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Mimas Learning & Teaching Stories. Dr Jackie Carter Senior Manager: Learning &Teaching and Social Science Data Services. This Project Briefing. Mimas The L&T stories project Reflections - how this has benefited Mimas Story for JISC conference (April 13 th ). Mimas.

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Mimas learning teaching stories

Mimas Learning & Teaching Stories

Dr Jackie Carter

Senior Manager: Learning &Teaching and Social Science Data Services

This project briefing
This Project Briefing

  • Mimas

  • The L&T stories project

  • Reflections - how this has benefited Mimas

  • Story for JISC conference (April 13th)


  • An organisation of experts. Our role is to support the advancement of knowledge, powering world-class research and teaching. Technology is at the heart of everything we do.


  • Centre of Excellence, hosted at University of Manchester, UK

  • Provide a portfolio of data and information services to academics

The l t stories project
The L&T Stories Project

  • Context

  • What we did

  • How we did it

  • What we produced

  • What we learned

  • What we are going to do next


  • Quantitative data (metrics, KPIs)

    • We do this already through our Service Level Agreements

    • http://www.jiscmu.ac.uk/sims/news/view/176

  • Increasing need to demonstrate impact

    • Research and funding councils

      • Narratives/Case studies/Stories

      • Value for Money measures

Context references of skills agenda
Context (references) of skills agenda

  • Leitch Review of Skills report, 2006 (Prosperity for all in the global economy)


  • Economic & Social Research Council. 2009. Building a world class social science research base in quantitative methods: a national strategy. ESRC Society Today.


  • MacInnes, John. 2009. Proposals to support and improve the teaching of quantitative research methods at undergraduate level in the UK. ESRC Society Today.


  • UK Commission for Employment and Skills. 2009. Ambition 2020: world class skills and jobs for the UK: the 2009 report: key findings and implications for action.


  • Higher Ambitions


  • Skills for growth


Who did it
Who did it

  • 2009

    • Funded through our Strategic Investment Fund

    • Procurement of services

  • Sarah Currier acted as consultant www.sarahcurrier.com

  • Librarian; Metadata; e-learning; Learning object repository projects; worked for Intrallect; co-moderator of DCEd Community; etc.

Metadata, Repositories, Resource Sharing for Education

Requirements, Research, Implementation, Management, Policy, Training, Evaluation, Interoperability Standards & Web 2.0 Communities

.. specialising in e-learning resource management and sharing, with a particular interest in metadata, controlled vocabularies, repositories, and the use of Web 2.0 tools for sharing of materials and practice, and for community development. 

The aims and outputs
The Aims and Outputs

  • Stories based on 4 services

    • ESDS International

    • Census Dissemination Unit

    • Intute VTS and Internet Detective

    • Landmap

  • Final report

  • Aim 1

    • Collective showcase of benefits of Mimas services to L&T community

  • Aim 2

    • How do Mimas services support skills base of undergraduates and taught postgraduates?

    • Focus on employability

  • Aim 3

    • Who delivers the learning? How can Mimas services be embedded in L&T?

  • Aim 4

    • What can we learn?

What we did
What we did

  • Collected stories (SC)

    • Uncover who’s doing what with the data in L&T

  • Semi-structured interviews (SC)

    • Teachers and students

    • Recorded where possible

  • Written up (SC with Mimas)

    • Googledocs

    • Sign off for web copy

  • Extracted key issues (SC with Mimas)

    • Real world real data

    • News items etc.

Census dissemination unit casweb
Census Dissemination Unit - Casweb


web interface to census aggregate outputs and digital boundary data

The stories
The Stories

  • All stories still being worked on for service websites

  • Will contain multimedia and be benefits led

  • May be web-based articles with embedded short pithy clips of key benefits

  • Story for JISC conference (13th April 2010) promotional piece

Example story
Example story

A student’s journey through econometrics data

Taught 2nd year course; 2 semesters; 10 credits

Learning objectives and skills

Subject knowledge and understanding; Subject Specific skills; Transferable skills


Students assigned combinations of countries (from 9) and variables (consumption, investment, imports)

Screencams at Youtube www.youtube.com/watch?v=288KaPjoOy8

And www.youtube.com/watch?v=mX_rdCVzVVk

Two news items quick wins
Two news items – quick wins

  • Real data Real world

  • Helping economics students keep it real

  • Census data: from the real world for the real world

Presentations and publications
Presentations and Publications

  • Submitted – awaiting outcome

    • ALT (with Sarah Currier)

      “Building Bridges between Education and the Workplace: Using Real Data to Prepare Learners for the Real World”

    • EDUCAUSE 2010

      “Because we’re worth it”

  • ALT-N

  • Book chapter in “Teaching Quantitative Methods: Counting on the Social Sciences”

  • ELI2010 (after ELI2009)

    “L&T: telling stories about and with data (research based)”

  • CNI Spring Meeting

    “Real Data Real World Real Stories”

  • JISC/CNI Conference

    “Using primary research data in L&T”

  • IASSIST 2010

    “Telling stories about and with data”

  • ESRC Research Methods Festival


  • Theme 2 – Utilise existing networks, conferences and journals

    • Promote Mimas services specifically for L&T in forums where teaching staff may look

    • Be targeted

    • Short pithy articles with visual examples

  • Theme 1 – Direct contact with teachers

    • Through routes that teachers feel are authoritative

    • Find innovative ways for service staff to build direct relationships with key academics teaching in subject areas

    • Use email and telephone

Recommendations cont
Recommendations (cont)

  • Theme 4 – Keep services usable and current

    • Up to date

    • Available

    • Integrated with other services

  • Theme 3- Support open sharing of L&T materials developed around Mimas services

    • Open Educational Resources (OER)

    • Will help embedding of services into L&T

    • Put materials where the users are

    • Maximise academic exposure to ideas to support their teaching


  • Needs resource at service level

  • Work with professional bodies

  • Mimas well placed to build on this work

  • Digital Story Telling

  • User focused, benefits led

  • Marketing vs. Service Support

  • Open Educational Resources (OER)

Title and content slide
Title and content slide

  • Point One

    • Point One One

      • Point One One One

        • Point One One One

          • Point One One

  • Second Point

  • Third of the points

  • Another point, the fourth one