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E-Government. Week 1. LEADING THE E-Government. What is a government? Define electronic government . Steps in leading the electronic government . Vision MSC. Multmedia super corridor ( msc ) and e-government vision . Learning outcome. At the end of this slide, student can:

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leading the e government
LEADING THE E-Government
  • What is a government?
  • Define electronic government.
  • Steps in leading the electronic government.
  • Vision
  • MSC

Multmedia super corridor (msc) and e-government vision

learning outcome
Learning outcome

At the end of this slide, student can:

1) Realizes and understand the basic of electronic government

2) Understand the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) and the vision of the electronic government

what is government
  • Governance is the exercise of economic, political and administrative authority to manage the affairs of a nation through the interplay between the state, private sector and what is termed as civil society

-United Nations Development Program

  • Government is the body that administer the governance
what is government1
  • The Malaysia country use the democracy
  • A Democratic government is supported by a majority of the populace
  • Affects every human activity in many important ways.
what is government2

There are three levels of government :

  • Federal Government
  • State Government
  • Local Government.

What is e-Government?

  • The use of information technology to free movement of information to overcome the physical bounds of traditional paper and physical based systems
  • A multimedia networked paperless administration linking government agencies

Definition of e-Government

objective of e government
  • Offer efficient, high-quality administrative on-line service
  • Streamline government’s internal process
  • Strengthen data security and project privacy
  • Increase citizen participation in government
  • Create transparency
steps in leading the electronic government
Steps in leading the electronic government
  • E-Government was launched in mid-1996, by Dr Mahathir
  • Electronic government is an initiative aimed at reinventing how the government works.
  • It seeks to improve both how the government operates, as well as how it deliver services to the people.
  • Citizens needing to renew their vehicle registration
  • On behalf of the partners, they can use this service to generate profit or attract new customers.
  • To develop these public sector portals or platforms, The self-funding model creates portals
  • Government use of social networks as a medium
  • Government and its agents can monitor citizen satisfaction
new way to upgrade e government
New Way to Upgrade E-government

This new approach is referred to as Transformational Government.

  • To view the relationship between public service with citizen
  • They include initiatives to enable the frontline public services
  • To view the most efficient way managing the cost base of government.
  • They focus on the "citizen" not the "customer".
  • Reengineering and Streamlining of Current Processes
  • Managing Diverse Technologies and Obsolescence
  • Integration and Interoperability of E-Government, Other Flagship Applications and Legacy Systems
  • Information Privacy and Security
  • Education, Training and Accessibility
  • Change Management
  • Human Resource Implications
  • Funding
vision 2020
Vision 2020
  • Brainchild of Malaysia’s former Prime Minister
  • An optimistic and realistic national agenda
  • To build a fully developed, matured, balanced society and knowledged
  • To transform the nation into a knowledge- based society

Transform Malaysia into a knowledge society

Successfully create the MSC Malaysia

Grow MSC Malaysia into a global ICT hub

  • 1 Corridor
  • 50 world-class companies
  • Launch 7 flagship applications
  • World-leading framework of cyberlaws
  • Cyberjaya as world-leading intelligent city
  • Web of corridors
  • 250 world-class companies
  • Set global standards in flagship applications
  • Harmonized global framework of cyberlaws
  • 4-5 intelligent cities linked to other global cybercities
  • All of Malaysia
  • 500 world-class companies
  • Global test-bed for new multimedia applications
  • International CyberCourt of Justice in MSC
  • 12 intelligent cities linked to global information highway
e government1
  • To create a virtually paperless administration,
  • Will improve both how the government operates
e government2
  • To improve the convenience, accessibility, and quality of interactions
  • Will improve information flows and processes
  • To improve the speed and quality of policy
multimedia super corridor
Multimedia Super Corridor
  • Conceptualised in 1996
  • Aspire to become a global hub for ICT
  • To transform Malaysia
  • Achieve developed nation status
  • Has identified seven flagship applications
10 point msc bill of guarantees
10-Point MSC Bill of Guarantees
  • Provide a world-class physical and information infrastructure
  • Allow unrestricted employment
  • Ensure freedom of ownership
  • Give the freedom to source capital globally
10 point msc bill of guarantees1
10-Point MSC Bill of Guarantees
  • Provide competitive financial incentives,
  • Become a regional leader
  • Ensure no Internet censorship
  • Provide globally competitive telecommunications tariffs
10 point msc bill of guarantees2
10-Point MSC Bill of Guarantees
  • Tender key MSC infrastructure contracts
  • Provide an effective one-stop agency

Government to Citizens/Businesses

  • Easy access, single window
  • New class of quality services
  • Multi channel service delivery




To transform administrative process and service delivery

Inter Agency

Intra Agency

  • Smooth information flow
  • Best practices in interactive multimedia information
  • Enhanced capability for information analysis
  • Process improvement
  • People development



Electronic Government

Technopreneur Development

Multipurpose Card

MSC Flagship Applications

Smart School

Electronic Business

Research and Development Clusters


the flagship applications
The Flagship Applications




Improve productivity and competitiveness

Creating an environment

  • Increase foreign direct investment
the msc implementation structure
The MSC Implementation Structure

International Advisory Panel (IAP)

  • Chaired by the Prime Minister
  • Comprise of leading international personality
  • Providing advice on strategic issues

MSC Council

  • Chaired by the Prime Minister
  • Oversees the overall implementation of MSC

MSC Flagship Coordination Committee

  • Jointly chaired by the Chief Secretary to the Government and the Chairman of the MDC
  • Steering committee for each flagship applications

Lead Agencies

  • Responsible for planning, implementing and monitoring each of the flagship applications
drivers of the flagship applications
Drivers of The Flagship Applications

Lead Agency

Flagship Projects

Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU)

Electronic Government

Work with leading international and Malaysian companies

Ministry of Health


Central Bank of Malaysia

Multipurpose Card

Ministry of Education

Smart School

Ministry of Science, Technology & the Environment

R&D Cluster

Ministry of International Trade & Industry

Worldwide Manufacturing Web

Multimedia Development Corporation (MDC)

Borderless Marketing

Technopreneur Development

Multimedia Development Corporation (MDC)

the flagship applications1
The Flagship Applications
  • E-Government, Multipurpose Card, Smart Schools and Telehealth flagship applications offer concrete business opportunities to facilitate the MSC’s development
  • The three other flagship applications, R&D Cluster, E-Business and Technopreneur Development


Electronic Labour Exchange (ELX)

Electronic Services (E-Services)






Electronic Procurement (EP)

Generic Office Environment (GOE)

HRM Information System (HRMIS)


Project Monitoring System (SPP II)

project monitoring system spp ii
Project Monitoring System (SPP II)

An on-line end-to-end project monitoring system creating a collaborative environment for better management of development projects

Consistent and timely information from centralised databases

Sending of real time online information electronically

Information can be retrieved by agencies at any time

Flexibility to produce reports according to requirements

Standardisation of project codes for consistency

Graphical and multimedia features and functions

Capability to conduct social impact analysis and simulation & forecasting in Phase 2 of the project

project monitoring system spp ii1
Project Monitoring System (SPP II)

Provides a mechanism for monitoring the implementation of development projects across agencies


  • Accurate and timely project development status
  • Paperless monitoring system
human resource management information system
Human Resource Management Information System



Performance Management




Career Management

Benefits and Rewards Management


Employee Communication & Behavioural Management

human resource management information system1
Human Resource Management Information System

Provides a single interface for Government employees to perform human resource functions


  • Facilitates effective Human Resource Management
  • Enables horizontal integration and streamlined human resource functions
generic office environment
Generic Office Environment

An electronics office environment to enhance productivity through better information management, communications and collaboration

  • Check electronic mail, meeting schedules, and filtered news
  • Accessing documents online
  • Assigning tasks electronically
generic office environment1
Generic Office Environment

Provides fully integrated, distributed and scalable paperless environment via open system platform


  • Enables transparency and timely decision making
  • Ensures right information gets to the right people at the right time
  • Enables effective collaboration across agencies
e procurement

Suppliers publish catalogue on EP

Supplier Registration /

Central Contract

Suppliers receive orders from Government

Government users browse catalogue and place orders online

Government publishes Request For Tender on EP for new suppliers

Government awards contract to suppliers

Direct Purchase,

Quotation, Tendering

Suppliers submit quotation

e procurement1

Allows the Government to conduct procurement activities electronically via desktops and on-line Suppliers’ Registration


  • Faster turn-around time in processing procurement transactions
  • Enables Government to become a “smart buyer”
  • On-line submission of Suppliers’ registration any day, anytime
  • Cost savings to the Government and Suppliers
e services

Road Transport Department


Utility Bill Payment

City Hall

Other Government Services (MOE, MOH, etc)

Home / Business Premises

Public Places


e services1

Enables citizens and businesses to conduct

transactions through a one-stop service window


  • Provides choice of multiple delivery channels
  • Accessibility and convenience offered by extended hours, 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Multiple services via a single window of access
  • Enhanced efficiency and effectiveness of Government services
e syariah
  • Commencement Date: 18 April 2002
  • Target Locations: 102 sites
  • Implementation timeline: 3 years (2002-2005)
  • Officially launched by the Prime Minister on February 7, 2003
e syariah1
  • Objectives :-
  • To improve the quality of services
  • To improve the effectiveness
  • To improve the productivity and efficiency
  • To uphold the Islamic values with the usage of ICT
e syariah2

Provides efficient and quality management of Syariah Court


  • Speed up the judicial process under Syariah law
  • Facilitate the registration and management of Syarie Lawyer
  • Information centre for Syariah Court community and public
electronic labour exchange elx
Electronic Labour Exchange (ELX)

Job Counseling Advice

Labour Market Database

  • Consolidation of prospective employment statistics from regional

Registration of Job Seeker

Job Seekers

Job Counseling & Complaint Services

Registration of Vacancy


Job Clearing System

Processing Engine

Details of Candidates

Prospective Employers


Registration Counter Services

  • Update registration of
    • prospective employers
    • job vacancies
    • job seekers / applicants
  • Distribute job seeker /application and vacancy information
  • Perform job matching
  • Distribute job matching

Notification of Placements


Job Matching & Interview Services

A one-stop centre for labour market information and systematic matching of job seekers to job vacancies

electronic labour exchange elx1
Electronic Labour Exchange (ELX)

To improve the mobilisation of the nation’s human resources and to provide one-stop centre for labour market information


  • Systematic matching of job seekers to job vacancies
  • Accurate real time labour market data
  • Enhanced job counseling services
multipurpose card
Multipurpose Card
  • A plastic card embedded with a chip or microprocessor
  • The new smart chip not only contains information that is more secured

National ID

  • The data is be stored on the chip
  • Include most of the information with less information printed on the card's surface
  • Have improved security features
  • Driving Licence
  • Can function as a regular driving licence
  • Also include violation and demerit points to facilitate enforcement


  • Complement passports for Malaysian citizens
  • facilitating efficient exit
  • re-entry at Malaysian immigration checkpoints
  • Electronic Cash and other Financial Transaction
  • Acts as an electronic purse
  • Facilitate payment for small purchases
  • Also act as a debit, ATM, and credit card with improved security


  • Plans to incorporate Public Key Infrastructure in card
  • The added security measure
  • Health Card
  • Store basic and critical medical information
smart school
Smart School
  • Schools that have applied information technology to various aspects
  • Responds to the need for
  • This calls for a technologically-literate
  • Age tools and technology to improve productivity.

An integrated set of strategies will be employed to achieve these goals

  • An emphasis on thinking, language, and values across the curriculum
  • The introduction of vertical integration
  • Teachers functioning more as "facilitators of learning" rather than "purveyors of knowledge"
  • Learning being to a larger extent self-directed.
  • To transform Malaysia's healthcare system
  • Help to realize the healthcare vision of the nation

Facilitate general access to healthcare

  • To increase public awareness of health issues
  • Hospitals will also be fully equipped
  • Telemedicine will enhance the quality of health care
  • Will play an increasing role in future healthcare
  • Offers a mechanism for reversing the healthcare pyramid

Mass Customised/Personalised Health Information and Education

Continuing Medical Education



Personalised Lifetime Health Plan

research development clusters
Research & Development Clusters
  • Aims to develop a veritable structure
  • Primary focus is the development of next-generation multimedia technologies and human and intellectual capital

Create a conducive research environment

  • Promote the transfer of multimedia technology to Malaysian start-ups from more developed establishments abroad

Encouragement of corporate R&D

Research & Development Cluster’s Core Elements

Development of large-scale R&D pilot projects

Creation of a new Multimedia University



e business
  • Traditional ways was supplanted by more advanced and responsive methods
  • The MSC can also be utilised as a regional hub for companies
  • Companies will eventually have real-time operational control


  • Borderless Marketing
  • Create
  • Worldwide Manufacturing Web
  • Provide

Borderless Marketing

  • Create an environment
  • Eliminated the traditional barriers
        • Time
        • Space
        • Form
        • by the use of technology

Key Focus Area


Online Information Services

Electronic Commerce

Digital Broadcasting


Worldwide Manufacturing Web

  • To position Malaysia as a prime choice
  • Provide the optimal environment and service

Worldwide Manufacturing Web

  • To brings together Malaysia's unique attributes
  • To foster the development of the WMW

Technopreneur Development

  • To spawn and nurture a critical mass
  • To facilitate the growth of existing ICT

How Can MDeC Help

  • National Incubator Network
  • Enterprise development (Skills enhancement)
  • Market access
  • Access to current technology
  • Mobile development & R&D – Nokia, Sony Ericsson
  • MSC Malaysia InnoTech
  • Funding guides

For More Information :





take home quizzes
Take home Quizzes
  • Advantage and Disadvantage of E-Government
  • How to overcome the challengers
  • Explain the type of forms of government by associated attributes and the descriptions of governments can be based on the following attributes:

i) By elements of where decision-making power is held

a) Aristarchic attributes

b) Autocratic attributes

c) Monarchic attributes

d) Pejorative attributes

ii) By elements of who elects the empowered

a) Authoritarian attributes

b) Democratic attributes

c) Oligarchic attributes

d) Libertarian attributes

  • Explain what is Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC)?
  • Define the vision of e-government
  • Describe flagships and give an example for your question.