Alternative power source charging system
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Alternative Power Source Charging System. Team6: Benji Drewry Dan Harris Loren Koch Sheevangi Pathak. What is the P roblem and What is Needed.

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Alternative power source charging system
Alternative Power Source Charging System

Team6: BenjiDrewry

Dan Harris

Loren Koch


What is the p roblem and what is needed
What is the Problem and What is Needed

Harris Company is known for their transportable communicative devices. The problem at hand is the device’s battery life. Harris Company is concerned with finding alternative ways of charging their products because their consumers range from the police force, firemen, and doctors and they need the products to be reliable. There has been research on alternative sources of energy over the years and charging is a form of energy.



  • Weight: light-weight, easy to transport

  • Size: can be made in various sizes, sizes should be user friendly

  • Cost: affordable to purchasing-companies budget for electronics

  • Ease of Use

  • Ruggedness

  • Users of the Product

  • Suitability to different environments

  • Easy to manufacture

  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • User friendly

  • Ergonomics

  • Alternative Power Source:

    • Solar power

    • Wall Charger

    • Car Charger

    • Hydra-power

  • Safety

    • Warnings if placed in inappropriate setting

    • Environmental effects of producing and disposing

  • Economic Viability

    • Increase output of product using least amount of resources and using resources efficiently

  • Environmental Impact

    • Minimal to no impact on environment

  • MagSafe charging concept

  • Solar power pads

  • Kinetic energy

  • Power matts

nPower PEG

  • $199.95

  • 2.5 watts

  • Product Weight: 14 ounces

  • Can charge up to 3,000 handle devices from tablets to phones

  • Hybrid charger

  • Can stay charged for 100 day after being charged

  • In case of emergency, shake vigorously for 10 minutes and will have enough energy to allow a person to make a short phone call from a dead phone

  • Charges one item at a time

  • It’s water resistant and keeps out all contaminants (but keep USB clean)

  • Operates under -30 to 60 degrees Celsius and -22 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Comes with USB to mini USB, USB to iGo, & interchangableiGo adapter tips

  • Product made by Tremont Electric company which strives to achieve sustainability through reduction of material usage by stripping away unnecessary materials that did not assist final product and materials are found locally, reducing carbon emissions in material transportation.

Transportable Solar Panels

  • $199.99

  • 13.5 watts

  • Product Weight: 1.6 lbs

  • Pack charges within 5-10 hours

  • Charges cellphones and MP3 players, cannot charge any other devices

  • Portable Solar Panels with USB Connector (ex. Brunton Explorer Portable Solar Panel Foldable)

  • Case

    • Cars with Solar Panel Roofs (EMTs and Cop Cars)

Powermat (Charge Pad)

  • $49.99-$99.99

  • 18 watts

  • Product Weight: 0.4 lbs

  • Can charge up to two devices at a time (product made in different sizes to charge different number of devices)

  • Charging apparatus – does not actually come up with power, simply distributes it.

  • Stops charging once the devices are full of power

  • Universal Power Supply (100-240VAC) lbs.

  • Charging indicators that “bleep” when it starts and ends charging

  • Aluminum base construction and high polish surfaces

  • Wireless charging surface

  • Using power matts but having it attached to solar panels or other devices


  • $79

  • 60-85 Watts

  • DC connector

  • Cable will disconnect if it experiences due strain to prevent wear and tear

  • Magnetic L-shaped design

  • Mac Laptops use this technique of charging where the charge connector magnetically attaches to the laptop (introduced by Apple Inc.).

  • It is also known as the programmable magnetic connectors

  • The magnet can be used to replace cords that will connect the device to the charger , the magnet will also used to keep the device located on the charger when there is not a flat surface to place it on.