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Unit 5 Additional Reading PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 5 Additional Reading

Unit 5 Additional Reading

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Unit 5 Additional Reading

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  1. Unit 5 Additional Reading

  2. 1.take turns (in sth/ to do sth.)依次,轮流 The male and female birds take turns in sitting on the eggs. Ex: 我们轮流打扫教室。 We take turns to clean the classroom. = We clean the classroom in turn. = We clean the classroom by turns. Ex: 明天是轮到你打扫教室吗? Is it your turn to clean the classroom tomorrow?

  3. 2. Come off 1) become unfastened or disconnected 松脱,离开 eg. A button came off my coat. 2) to take place esp. successfully eg. The wedding came off as planned.

  4. 3. fix sth. : put sth. firmly in a place so that it will not move Eg: to fix a clock to the wall 确定(日期) • Has the date of the next meeting been fixed? • This price will be fixed until the end of the year. 固定(价格) • When the beautiful young lady entered the room, all the eyes were fixed on her. 集中(目光)于。。。 Ex: 在整个会议期间,他的注意力都没有集中.(fix) His attention was not fixed throughout the meeting.

  5. 4. fun(un.) amusement, enjoyment, pleasure Have fun! (好好玩!) = Enjoy yourself! He is full of fun. We had fun playing on the ground. He’s learning French just for fun. Ex: 和外国人用英语聊天很有趣。 It is fun chatting in English with foreigners. You can have a lot of fun chatting in English with foreigners.

  6. 5. be on fire catch / be on fire put out the fire set sth on fire 使……点燃 eg. A candle had set the curtains on fire. set fire to sth. = make sth. start burning eg. Several young men had set fire to the police car. open fire at sb 向某人开火 There is no smoke without fire. 无风不起浪 make a fire a big forest fire

  7. 6. sth. weigh … Sth. measures/ weighs … eg. She weighs 60 kilos. eg. The yard measures 10 metres by 15 metres. Sb. measure / weigh sth. eg. He weighed himself on the bathroom scales. weight (n. ) People tend to put on weight in winter while they are more likely to lose weight in summer. weighty (a. ) eg. His death is weightier than Mount Tai.

  8. 7. Carry on • 1) to continue moving • eg. Carry on until you get to the crossroads, then • turn left. • 2) (informal) to argue or complain noisily • eg. He was shouting and carrying on. • 他在大吵大闹。 • carry on with sth to continue doing sth • eg. Carry on with your work while I am away.

  9. 8. escape (vi.) 逃脱;逸出~ from prison/ a cage ; eg. She managed to escape from the burning car. (vt.) 逃避,避免~ death死里逃生 ~ punishment (escape being punished); eg. She was lucky to escape punishment. Her name escapes me. (= I can’t remember her name.) (n.) a narrow ~ 九死一生eg. I had a narrow escape. an escape of gas 漏气

  10. 9. knock ①敲打,打击;②敲打声 eg. Someone was knocking at the window. There was a knock at the door. knock at sth敲打…… knock sb / sth down撞倒……,拆除…… knock sb / sth over打翻…… knock into sb = run into sb/ come across 偶然遇到某人

  11. 10. let out透露,放出 eg. He let out a cry of pain. let off放(烟火) let alone更不用说 = say nothing of eg. He doesn’t even speak his own language well, let alone French. There isn’t enough room for us, let alone any guests.

  12. 11. make one’s way去某一个地方/努力做…… feel one’s way 摸索前进 lose one’s way = get lost 迷路 fight one’s way 杀出一条路 push one’s way 推开人群向前走 wind one’ s way 崎岖地向前走 make / give way for sb 为……让路

  13. Exercise: Complete the following sentences with the phrases: make one’s way, feel one’s way, fight one’s way, push one’s way, wind one’s way She was new in the job, still _________________. Is this your plan for ________________ in the world? Try and __________________ through the crowd. She gradually ________________ to the top of the company. The river ____________________ between two valleys. feeling her way making your way push your way fought her way winds its way

  14. Translation: 1。勤洗手是避免疾病传染的有效方法之一。(infect) 2。坏蛋们是免不了受到惩罚的。(escape) 3。阅读时请集中注意力。(fix) 4。养只狗作宠物很好玩,但请同时防止传染病。(fun) 5。每次打针,他总是痛得叫起来。(inject;let out) 6。昨天在去上班的路上,他邂逅了以前的同班同学。(knock into) 7。我花了一个多月才摆脱了我的感冒。(get over) 8。在课堂上,我们经常轮流发言。(take turns) 9。他可以30分钟走5公里路。(cover) 10。你可以信赖她,因为她从不违背诺言。(rely on)