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Unit 5 Reading 2. amous.

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Unit 5 reading 2

Unit 5

Reading 2

Unit 5 reading 2


Audrey Hepburn is one of the most f_______ actresses. She is very p______ with the people all over the world. She d_____ in 1993 peacefully in her sleep. She was born in B______ on 4th May, 1929. When she was young, her dream was to be a successful b_____ dancer. She had been a dancer as well as a m______ before she entered the film i_______. In her early time, Colette was attracted by her b______ and charm. She insisted that Audrey was a right girl to play the l____ role in the play Gigi. This was the beginning of her career. Shortly after, the film company chose her to play the lead role of a young p_______ in the film Roman Holiday. During her lifetime, she won an Oscar for Best A_______. Her final appearance was in Always. Her only one TV series were Garden of the world with Andrey Hepburn. She wanted to remind people to protect the e__________. As a humanitarian, she devoted much of her time to c______. She spent the last few years h______ the poor children. She was presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom for this.














Unit 5 reading 2

1.When and where was Audrey Hepburn born?

In Belgium on 4th May 1929.

  • 2.What was Audrey Hepburn’s dream at a very young age?

  • 3.What marked the beginning of Audrey’s successful career?

  • 4.What film made Audrey Hepburn become famous immediately?

To become a successful ballet dancer.

Playing the lead role in the play Gigi.

Roman Holiday.

Unit 5 reading 2

5. What did she remind people in her Garden

of the World with Audrey Hepburn?

She reminded people that they should protect the envrionment.

6. Why did people remember her as a great


7. How old was Audrey Hepburn when

she died?

Because she devoted much of her time to charity.

She was 63 years old.

Unit 5 reading 2

1. not only… but also…不仅…而且…可连接句中的各种成分。当连接谓语时放be动词后面或行为动词前面。连接主语时谓语用就近原则。

He can speak ___________________________

(不仅英语还能说法语) .

Not only his parents but also he __ interested

in the film.

Not only he but also his parents __ interested

in the film.

He ________________________________


not only English but also French



not only read this book but also remembered this story

Unit 5 reading 2

not only…but also…


1) Not only he but also I am good at playing


2) Not only I but also he has been to The Great


3) Not only the students but also the teachers

attended the meeting yesterday.


3) He not only gave us aome advice but also

helped us from beginning to end.

4) The child not only dressed up but also

played the game Trick or Treat.

5) Kitty not only sings well, but also dances


Unit 5 reading 2

C.Object; Predicative

1.He is good at not only Maths but also


2.They are not only our teachers but also our


3.She can play not only the violin but also the


4.Last night he watched not only the English

News but also the Animal World.

5.He is not only a good husband but also a

good father.

6. He is not only a doctor but also an excellent


Unit 5 reading 2

D. some other members of sentence

1.We should speak English not only in

class but also after class.

2.Hepburn is famous not only in the USA,

but also in other parts of the world.

3.I found him not only clever but also


Unit 5 reading 2

2. One of + _____________________ 最… 之一





Shanghai is ____________________________


最高级 + 复数名词

one of the most lovely children

one of the most beautiful countries

one of the biggest cities in China

3. put one’s effort into …

全身心投入… / 把精力倾注于…

As a Grade 9 student, we must ___________ ___________________(全身心投入学习).

put all our effort into study

Unit 5 reading 2

. 5.

a. insist + that clause. 坚持…

He insisted that ____________ (他是对的).

insist on (doing) sth. 坚持干某事

She _________________________ (坚持帮我).

b. play a role of 扮演…角色

Now China ____________________________

_________ (在世界上扮演重要角色).

Gong Li_______________________________

(扮演主角)in many films.

he was right

insists/insisted on helping me

is playing an important role in the world

played / has played lead roles

Unit 5 reading 2

6. one more = another one

two more = another two,

three more = another three 再/更多…

She stayed in Shanghai for ________________ (又两天).

Would you like _________________ (还要些咖啡)?

two more days

some more coffee

7. remind sb. of… / remind sb. that…

提醒某人… 使某人想起…

The photo ______________________________ (使我想起我的大学时光).

The dirty river __________________________


reminds/ed me of my college life

reminds us that we should protect the environment

Unit 5 reading 2

8. beyond prep.超出…外,为…不能及, 表程度

The house was beyond what we could afford.


He is such a naughty boy and is beyond my




9.devote sth. to… 为某事付出时间,精力,devote oneself to…献身于…

He ______________________ his job (他把他的全部时间都用在工作上了).

Many writers ___________________ literature (献身于文学).

devoted all his time to

devote themselves to

Unit 5 reading 2

through prep. 通过,经过

1.We walked through the market to the

car park.


2.Don’t go through the forest alone.


3.The thief got in through the window.


4.Go through this gate, and you will see

the house on your left.


Unit 5 reading 2