youth and the friendship centre movement n.
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Youth and the Friendship Centre Movement PowerPoint Presentation
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Youth and the Friendship Centre Movement

Youth and the Friendship Centre Movement

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Youth and the Friendship Centre Movement

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  1. Youth and the Friendship Centre Movement

  2. Youth Structure

  3. National Youth Council (AYC) Priorities The Aboriginal Youth Council (AYC) is here to represent the interests of those youth accessing Friendship Centres all over Canada. Recently a strategic planning exercise identified the following priorities: • Youth Leadership Development • Health and Culture • Mentorship • Capacity Development and Accountability • Scholarship and Sponsorship • Communication Strategies

  4. How do I get involved? • Become elected to a local Friendship Centre youth council • Attend a provincial forum • Become elected to a Provincial Youth Council (PAYC) • Represent your region on the AYC (for more information contact your provincial/territorial association) OR….

  5. How do I get involved, cont’d… • Attend a national Youth Forum (Saskatoon 2006) as the representative for your local friendship centre or region • Write a letter to the National Association of Friendship Centres saying you want to run for a position (this year’s deadline is July 3,2006) • At the National youth forum run for a position (In 2006 we will be electing a President and Secretary)

  6. What do I have to do? • Attend meetings (both face to face or conference call) • Read information sent by email or fax and send in your ideas • Make sure information goes to the youth you know and make sure the national youth council knows what the youth from your friendship centre and/or PAYC think. • Be able to check email regularly, and if you can’t at home, be able to visit your centre at least once per week to use the computer and internet.

  7. Why should I become involved? Travel by being a part of either the PAYC or AYC you get to travel all over Canada (and maybe other countries) for the work that you will be doing. Jobs Volunteering in a position like this can lead to awesome jobs. This experience leads to more jobs and will help in school too. Friendship With all the traveling, you get to meet many different kinds of people. Some of them become your friends for life! Skills Being involved helps you develop the skills that will help you in the future. Whether it’s with a job, or your family or in your community.

  8. Where do I get more information? Provincial/Territorial Associations BCAAFC – ANFCA - AFCS - MAC – OFIFC – Regroupment – 418-842-6354 NT/NU CFC – 867-874-2792 National National Association of Friendship Centres - Jocelyn Formsma Phone: 613-563-4844 ext. 332 Email: