreme court determine whether people are guilty, the inspectors can determine if the factory is in good shape or needs help.

  10. Checks and Balances Checks and balances are like the factory splitting money between different branches because just as checks and balances make sure that no branch gets too much power, splitting money makes sure that no factory gets too much money.

  11. S e p a r a t i o nofPowers Separation of Powers is like having main branches and regional branches because just as separation of powers split the government into 3 branches, the factory splits business wherever business is welcome.

  12. Shay’s Rebellion Shay’s Rebellion is like the conflict between environmentalists and the factory because just as Shay’s Rebellion had people unhappy and protesting, the environmental conflict had people unhappy about pollution and protesting.

  13. Great Compromise The Great Compromise is like how the factory decides how many of each type of candy is manufactured because just as the Great Compromise made votes count by population, the number of manufactured candies is decided by how many people eat that kind of candy.

  14. House of Representatives Managers of regional branches are like the House of Representatives because just as managers decide whether the CEO is treating them right, the House of Representatives can decide whether the CEO is being fair or not.

  15. James Madison James Madison is like the inventor of the recipe because just as James Madison wrote the constitution, the inventor of the recipe wrote the recipe or discovered it.

  16. Constitutional Convention The Constitutional Convention is like a meeting between managers because just as the Constitutional Convention tried making amends, compromises, and changes, the meetings try to solve problems between branches.