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San Jose Convention Center

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2013 – 49 th JOINT PROPULSION CONFERENCE & Exhibit (JPC) San Jose, California 14 – 17 July, 2013 12 Month Planning Meeting Tuesday, 31 July 2012 Atlanta, GA. San Jose Convention Center. Contents. Sponsor Information & Contact Information

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2013 – 49th JOINT PROPULSION CONFERENCE & Exhibit (JPC)San Jose, California14 – 17 July, 2013 12 Month Planning Meeting Tuesday, 31 July 2012Atlanta, GA

San Jose Convention Center

  • Sponsor Information & Contact Information
    • Corporate sponsor, Conference chairs, Local support (sponsor company & visitors bureau), AIAA office contact numbers
  • Location information
    • City info, convention center, meeting facilities, hotels
  • Preliminary Event planning
  • Candidate speakers – In work
  • Local Section Activities – In work
    • TBD
  • Technical Session Planning – In work
    • Conference Theme - Defined
    • Final Call for Papers - Released
    • Panel/Special sessions – In work
  • Conference Planning milestones
    • Planning Organization, Roles & Responsibilities
  • Sponsors:
    • Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne +TBD, Merrie Scott, AIAA Lead
  • Executive Chair:
    • Industry: Mr. James Maser, President Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne
    • Government: Lt. Gen Ellen Pawlikowski, USAF/AFSPC/SMC/CC
  • General Chair:
    • Industry: Joaquin H. Castro, Director, DOD Advance Propulsion Programs, Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne
    • Government: Simon P. (Pete) Worden, Director NASA Ames Research Center
  • Technical Chairs:
    • Chair: Claude Russell Joyner, Fellow, Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne
    • Co-Chair: Monica Jacinto, Fellow, Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne
  • Academic Chair: Daniel Kirk, Associate Professor, Florida Institute of Tech.
  • Exhibit Chair: Geraldine Kimball, Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne
leadership cont
Leadership (Cont)
  • Military Commercial Space Chair:
    • Steve Cook, Dynetics, Director of Space Technologies
  • Commercial and Military Aircraft Systems Chair:
    • David Eames. Rolls Royce, Director, NASA Programs and Advanced System Studies
  • Hypersonics Chairs:
    • Rich Mutzman, AFRL - Propulsion / Air VehiclesDirectorate, ChiefEngineer
  • Public Policy Chair:
    • Carol Cash, Carol Cash & Associates, LLC, President
  • ITAR Chair:
    • Doug Shafer, GE Aviation, Advanced Technology Operations, Manager
leadership team contact information
Leadership Team Contact Information
  • Technical Chair

Russell Joyner, Fellow

Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne

(561) 796-3159

  • Technical Co-Chair

Monica Jacinto, Fellow

Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne

Phone: (818) 586-0402


Academic Chair

  • Dr. Daniel Robert Kirk
  • Associate Professor
  • Florida Institute of Technology
  • (321) 674-7622
  • Military Commercial Space Chair:
  • Steve Cook, Dynetics
  • Director of Space Technologies
  • (256) 964-4360
  • Commercial and Military Aircraft Systems Chair:
  • David Eames. Rolls Royce
  • Director, NASA Programs and Advanced System Studies
  • (317) 230-2525
  • Hypersonics Chairs:
  • Rich Mutzman, Chief Engineer
  • AFRL Prop & Air Veh. Directorate

(937) 938-4995

  • Public Policy Chair:
  • Carol Cash, President
  • Carol Cash & Associates, LLC

(440) 962-3073

Exhibit Chair

Geraldine Kimball

Pratt & Whitney Rockedyne

(818) 586-0467

Executive Chairs

Mr. James Maser, President

Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne

Lt. Gen Ellen PawlikowskiUSAF/AFSPC/SMC/CC

General Chairs

Joaquin H. Castro (Industry)

Manager. Marketing and strategy,

Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne

(561) 796-3453

Peter Worden (Government)

Director, NASA Ames RC

(650) 604-5111

ITAR Chair:

Doug Shafer, Manager Adv.

Tech. Ops, General Electric

(513) 243-2383

primary contact information cont
Primary Contact Information (cont.)

AIAA Deputy Director: Air Breathing Propulsion

Mr. Jeff Hamstra

Lockheed Martin, Fort Worth, TX

Phone: 817-935-4702


AIAA Deputy Director: Rockets & Space

Dr. I-Shih Chang

Aerospace Corporation, Los Angeles, CA

Phone: 310-336-5917


AIAA Deputy Director: Advanced Propulsion & Technologies

Dr. Selma Goldstein

Aerospace Corporation, Los Angeles, CA

Phone: 310-336-1013


AIAA Director, Propulsion & Energy Group

Prof. Ashwani Gupta

University of Maryland, Mechanical Engineering

2159 Martin Hall

College Park, MD 20742

Phone: 301-405-5276

Fax: 301-314-9477


technical program organizing committee contact list conference partners
Technical program organizing committee contact listConference Partners

ASEE Technical Chair

Robert A. Frederick, Jr.

UAH Propulsion Research Center

Univ. of Alabama

5000 Technology Drive, TH S231

Huntsville, AL 35899

Phone: 256-824-7203

Fax: 256-824-7205


ASME Technical Program Chair

John W. Robinson

Boeing Company

P.O. Box 3829

Seal Beach, Ca 97040

Phone: 714-625-2107


SAE Technical Chair

Ramon Chase

Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.

Suite 600

3811 North Fairfax Dr.

Arlington, VA 22203

Phone: 703-816-5279

Fax: 703-346-6527


aiaa staff contacts
AIAA Staff Contacts

Technical Paper Coordinator

Ann Ames


Marketing Coordinator

Dominic Lapus


Education Workshop

Lisa Bacon

Manager, Pre-College

Outreach/Student Activities


Sponsorship Program Manager

Merrie Scott

Corporate sales and Marketing

(703) 264-7530

JPC Product Manager

KC Niedermeyer

(703) 264-3845

Event Manager

Catherine Chenevey

(703) 264-7574

Student Programs

Stephen Brock


2013 jpc san jose california
2013 JPC, San Jose, California

San Jose Convention Center

Hyatt Regency Convention Center Layout

local section activities tbd
Local Section Activities - TBD
  • Technical Program
    • Help establish & organize panel sessions
    • Work with technical and program committees to organize technical sessions
    • other . . . .
  • Conference Activities
    • Solicit local participation in Engineers as Educators workshop (K-12) **
    • Solicit local volunteers to help at the convention center during conference
      • Staff booth & roam conference to provide information/directions
    • Link to AIAA Local Section
      • Chair: SylveeWalenczewski
      • Vice Chair: Larissa Noutong
      • Secretary: Megan Lim
    • other . . . .

!! Suggestions are Welcomed!!

** tbd for 2013, see attached slide for more information

  • Working with San Francisco Section
    • Off site event
    • Local support
  • Engaging Sacramento Section


  • Other Hotels nearby:
  • AIAA does not provide

Historical Sites

Restaurants & Shopping

other possible sponsors for 2013
Other Possible Sponsors for 2013

Potential Industry Sponsorship Outreach

  • Aerojet
  • ATK
  • BAE Systems
  • Boeing
  • Cobham
  • Dynetics, Inc.
  • GE Aviation
  • General Dynamics
  • Goodrich Corporation
  • Gulfstream Aerospace
  • Hamilton Sundstrand
  • Honeywell
  • Jacobs Technology and/or Aerospace Testing Alliance
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Moog
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Orbital Sciences Corporation
  • Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne
  • Qualis Corporation
  • Raytheon Company
  • Rockwell Collins
  • Rolls Royce
  • Siemens
  • Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.
  • SpaceX
  • Spincraft
  • United Launch Alliance
  • Wyle

Equitable Sponsorship Packages @ $15K

Benefits include –

  • Complimentary conference registration for access to all live technical sessions & scheduled events (e.g., Welcome Reception, Exhibitor’s Reception, Awards Luncheon and Networking Refreshment Breaks)
  • Complimentary 10x10 booth space or equal valuation applied to a larger configuration (upon request)
  • Full-page (black & white) advertisement to be featured in the Final Program
  • Prominent branding & company recognition in all conference collateral materials and promotional activities (e.g., printed programs, website with hyperlink capability to sponsor’s site, event signage, screen savers, trade ads, press releases and email broadcasts)
  • JPC 2013 Sponsorship Budget Requirement: TBD

(e.g., minimum of 6 sponsors @ $15K, less sponsorship benefits listed above)

  • Any additional conference event (not covered by the registration fee) would need to be addressed as a separate sponsorship activity (inclusive of all production costs) and ONLY after the primary Sponsorship Budget Requirement has been met.

(e.g., minimum of 3 additional sponsors @ $15K, less sponsorship benefits listed above)

Sponsorship plan defined,

Merrie Scott leading effort for AIAA

preliminary event planning
Preliminary Event Planning
  • Dates: 14 – 17 July 2013 (Sunday – Wednesday)
  • Welcome Reception Sunday Night in the exhibit hall
  • Sponsored Reception/Off Site Monday Night ?
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday AM Plenary Speaker
  • Afternoon Plenary Sessions ?
  • Monday Lunch in exhibit hall
  • Moog reception Tuesday Night ? Non AIAA sponsored
  • Wednesday Awards Luncheon
  • Thursday/Friday Regional Leadership Conf.
  • Accompanying persons program
  • TBD – Education event ?
  • Other Executive or special events TBD ?

“Advancing Propulsion Capabilities in a New Fiscal Reality”

Recent Themes:

  • 2012: “Future Propulsion:  Innovative, Affordable, Sustainable”
  • 2011: “Design, Test, Fly: Turning Propulsion Ideas into Reality”
  • 2010: “Propulsion: Powering the Future for a Greener Tomorrow”
  • 2009: “Insertion of Innovative Technology Into New and Evolving Systems
  • 2008: “From Air to Space:  Propulsion Technologies for Next-Generation System Solutions
  • 2007: Advancing Propulsion Technologies and Celebrating Our Aerospace Heritage
  • 2006: The Impulse to Explore - Igniting a Passion for Space
  • 2005: Propulsion Technology - Enabling Tomorrow’s Applications
  • 2004:Aerospace Propulsion - Defining The Future
candidate speakers
Candidate Speakers
  • Monday AM Plenary Opening Talk
    • at convention center open to all conference attendees
    • Speaker tbd
  • Tuesday AM Plenary Talk
    • at convention center open to all conference attendees
    • Speaker tbd
  • Wednesday AM Plenary Talk
    • at convention center open to all conference attendees
    • Speaker tbd
  • Wednesday Awards Banquet
    • at convention center open to all conference attendees who purchase a ticket
planning milestones

Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec

Program in AA

Authors Notified

Final Conference Planning

2013 JPC

Planning Milestones

Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec


Sponsor(s)/Location Selection (Contracts Signed)



Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec

Pick General & Technical Chairs & Conference Organizers

Begin Writing Call for Papers



Begin Social Event Planning

Solicit Keynote & Luncheon Speakers

Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec

Initial Draft

Call for Papers



Abstract/ Paper


Call for Papers in AA

Identify Session Chairs

Receive Abstracts

Distribute Call for Papers at JPC

Call for Papers Completed


call for papers is out
Call for Papers is out
  • Theme:

“Advancing Propulsion Capabilities in a New Fiscal Reality”

  • Objectives:

At least 6 panel sessions during the meeting related to the conference theme (rocket and air breathing propulsion)

  • Abstract Review
    • Scholar One system will be used for abstract review
      • Minimum 2-3 reviewers for each abstract
some defined open issues
Some defined Open Issues
  • Sponsorships
  • New US Government Event and Travel Policy effect on Conference Attendance
  • Scholar One system training
  • ITAR; Membership awareness, Logistics, Cost, Readiness
  • Other
    • Monday Night Off Site Event
    • Regional Leadership Conference
    • Education Event/Teachers workshop
engineers as educators teacher workshop
Engineers as Educators Teacher Workshop**
  • Contact: Lisa Bacon at (AIAA Manager, Pre-College Outreach/Student Activities

**tbd for 2013

draft call for papers topics
Draft Call for Papers - Topics
  • Aircraft Propulsion; Air Breathing, Combined Cycle Systems and Components
    • Air Breathing Propulsion
      • Commercial
      • Military
      • Unmanned Systems
    • Hypersonic & Combined Cycle Propulsion Applications
    • System Concepts & Supporting Propulsion Technologies
  • Rockets & Space Propulsion
    • Space & Earth-to-Orbit Vehicle Systems
    • Electric Propulsion
    • Liquid Rocket Propulsion
    • Hybrid Rocket Propulsion
    • Solid Rocket Propulsion
    • In-space Propulsion Technologies
  • Advanced Propulsion & Technologies
    • Advanced Propulsion Concepts for Future Flight
    • Nuclear & Future Flight Propulsion Systems
    • Energetic Components & Systems
    • Propellants & Combustion
  • History & Education
    • History Sessions
    • Propulsion Education
special technical program sessions
Special Technical/Program Sessions
  • Panel & Special Sessions
    • Panel Session Coordinator:
    • Panel sessions on key industry programs, policies, systems, etc.
    • ITAR technical sessions ?? (Will investigate approach)
    • Looking for Program Committee Participation
      • HyTASP
      • Energy Optimized Aircraft & Equipment Systems
      • Unmanned Systems
      • RLV’s
      • Space Exploration
      • Value Driven Design
    • other . . .

!! Need Champions and input from all !!

planning organization





Planning Organization
  • The Joint Effort of Societies, Technical Committees and Individuals


Propulsion & Energy




Executive Chair(s),

General Chair


Steering Committee














Session Chairs


  • Industry Sponsor(s)
    • Company(ies) or industry group whose name(s) is (are) most associated with the conference and who provides financial support of conference activities
    • Funding provided for social events and souvenir handouts
    • Designates Executive, General and Technical Chairs
    • Establishes conference theme, selects Keynote Speaker & Awards Luncheon Guest Speaker
    • Typical Sponsor(s) costs for above activities (FY’95 $):

Opening Reception $30-$35K

Off-site $30-$50K

Registrations $30-$65K

Speakers $5 - $10K

Total $95K - $160K

responsibilities cont
Responsibilities (cont.)
  • Executive Chair
    • A ranking official or executive from the Sponsoring Organization
    • Assisted by General Chair to Select Keynote Speaker(s)
    • Conducts introductions of Keynote and Guest Speakers
  • General Chair
    • Selected by the Sponsor(s) to provide oversight for the entire conference, including social activities and technical session planning by the Technical Chair and his associates
    • Works with Executive Chair and P&E Director to establish conference theme and selects Keynote & Guest Speakers
responsibilities cont1
Responsibilities (cont.)
  • Director of Propulsion and Energy
    • Leads the overall JPC organization process
    • Leads the process for selecting future JPC sites
    • Responsible for obtaining industry sponsors
    • Master of Ceremonies for Awards Luncheon
  • Technical Chair
    • Responsible for the technical session planning
    • Works with organizers from participating Societies, Technical Committees and AIAA staff to:
      • Write call for papers
      • Coordinate technical sessions at the top level including scheduling and room assignments (can use attendance history for reference)
    • Conducts planning meetings (2 years, 1 year & 6 months before conference)
responsibilities cont2
Responsibilities (cont.)

Technical Chair

Conference Technical Area Organizers



Young Engineers

Session Chairs (about108)

ASME(~12), SAE(~3), ASEE(1), ABP(~13), HYTASP(~6), EP(~9), LP(~17), NTP(1), FF(~2), FE(1), PC(~13), SR(~12), HR(~3), ORD(~5), GT(~3), WR(1), Young Engineers(1), miscellaneous special sessions(~5)

Paper Authors

responsibilities cont3
Responsibilities (cont.)
  • Conference Organizers
    • Includes representatives from each of the JPC organizations of SAE, ASME, ASEE, joint society groups (e.g. Air Breathing Propulsion) and each of the AIAA Technical Committees
    • Responsible for:

1) Providing inputs to write call for papers

2) Defining the precise number of sessions to be held within their technical area

3) Selects chairpersons to chair sessions

4) Provides a complete listing of selected papers and authors for each session to AIAA for the published JPC Program

responsibilities cont4
Responsibilities (cont.)
  • Session Chairs
    • Responsible for the selection (and rejection) of technical papers for their session.
      • Also encouraged to solicit papers to ensure a complete and productive session.
    • Provides a complete list of session papers and authors to their conference organizer
    • Responsible for tracking author progress to prevent paper withdrawals and keep conference organizers informed of session status
      • Routine follow-up with authors is required to assure authors are on track to completing their papers, have received the necessary approval to present their papers and have approval to travel to and attend the conference
responsibilities cont5
Responsibilities (cont.)
  • Authors (for accepted abstracts)
    • Obtain necessary internal and government approvals where applicable
    • Write the paper in prescribed format
    • Transmit paper to AIAA prior to publishing deadline (or carry the prescribed number of copies to the conference)
    • Present the paper at the conference
      • If applicable, submit paper to the appropriate AIAA Journal
responsibilities cont6
Responsibilities (cont.)
  • AIAA Staff
    • Business development (work with P & E Director and Conference and Technical Chairs to organize overall conference)
    • Assist in site selection process
    • Publication of call for papers
    • AIAA Bulletin (call for papers and program publication)
    • Maintains Web Site Information
    • JPC Conference Program Development Logistics
    • Market Strategist (conference promotion)
responsibilities cont7
Responsibilities (cont.)
  • AIAA Staff (cont.)
    • Advanced and on-site registration
    • Hotel/Facility Logistics
    • Planning Committee Logistics
    • Exhibits
    • Professional Development
    • Publications and Service Center
    • Market Analysis (Surveys, new ideas)
    • Establish and collect registration fees
technical area organizer responsibilities
Technical Area Organizer Responsibilities
  • Designated representatives responsible for coordination of technical areas for each of the participating JPC organizations (SAE, ASME, ASEE), and corresponding AIAA Technical Committees
  • Responsibilities:
    • Provide inputs for call for papers
    • Coordinate overall session planning for technical area.
      • Define number of sessions to be held
      • Identify session chairpersons to review abstracts and chair sessions
2012 jpc planning milestones for reference
2012 JPC Planning Milestones– for reference
  • July 2010 24-Month Planning Meeting, Nashville
  • January 2011 18-Month Planning Meeting, Orlando
  • May 2011 Call for Papers, Final
  • July 2011 Call for Papers in Aerospace America
  • 12-Month Planning Meeting, XXX
  • August 2011 Abstract Submission Opens
  • October 2011 Identify Abstract Review Team & Preliminary Session Chair List
  • November 2011 Abstracts Due
  • December 2011 Abstract Review Complete

min 2 reviewers each!!

  • December 2011 Special/Panel Sessions Defined/Chairs Selected
  • December 2011 Site visit – Preliminary Program Layout
  • January 2012 Final Technical Program - Tech Area Chair
  • Planning Meeting, Orlando
  • February 2012 Preliminary Program to Editor
  • Author Notification of Acceptance
  • April 2012 Program Layout in Aerospace America
  • June 2012 Final Manuscripts Due
  • July 2012 48th JPC – Atlanta, GA

Reference Material

2008 jpc technical area organizers for reference
2008 JPC Technical Area Organizers – for reference

Hybrid Rockets

Martin Chiaverini


1212 Fourier Drive

Madison, WI 53717

Phone: 608/229-2732

Fax: 608/827-5050


Nuclear & Future Flight Propulsion

Brice Cassenti

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Department of Engineering and Science

275 Windsor Street

Hartford, CT 06120-2991

Phone: 860/548-5331 • Fax: 860/548-5319


In-Space Propulsion Technologies

Eric J. Pencil

NASA Glenn Research Center

21000 Brookpark Road

Cleveland, OH 44135-3127

Phone: 216/977-7463 • Fax: 216/433-8311


Electric Propulsion

John J. Blandino

Mechanical Engineering Department

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

100 Institute Road

Worcester, MA 01609-2280

Phone: 508/831-6155

Fax: 508/831-5680


Liquid Propulsion

Christopher Keeler

Diversified Energy Corporation

2020 W. Guadalupe Road, Suite 5

Gilbert, AZ 85233-2804

Phone: 480/507-0297

Fax: 480/507-0780

E-mail: Christopher.Keeler@

Solid Rockets

Mark P. Friedlander


5731 Wellington Road

Gainesville, VA 20155-1612

Phone: 703/754-5180

Fax: 703/754-5185

E-mail: mark.friedlander@

Air Breathing Propulsion

Doug Lewis

ATK Tactical Systems Division

Allegany Ballistics Laboratory

210 State Route 956

Rocket Center, WV 26726

Phone: 304/726-5006

Fax: 304/726-5083


Energetic Components & Systems

Barry Neyer

PerkinElmer Optoelectroncis

1100 Vanguard Blvd.

Miamisburg, OH 45342

Phone: 937/865-5586

Fax: 413/677-6672


Hypersonic & Combined Cycle Propulsion

Ryan Starkey

University of Maryland

Dept. of Aerospace Engineering

3181 Martin Hall

College Park, MD 20742

Phone: 301/405-1061

Fax: 301/314-9001


Reference Material

2008 jpc technical area organizers for reference1
2008 JPC Technical Area Organizers – for reference

Space and Earth to Orbit Vehicle Systems

Leon McKinney

McKinney Associates

1756 Stifel Lane

Town & Country, MO 63017

Phone: 314/514-1352

Fax: 314/514-1353


Propulsion Eduction

Robert A. Federick, Jr.

UAH Propulsion Research Center

The University of Alabama in Huntsville

5000 Technology Drive, TH S231

Huntsville, AL 35899

Phone: 256-824-7203

Fax: 256-824-7205


John Blanton

GE Aviation

One Neumann Way

Cincinnati, OH 45215

Phone: 513/243-1428

Fax: 513/243-1428


Propellants & Combustion

Joseph Powers

University of Notre Dame

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

372 Fitzpatrick Hall

Notre Dame, IN 46556-5637

Phone: 574/631-5978

Fax: 574/631-8341


Advanced Propulsion Concepts for Future Flight

John W. Robinson

Boeing Company

P.O. Box 3829

Seal Beach, CA 97040

Phone: 714/896-1292

Fax: 714/896-6930

System Concepts and Supporting Propulsion Technologies

Mr. Donald Malloy

Aerospace Testing Alliance

1099 Schriever Ave.

Arnold AFB, TN 37389-9013

Phone: 931/454-4112

Fax: 931/454-3644


Reference Material

technical program organizing committee contact list technical committees contact list preliminary
Technical program organizing committee contact listTechnical Committees Contact List(Preliminary)
  • Director Propulsion & Energy: Dr. Ashwani 301-405-5276
  • Technical Committees:
    • Air Breathing Propulsion Dr. Lance Chenault 937-427-9725
    • Electric Propulsion Dr. Dan Goebel 818-354-8284
    • Energetic Components Dr. Barry Neyer barry.neyer@perkinelmer.coml 937-865-5586
    • Hybrid Rockets Mr. Andrew Prince 435-863-2398
    • Liquid Propulsion Mr. Carl Engelbrecht 443-778-0397
    • Nuclear & future Propulsion Dr. Benjamin Donohue 256/461-5498
    • Propellants & Combustion Dr. Keith McManus 518-387-6597
    • Solid Rockets Mr. Thomas Moore 410/864-4885
    • Aerospace Power Systems Mr. Mike Piszczor 216/433-2237
    • Terrestrial Energy Systems Dr. David G. Lilley 405-744-7055
    • Space Transportation Dr. Wayne Van Lerberghe 310-336-5741
    • Space Tethers Sven Bilen
    • History Anthony Springer 540-231-6661
    • Space Colonization Dr. Klaus Heiss 703/535-8774
technical program organizing committee contact list program committee contact list
Technical program organizing committee contact listProgram Committee Contact List
  • Program Committee Coordinator:
      • Mr. Anthony Gross, Email:, Phone: 650/604-2727
  • Program Committees:
    • HyTASP
      • Chair: Dr. Glenn Garrard, Email:, Phone: 931/454-3300
    • Energy Optimized Aircraft & Equipment Systems
      • Chair: Dr. Dimitri Mavris, Email:, Phone: 404/894-3343
    • Unmanned Systems
      • Chair: Dr. Michael Francis, Email:, Phone: 858/457-8971
    • RLV’s
      • Chair: Dr. Jeffrey Zweber, Email:, Phone: 937/255-1591
    • Space Exploration
      • Chair: Mr. John Menkins, Email:, Phone: 703/858-1574
    • Value Driven Design
      • Chair: Dr. Paul Collopy, Email:
      • Dr. Michael McCoy, Email:, Phone: 314/233-0524