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Information about EXAM INVIGILATION 2012/2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Information about EXAM INVIGILATION 2012/2013

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Information about EXAM INVIGILATION 2012/2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Information about EXAM INVIGILATION 2012/2013. Exam invigilation at the University of Warwick. The University’s Exams Office arranges eight formal exam sessions each academic year, containing both Postgraduate and Undergraduate exams.

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exam invigilation at the university of warwick
Exam invigilation at the University of Warwick
  • The University’s Exams Office arranges eight formal exam sessions each academic year, containing both Postgraduate and Undergraduate exams.
  • Each exam session is managed by a Senior Invigilator (a member of University staff) along with a team of support invigilators (doctoralstudents and members of University staff from all departments).
  • Reminder of the definition of ‘to invigilate’ = to supervise, to monitor.
three main types of invigilation
Three main types of invigilation
  • Main hall. These are regular exam sessions in big venues around campus involving large numbers of students. Many different exam papers may be hosted in the same venue at the same time.
  • In department. These are exams for students who have permission to take their exams in a smaller venue, usually because they are allowed extra time or the use of a computer because of injury or different learning needs (e.g. dyslexia).
  • Chaperone. Where students have a clash of exams, they may be permitted to take one exam at a different time and will be chaperoned (accompanied) by an invigilator.
at wbs academic services
At WBS, Academic Services…
  • email all WBS doctoral students each October to ask if they would like to act as invigilators
  • keep a database of replies
  • ask those interested for bank details and other information in order to make payments after each exam session
  • email those interested with invigilation opportunities at regular intervals throughout the year
  • ensureavoid overload for individual students.
invigilation duties include
Invigilation duties include:
  • Arriving early at the exam venue to help set up.
  • Placing exam question papers on desks, FACE DOWN!
  • Collecting mobile phones from candidates who have brought them.
  • Checking candidates ’ ID and collecting attendance slips.
  • Patrolling/ monitoring the exam venue following instructions from the Senior Invigilator (SI).
  • Reporting to the SI any cases of suspected cheating or any other unusual events.
  • Escorting candidates who leave the exam venue (e.g. toilet breaks).
  • Collecting, counting and double checking scripts at the end of each exam session.
  • Ensuring that candidates leave the exam venue quietly.
for information
For information:
  • The University takes exam invigilation very seriously, complying with national quality standards.
  • All invigilators are asked:
    • to remain alert throughout each exam; move around, look closely, report anything suspicious
    • not to use their mobile phones or chat amongst themselves inside the exam hall.
    • to attend at the arrival time given.
in conclusion
In conclusion:
  • It is recommended that doctoral students undertake exam invigilation during their time at Warwick, particularly as a professional development opportunity, to complement other academic work undertaken (i.e. tutoring, marking).
  • There is a small payment available for each exam session invigilated (£28 per session in 2012/13).
  • Any queries, please contact Lisa Burton in Academic Services ( .